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Silver Platter

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In college, I lived in a coed dormitory where the girls stayed on even
floors, the guys on odd floors. There was a girl who lived on the
floor above me named Jeannie. Jeannie was gorgeous. She was about 5’9
with dark curly hair, dark eyes, high cheekbones, a gorgeous smile,
beautifully full breasts and long, never ending legs. She was every
guy’s wet dream – mine included. Unfortunately, she seemed to never
notice me. I frequently saw her with the jocks and rich fraternity
guy. I was not a social member of either club. I decided to buy her
flowers. Twice a week for a month I bought her various bouquets of
flowers from the local florist signing the card, “Your admirer,
-John”. And several times during that period I would be coming back
from class and would see her in her usual short dress and on tiptoes,
holding her new bouquet of flowers, wondering who “John” was. Finally,
after a month, I sent her a card only, with the following inscription:



Posted by pussy shit under Scat stories

    Melissa, a 20 year old blond, had just been dropped off at the
summer boarding school.  Roberta, her mother, had used the lame excuse
that Melissa needed some extra credits to get into college this coming
fall.  So here she was, in her room, tears in her eyes as she surveyed
her simple room.  There was only a single bed, a cot more or less and
a dresser for her clothing.  There was no shower, no wash stand or
toilet, just the single bed and the dresser.  A knock sounded at her
    Opening the door, Melissa saw it was Peggy, a girl who had taunted
her earlier, and she almost closed the door in Peggy’s face.  Peggy
wedged a foot in the jam so Melissa couldn’t close the door and walked
right in.  “Stuffy little bitch, aren’t you?”
    “Why are you treating me this way?” Melissa started crying.
    “Oh, dry up those tears … Mistress Rose wants you in her office,
grinned, “for some introduction.”
    Melissa headed for the stairs and climbed them to the second floor
and knocked on Mistress Rose’s door.  Within seconds she was bade to
    “Very punctual, I like that in a girl,” Mistress Rose walked
around Melissa.  “You’re a very pretty girl…I think you’ll be
greeted warmly by the other girls and women who come here.”
    “Mistress Rose, there was  this one girl named Peggy, she treated
me badly,” Melissa said.
    “All new girls are treated this way at first, but I’m sure you’ll
find Peggy to be a very nice girl … soon!” Mistress Rose touched
Melissa’s hair.
    “Mistress Rose … my room,” Melissa started, “it doesn’t even
have a toilet!”