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     Lori was very excited, Carol had promised to meet her here at the
air port on this date.  Lori guickly gathered up her three bags and
went hurrying off to the airport lounge. Entering the terminal, she
quicky removed her sun glasses and went scurrying off towards the
lounge. Inside the lounge Lori glanced around and finally spotted
Carol sitting off to herself in a back booth as Carol waved her over.
Instantly Lori hurried over to the booth, dropped her bags and leaned
over to kiss Carol.
     “You seem very excited,” Carol remarked and smiled warmly.
     Lori blushed, “I am, does it show that much?”
     “Are you ready to leave for my place?”
     Again Lori blushed but shook her head yes.
     Carol helped her with the bags and together they left the lounge
and walked across to the parking lot.  Once in the car, Carol took
Lori in her arms and they began to kiss, a long juicy kiss.
     “You taste very nice,” Lori said as they broke apart.
     “It’s my mouthwash you’re tasting.  I only used in a few minutes
before you arrived.”
     The trip from the airport to Carol’s house took about thirty
minutes and Lori twisted about on the seat the whole trip, causing
Carol to laugh, “You must be very glad to see me, you’re twisting all
around like a hurricane.”
     Lori again blushed but laughed with her.
     Once at Carol’s house, they took Lori’s bags inside and Carol
helped Lori unpack, and then she fixed them both a drink.  “From your
letters I gathered that you were spending all of your vacation here
with me, you still have two weeks?”



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    “Whatever made you decide to see me, Lori?” Carol Bennington sat
her glass down.
    “Your offer of 5,000 pounds. That is a lot of money. I was here on
my vacation when I spotted your ad in the London paper, so here I am,”
Lori sat her glass down and held her arms up.
    “If you accept  my proposition, you’ll earn it,” Carol remarked.
    “For that kind  of money, I know it will be bizarre, but I’m
here,” Lori smiled.
    “You sure now?  I won’t pay you if you back out later,” Carol
again warned.
    “Carol dear, for 5,000 pounds, I’ll do anything!”
    “Anything, dear.  I’m ready,” Lori patted Carol’s thigh.  “Except
    “Oh no, Lori.  No pain.”
    “I can’t stand pain of any kind.”
    “You needn’t worry about pain of any kind.  That is not my scene
either.  But you will have to stay for five days. You won’t get your
money until after you have completed your fifth day of duties.” Carol
walked over to a wall safe and opened it, “Your money is in here.
Count it if you like.  Make sure it’s all here.”
    “No, I trust you.  I’ll start tonight if you like, I’ll give you
five days up to midnight.”
    “That’s nice of you to offer, but perhaps you might listen to my
proposition first to make sure you want to go along with me,” Carol
started to mix two more drinks.  “How old are you Lori? Not a lot ot
girls your age will go for this kind of play.”
    “I’m 21, but for the kind of money you’re offering, I can be very
accommodating.  What IS your desire?”
    “All right, I’m an anal erotic,” Carol blurted out.
    “Carol, dear, I’m going to enjoy this meeting,” Lori smiled
warmly. “What’s the big scene?”
    “Scatology, Carol whispered.  “Know what I mean?”
    “Are you referring to coprophilia?” Lori asked.
    “Yes, want to back out?” Carol sipped her drink.  “You find so few
women who will get into this.”
    “Wouldn’t a person get sick ingesting it?” Lori asked.   
    “It’s possible, but not from the physcial act.  I can take care of
that.  I guarantee it.”
    “Then I accept.”
    “You will?  You’re not just saying that?” Carol was amazed at this
young girl.
    “I’m serious.  You made an offer that I can’t refuse,” Lori began
to caress the older woman’s cheek.  “Besides, you are an attractive



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      Tammy couldn’t wait to see Jenny at school the next day.  She
smiled broadly as soon as she saw her new friend and her heart beat
rapidly when Jenny smiled back at her.  Jenny led the smaller girl to
a secluded hallway.
     “I can’t believe what you told me on the phone last night,” Jenny
said.  “Were you serious?  Did you really eat your mother’s shit
     “I sure did!  I know it’s terrible to do stuff like that and I
never would have told you if you hadn’t said that your mother ate your
shit.  Isn’t it weird that we both have sex with our mothers and that
we do such nasty stuff?”
     “Yesterday was the first time that Mom and I have had sex,” Jenny
admitted.  I got home early and she had been masturbating and, well,
one thing led to another.  Do you and your mother make love often?”
     “Oh, yes!  Every day!  She only lets me eat her shit a couple of
times a week, though.”



