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    “Whatever made you decide to see me, Lori?” Carol Bennington sat
her glass down.
    “Your offer of 5,000 pounds. That is a lot of money. I was here on
my vacation when I spotted your ad in the London paper, so here I am,”
Lori sat her glass down and held her arms up.
    “If you accept  my proposition, you’ll earn it,” Carol remarked.
    “For that kind  of money, I know it will be bizarre, but I’m
here,” Lori smiled.
    “You sure now?  I won’t pay you if you back out later,” Carol
again warned.
    “Carol dear, for 5,000 pounds, I’ll do anything!”
    “Anything, dear.  I’m ready,” Lori patted Carol’s thigh.  “Except
    “Oh no, Lori.  No pain.”
    “I can’t stand pain of any kind.”
    “You needn’t worry about pain of any kind.  That is not my scene
either.  But you will have to stay for five days. You won’t get your
money until after you have completed your fifth day of duties.” Carol
walked over to a wall safe and opened it, “Your money is in here.
Count it if you like.  Make sure it’s all here.”
    “No, I trust you.  I’ll start tonight if you like, I’ll give you
five days up to midnight.”
    “That’s nice of you to offer, but perhaps you might listen to my
proposition first to make sure you want to go along with me,” Carol
started to mix two more drinks.  “How old are you Lori? Not a lot ot
girls your age will go for this kind of play.”
    “I’m 21, but for the kind of money you’re offering, I can be very
accommodating.  What IS your desire?”
    “All right, I’m an anal erotic,” Carol blurted out.
    “Carol, dear, I’m going to enjoy this meeting,” Lori smiled
warmly. “What’s the big scene?”
    “Scatology, Carol whispered.  “Know what I mean?”
    “Are you referring to coprophilia?” Lori asked.
    “Yes, want to back out?” Carol sipped her drink.  “You find so few
women who will get into this.”
    “Wouldn’t a person get sick ingesting it?” Lori asked.   
    “It’s possible, but not from the physcial act.  I can take care of
that.  I guarantee it.”
    “Then I accept.”
    “You will?  You’re not just saying that?” Carol was amazed at this
young girl.
    “I’m serious.  You made an offer that I can’t refuse,” Lori began
to caress the older woman’s cheek.  “Besides, you are an attractive
    “Oh you sweet thing,” Carla kissed Lori jubilantly.  “This is
going to be one wonderful meeting.  Would you like another drink?”
    “I don’t think so, not right now anyway.  Tell me more about this
kink of yours.”
    “Well, I have been a lesbian for several years now, and I’ve
licked my girl friend’s anus several times and that’s when I started
thinking about it.”
    “Sounds like you have been thinking about doing it yourself,” Lori
drew back.
    “Oh I have, I have.”
    “I thought you wanted me to….” Lori hesitated.
    “Oh I do, Lori.  But I’m also going to do it to you, everything
that I ask you to do for me, I want to do also.”
    “I think I’m going to enjoy this meeting very much,” Lori smiled
warmly at Carol.
    I hope so.  I might back out on you, but I expect you to finish
your chores right up to the very end.  Now are you so very willing?”
    “As I said, your offer of money made me decide a long time ago,”
Lori smiled.
    “Are you very sure you want to try this?”
    “You just wipe that idea from your mind.  I need that money.  But
I’m wondering what it will taste like.”
    “That I can’t tell you because I have never done this before, but
I’m sure it will  taste very nasty.   I imagine it will taste a whole
lot like it smells and I’m sure you remember the smell and how bad
that is.  And it will taste very bitter I suppose, coming from your
stomach with all that hydrochloric acid.”
    “You said you could guarantee that I wouldn’t get sick. How can
you guarantee that if you haven’t done this before?”
    “I know a lady in Denmark that is into this and she sent me a
bottle of this stuff she says will guarantee you won’t get sick eating
    “When do we start? I only have a week’s vacation and I’ll spend it
all right here with you.  What do you say, do we have a deal?”
