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  Hi, Suzie.  It’s me, Marci.
  Hi, Marci.  What’s up?
  Nothing much.  My folks left a little while ago and I was feeling
horny so I thought I’d give you a call.  Whatcha doing?
  My folks are gone, too, so I’m doing the same thing you are.
  Playing with your pussy, huh?
  Yeah.  Arc you naked?
  Yeah.  Are you?
  Almost.  I was for a while, but I put on a pair of Mom’s panties!
  Ooooo … kinky!
  Yeah, I figured if I can’t have her pussy next to me, having
something that’s been on her
pussy is the next best thing.
  That’s a good idea. Hang on a minute, I’ll be right back.
OK, I’m back.
  Did you get a pair of your Mom’s panties?
  Yeah, I got a soiled pair from the hamper!
  You’re so nasty!  Did you put them on?
  Not yet.  I’m licking the crotch!
  Oh, shit!  You *are* nasty!  Do they taste good?  Can you taste her
  I love the taste of your Mom’s pussy.  It tastes so good!
  I think all pussies taste good, but your’s is the best!
  You’re sweet.  I wish you were here right now so we could lick each
other off!
  Yeah, me too!  I’d like to be licking your pretty little butt right
  You sure do like my butt, don’t you?
  I love it!  I wish I could carry it around in a box so I could lick
it whenever I wanted to!
  You don’t have to cut it off to do that, silly.  You can lick it any
time!  Gosh, you licked it twice at school today during recess!
  Yeah, but that’s not enough.  I want to lick it all the time.
  Remember the last time you stayed over? You must have licked my ass
for hours, and you even fell asleep with your tongue up my butt!
  Oooooo… I’m getting so hot just thinking about your yummy ass!  My
pussy is SO WET!
  Mine too!  My finger is absolutely dripping with cream!
  Mmmmmm!  If I was there, that cream would be all over my tongue
instead of your finger!
  I just love the way you lick my pussy!  Do you like the way I lick
  You know I do, silly!  Especially when you lick your tongue up and
down it, like you were
wiping me!
  Do you ever lick your finger after you’ve played with your pussy?
  Sure!  Do you?
  Yeah!  Let’s lick our fingers now, at the same time!
  Mmmmmm!  I sure am wet!  My finger was covered!
  Mine too!  Hey, Marci?
  Put your finger in your butt.
  OK! Ooohhhh!
  Feel good?
  Yeah!  It feels SO GOOD!
  Stick it in real deep and wiggle it around!
  Now take it out!  Is it dirty?
  Yeah, kind of.  It’s got some stains on it.
  Put it in your mouth!
  But it’s got crap on it!
  Just do it!
  Did you do it?  Did You suck your finger clean?
  Yeah.  It doesn’t taste very good.  Do you do that?
  Yeah, I was doing it the same time you did it!
  You taste your crap?  Eewww..that’s SO NASTY!
  I know!  That’s why I do it!  Let’s do it again, but use two fingers
this time.  Unh!
  Did you get two fingers in?
  Wiggle them around and go as deep as you can!  Doesn’t that feel
  I guess so.  It sure is warm in there!
  Do you feel anything when you go deep?
  Yeah, I feel something hard.  What is that?
  That’s a turd, silly!  You’re feeling a turd!
  Wow!  I can’t believe I’m doing this!  Are you doing it too?
  Yeah.  I can feel a turd too!  Now take your fingers out again!
  Yucchh … they’re a lot dirtier now!
  Put them in your mouth!
  Are you sure you’re doing this too?  You’re not just teasing me to
embarrass me, are you?
  Of course not!  I’m doing it!  I do it all the time.
  Oh, gosh, this tastes awful!  Why do you do it?
  Because it makes me hot, that’s why!  Aren’t you hot?
  I guess so.  How come tasting crap makes us hot?
  Because we’re nasty little sluts!  That’s why.
  I’m gonna do it again!
  Thatta girl!  Stick those fingers back in there!
  You kind of get used to the taste after a while, don’t you?
  Yeah.  It still tastes bad but it’s so damn nasty that it makes me
  Me, too!
  I thought you’d cum from tasting crap – the way you’re always
licking my butt!  Now I want you to do something else!
  Lay your Mom’s panties on the floor and squat over them!
  OK. Now what?
  Shit on them!
  What?  Are you serious?
  Yeah!  Shit on her panties!  I’m shitting on my Mom’s!
  Unhh.  Eewww.
  Did you do it?  Did you shit on her panties?
  Yeah!  Damn this is NASTY!
  Tell me about your shit!
  It stinks!
  I know that.  Describe your shit to me!
  Well, it’s real dark brown and there’s some lumps of darker stuff in
  Is there one big turd or what?
  There’s two … One’s pretty big; I guess about 6 inches long.  The
other is smaller, only about 3 inches.  It’s lying on top of the other
  How big around are they?  Are they fat?
  I don’t know … They’re about an inch across, I guess.  What about
  I’ve got one big one, it’s about 7 inches long and almost 2 inches
wide!  It’s really big!
  They sure do smell bad!
  Play with your pussy while you look at them!
  I was!  I think I’m gonna cum again!
  I came when I was shitting.  Isn’t this fun?
  Yeah.  When I came, I let some of my cream drip onto the shit!
  Really?  That’s so SEXY!  I just knew you’d like this!
  It is kind of fun!
  I’ll tell you something that’s even more fun!  Get on your hands and
knees and lick your cum off the shit!
  Oh, damn!
  Did you do it?
  Yeah, and I’m almost about to cum again!  Why does this make us so
  Because we’re nasty sluts, like I said before!  We’re nasty,
shiteating sluts!
  I didn’t eat it!  I just licked it!
  Now take one of the turds – the big one – and put the end in your
  I don’t think I want to do that.
  I think you do!  You want to get a big cum, don’t you?
  Well, do it then.  Put the turd in your mouth and suck on it!
  Did you do it?
  Did you cum?
  See, I told you so!  I sucked on mine too, and I had a big cum!
  Do you cum every time you suck on it?
  No, not every time.  I won’t cum again until I do something else!
  Put it in your mouth again and bite down on it and chew it!
  Oh, damn!  Chew my shit?
  Yeah!  Chew it up and swallow it!  Go ahead!
  Yucchh!  Eeeww!  Ichhhh!
  You did it, didn’t you?
  And you came, didn’t you?
  I told you that you were a shiteating slut!  Just like me!  What did
it taste like?
  Awful!  It was real waxy tasting and I couldn’t hardly swallow it!
It still feels like it’s stuck in my throat!
  Yeah, I know.  It’s hard to swallow, but it’s worth it to get that
big a cum!
  I guess so.  I never cum this much when I’m just playing with my
  You want to eat some more?
  Yeah, I guess so.

  Mine’s all gone!  I ate it all!  How about you?
  Yeah.  I ate every bit!  I came again too!
  You want to do this when you stay over tomorrow night?
  You mean it?  Watch each other eat our shit?
  Well, I was thinking about you eating mine while I ate yours!
  Wow!  Yeah!  I’d like that!
  This will be great!  We can eat my Mom’s pussy and then eat our shit
when we go to bed!
  Wow!  I can’t wait!
  Me either!  Well, I guess I’d better go now and clean up.
  Yeah, me too.  I’ll see you tomorrow night!  Hey, Suzie?
  I love you.
  I love you, too, Marci!

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