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    Tammy skipped gaily home from school.  She had made a new friend
today – her first day at the new school.  It was not easy for Tammy to
make new friends because, although she was very cheerful and anxious
to please, she had discovered years ago that kids loved to tease her
because of her bright red hair and many freckles.  Her mother had told
her that the other kids really didn’t mean to hurt her, but she still
hated it when they called her the usual names reserved for redheaded
and freckle-faced girls.  Tammy liked her red hair, though, and she
thought it was pretty the way it flowed all the way to her tiny butt
in long, wavy curls.  She decided that she could do without all the
freckles, but she knew she was very pretty so she accepted them.  She
thought about her new friend, Jenny, and how they contrasted.  Jenny
was slender, but more muscular and taller than Tammy, with naturally
dark skin and short, black hair – kind of Latin looking.  In the
school hallway this morning, a few of the kids had started to tease
Tammy rather harshly and Jenny had come up behind them and told them
to shut their stupid mouths and if anyone else felt like teasing
Tammy, then they would have to answer to her because they were
friends.  The other kids shuffled away quickly because they knew
better than to mess with Jenny – even the boys were afraid of her.
Jenny wasn’t mean, but she was strong and knew how to take care of
herself.  Her aggressiveness had caused the boys to avoid her and none
had ever asked her out, which was fine with Jenny because she didn’t
like any of them anyway.  Tammy and Jenny became fast friends and
Jenny showed the smaller girl around the school.  Tammy sighed with
relief when she discovered that she had the same class as Jenny – she
felt safe and secure in the company of the pretty, dark-haired girl.
    During the noon lunch break, Jenny led Tammy to a secluded area at
the side of school and they sat on a bench between some large bushes
to eat their lunch.  Tammy liked to watch Jenny – her lips were full
and she wore a lot of bright red lipstick and Tammy’s eyes would
sparkle when Jenny licked some crumbs from her lips.  Seeing the
pretty girl’s tongue dart out and slowly glide over her lips made
Tammy feel all warm and tingly.  She blushed when Jenny caught her
staring at her but she felt better when Jenny just smiled at her and
winked.  After lunch, they stayed there to talk and, while they
talked, Jenny casually put one foot up on the bench, which
caused her skirt to pull up high on her legs.  Tammy blushed again but
she couldn’t help but stare at Jenny’s muscular, tan thigh.  It looked
so soft and smooth and she could almost see all the way to the
girl’s…..    Tammy involuntarily licked her lips.  She was startled
when she realized that she had been staring for several minutes and
Jenny had stopped talking.  She looked in Jenny’s eyes and saw that
she was smiling at her.


Roady and Robin

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 I will relate this true story here,which happened when my wife & I were
hiking through some deep woods.  We had planned to hike this trail for some
time,it was a total of 12 miles through the deep forest,with a good clear
trail and lots of time to ourselves.  We had picked a weekday and had hoped
to find an area to play around ourselves.(to me there’s nothing quite like
sex in the outdoors.)

   When we were about half way into the forest,about as deep as we could
get ,we started to look for a clearing off the trail.We soon found a
clearing through the trees and started to make our way down a gradual
slope,marking our way so we could easily find our way back.When we walked
around a small group of trees,I was the first to see them,and backed myself
& my wife up so we would not be seen.



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  Hi, Suzie.  It’s me, Marci.
  Hi, Marci.  What’s up?
  Nothing much.  My folks left a little while ago and I was feeling
horny so I thought I’d give you a call.  Whatcha doing?
  My folks are gone, too, so I’m doing the same thing you are.
  Playing with your pussy, huh?
  Yeah.  Arc you naked?
  Yeah.  Are you?
  Almost.  I was for a while, but I put on a pair of Mom’s panties!
  Ooooo … kinky!
  Yeah, I figured if I can’t have her pussy next to me, having
something that’s been on her
pussy is the next best thing.
  That’s a good idea. Hang on a minute, I’ll be right back.
OK, I’m back.
  Did you get a pair of your Mom’s panties?