    Carol took Lori’s hand in hers, “You don’t know how long I’ve
looked for a girl into this form of perversion.”
    “This is really perverse, isn’t it?” Lori hugged Carol.
    “Terribly, but I can’t control this desire I have for that filthy
stuff,” Carol admitted.
    “When will the five days start?”
    “Let’s see, it’s a quarter of two now.  Monday.  If you last until
Saturday noon, I’ll let you go with all that money then. Sound like a
good deal?”
    “I thought you’d never get around to making me a deal.  Saturday
noon it is then.  When is this big deal supposed to take place?”
    “I normally don’t have a bowel movement until around six in the
evening.  What time do you have a bowel movement?” Carol asked Lori as
her hands made little tracing patterns on her thighs.
    “About eight in the evening, but with this time change, I’m not
    “We’ll just have to take our chances then, but for you it will be
around six this evening.  Just be ready then.  But, I want to warn you
now, I like to use dirty words.  I really get a kick out of degrading
a young chick with filthy words.”
    “It’s your game, you call the shots,” Lorl smiled at Carol.
    Carol leaned close and whispered in her ear, “Do the same thing to
me as I’m eating yours.  Be filthy with me.”
    “I will treat you as filthy as you will treat me, you can count on
that,” Lori hugged Carol again. But what are we going to do until
    “Why don’t you stand up and remove your clothes, every last
stitch, so I can see what a pretty girl you are, Lori.”
    Lori stood up and began removing her clothing.  She did a
striptease for Carol, who was all eyes, taking in every little nude
section.  When Lori had removed her last piece of clothing, a pair of
pantyhose, Carol remarked, “Girl, you are gorgeous.  Your body is
    “Why don’t you stand up and take your clothes off.  Let me see all
of your beauty secrets.  I can imagine you too are luscious.  Those
clothes you’re wearing aren’t hiding everything.”
    Carol did the same, but when she pulled her panties off, Lori
noticed at once Carol was shaven bare, she had shaved her pussy.
Slowly, Carol turned around, bent over and spread the cheeks of her
ass.  Not a single hair showed around her asshole.
    Carol straightened up and said, “Why don’t we make two more fesh
drinks, then we can
 go into my bedroom.   I’m dying to feel that tongue of yours, and you
know where, don’t you?
    Carol picked up the glasses and rinsed them out and began dropping
ice cubes into them.  Then she began to pour fresh drinks into them
and handed one to Lori.  She took Lori’s arm in hers and began the
trip into her bedroom.
    Once in the bedroom, Carol showed her around as she played with
Lori’s butt.  Lori didn’t mind this attention, she pushed her ass back
into Carol’s hands each time she felt the finger tips.
    Setting her glass down on a stand, Carol began to crawl up on the
bed.  “I can’t wait any longer, you have such a pretty mouth and I
want to feel it right on my asshole.”
    Carol drew her legs up beside her head and held her ankles, which
left her wide open and spread. “You may kiss my asshole now, set that
glass down.”
    Lori sat her glass down and began to crawl up on the foot of the
bed, her eyes never leaving  Carol’s wide open asshole.  “It’s all
open for me, isn’t it?”
    “Yes, I fuck myself with a big dildo all the time in my ass.  I
love it.  Get your mouth down there on my asshole.  OOOOOHHHH, that’s
it, it feels so nice.  Use your tongue. OOOOHHH yes, that’s it, don’t
stop.  Lick all around that hole, then stick your tongue inside and
start licking around on the inside of my hole.  Oooh yes, that feels
so fucking gooooodddd.”
    Lori was rolling her tongue around in Carol’s wide-stretched
asshole, then driving it into the depths of the woman’s rectum.  Over
and over she did this.
    “Do you know what you’re doing?  You’re licking me right where I
go to the bathroom, the hole I shit out of.  Yes …. oh yes, you’re
licking my shit-hole, your pink tongue pushed way up my pink
shit-hole.  Do you like the taste of my shit-hole?”