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You wake up quite early and immediately you remember it all. Of
course you do. You have been thinking of nothing else all night while
trying to sleep. And when you finally drifted of to
sleep you dreamt about it. A quick shower doesn’t help you to clear
your mind. You have to talk to her. Tell her what happened yesterday
was wrong. Because it was, wasn’t it? But
something holds you back outside her door. The noise. Makes you
remember. It’s the same noises she made yesterday when your head was
between her thighs. Your heart skips a beat when you slowly open the
door just a little. You can see everything. She is nude and only the
sheet and her pillow is still on the bed. The rest is on the floor.
She’s lying on her stomach and her ass is rotating over her hand.  You
look as if enchanted at her.
       “J-e-n-n-i-e,” she whispers slowly, almost harsh.
“J-e-n-n-i-e.” You suddenly realise that what happened yesterday
wasn’t a coincidence. You just hadn’t understood. Until it happened.
       “J-e-n-n-i-e,” she whispered again. Just as she had done
yesterday when you finally had kissed her back. That was the reason
that she had given you drinks yesterday. That was the reason for all
her compliments. You hadn’t realised yesterday, but now you did. You
had thought that it was something that just happened, inspired by the
moment, but she must have
longed after you for a long time.
       “Yes,” she suddenly sighs. “Yes, Jennie, it feels so good. ”
When she is resting after the orgasm and slowly tastes her own fingers
you remember her taste.
       “Thanks, Jennie, I love you.” You don’t know what to do. You
just stand there, overwhelmed by emotions. Your plan was to tell her
that this was wrong, but now you are not so sure. But you know one
thing, your life is going to change.
       Just as you have decided to show yourself you are stopped by a
sudden movement. She is now kneeling on all fours, parting her ass
cheeks. You can see her tight hole and you blush when
remember how you kissed her there. You remember how she had sighed and
wanted you to go further, to insert you tongue in her small orifice.
But you hadn’t dared. You blush even more when you realise that you
regret that you didn’t. She’s so beautiful. You see her wet fingers
leave her pussy, caressing her anus and then disappearing deep inside.
Your own hand is inside your panties and you can’t really understand
how you became that wet. You also hear your own breathing. Is it too
loud? Will she hear?
       Her fingers keep on going in and out, in and out. Faster and
faster. Unexpectedly they are in her mouth and you have to stop
masturbating to not explode. Quickly she changes position. You
can’t really understand how she does it, but she’s on her back, her
feet behind her head and she’s staring at her pussy, only 3-4 inches
away. You knew she was very flexible, but how is it possible? You
wonder if you could do that yourself. Oh, she’s trying to reach her
pussy with her tongue and you can’t stand on your feet anymore. You
sit at the door and for some seconds you only concentrate on yourself,
your own satisfaction. But you just have to watch her. Her fingers are
going fast from ass to mouth, and you should really find it
disgusting, but you find your own finger inside your young anus. Her
juices are glistening in her dark pussyhair and you remember her sweet
       While you are thinking about these sweet memories something
strange happens. Her fingers open her pussy, almost tear it apart and
she starts to sigh.
       “Ooohhhh, yeeaaahhhh,” she sighs. And you can hear a small
fart, and you almost start to giggle hysterically, but then you see
it. A yellow jet of urine aiming for her face only inches away.
“Oh, Jennie,” she moans. ” It’s spraying her chin, her nose and her
mouth that is wide open. Her tongue is welcoming the piss and you hear
her swallow.  “Yes, Jennie, yes.” Your pussy reacts in a way it
shouldn’t. Your clit is so hard and your hand is warm and sticky with
all the juices. But it isn’t over.  “Nnngghhh,” she groans and the pee
is drenching her face and hair but there is something going on. Her
anus is slowly opening and a brown turd is showing.
       “JENNIE, YES!” she is close to screaming now and you are
fighting with yourself to not turn and run away. But you stay and your
head is filled with what’s happening before your eyes. The turd gets
bigger and falls down. She tries to catch it in her mouth but misses,
but there’s another one and this time she succeeds. Her mouth closes
and she’s breathing hard through her
nose and her entire body is convulsing. “Oh, Jennie.” You see the turd
being chewed up while she cries out your name. She’s now flat on her
back, masturbating, whispering your name. Cumming and cumming again.
       As in a trance you walk towards her. At first she looks puzzled
but then terrified. But without hesitation you place yourself over
her. Seeking her mouth.  You find it and when you first taste her you
come immediately. She hugs you so hard, kisses you so deep.
       “Jennie,” she whispers. Only that. “Jennie.” But you are still
so horny and you open her legs and find the source for your passion.
She’s not clean there and your searching tongue and hungry mouth makes
her groan.
       “Can you do it, Jennie?” she asks. “Can you do it now?” Her
voice trembles and her eyes are pleading and you know you want to do
it. Feed her. You straddle her face and her wet tongue is so nice on
your anus. It encourages you and you push hard and slowly your anus
are opening and you pee in her hair.
       “Oh, Jennie,” she cries. “Shit. Shit in my mouth.”
       “Yeah,” you answer. “I’m shitting in your mouth. Eat my shit,


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