    “Yes, it tastes very pleasant,” Lori raised her mouth long enough
to whisper.
    “It won’t taste pleasant very long now. Know why? A big long fat
turd will come sliding down that hole you’ve got your tongue stuffed
in.  A big long fat brown turd.  And you will be eating it, right,
Lori?  Tell me you will be eating it.”
    “Yes, I will be eating your turd.”  Lori’s mouth again went back
to Carol’s asshole.
    “And it won’t be pleasant either.  It will be very filthy and
nasty tasting.  It will taste like it smells.  Do you like the smell
of shit, Lori?”
    “That’s too bad, little girl.  You better learn to love the smell
of my shit because for the next few days, I will be shitting in your
mouth every day.”  Carol dropped her legs, “that position doesn’t do
my back any good, I will have to use another position this evening
when it’s shit time.  Why don’t you roll over on your tummy and let me
lick your asshole now.”
    Lori scooted up on the bed and rolled over on her stomach and
reached back with both hands and spread out the cheeks of her ass.
    “Ohhhh, your asshole looks so pretty.  It’s sooo tight.  I bet
you’ve never used a dildo in your ass, have you?”
    “No, I’ve never done that.”
    “You don’t know the pleasure that brings.  Want me to introduce
you to one later tonight, I mean after we have done all our nasty
    “I might, if you’ve got a small one.”
    “I have them all sizes.  The smallest I haven’t used in several
years now, but I’ll find it for you.  But first I want to taste your
    Carol slid down and buried her face in Lori’s ass cheeks and began
licking at her asshole.  “Damn, is your asshole ever tight!  By now I
would have had my girlfriend’s asshole all open, or enough where I
could stick all my tongue in her hole.  I can’t even stick my tongue
up your ass. Fuck, are you ever tight.”
    “I’m sorry about that, maybe it would be a good idea if you would
use a dildo in my asshole, just so it would open up some more.”
    “We’re going to have so much fun, aren’t we?  Unless you get all
choked up about this shit-eating, that is.  Remember what I said, if
you fail me during any part of this five days, I won’t pay you
    “I understand.”
    “Just so you understand,” and Carol looked at the clock.  “You
only have an hour more to go. Did you taste anything when you were
sticking your tongue up my butt-hole?”
    “Yes, I did get a taste of shit, but only a taste, and it didn’t
taste as bitter as you said it would.”
    “Well, you only got a small taste of it.  Have you ever drank
piss?  I would like to piss in your mouth now.”
    “You want to use me as your complete toilet, don’t you?” Lori
smiled at Carol.  “Go ahead, I don’t mind.  Use me, it can’t taste as
bad as your shit.”
    Carol laid Lori out on her back and straddled her face.  “You’re
going to see a lot of this position in the next few days, so get used
to it.  Here it comes now, my delicious piss,” and with that, Carol
squirted right into Lori’s open mouth. “Does it taste salty?”
    “Yes, it tastes salty, but it doesn’t taste bad at all.  Go on.
Give me another squirt.”
    Carol gave her squirt after squirt until she had completely
drained her bladder load into Lori’s mouth, and Lori drank it all.
Only a few drops splattered out from Carol’s pussy, it had splattered
against Lori’s teeth.
   Carol looked again at the clock, “I’m early today.  I feel it
already.  And it’s only 5:30.  I’m going to make a brown mess out of
your mouth today.  Did you think when you answered my ad that you
would bo doing this?”
    “I didn’t know it would be this, but I figured it would be nasty
    “It will be nasty all right.  Now, you lie down on your back.  Put
your head towards the foot of the bed.  I have a little low potty
chair that I’m going to use, and I can look right down into your face
and see you making all kinds of faces.” Carol searched for her chair,
found it and sat it across Lori’s face.  “There now, are you ready?”
    “Yes, I suppose so.  Whatever you say,” Lori responded.
    Carol sat herself in the potty chair and scooted down so her ass
was only about four inches from Lori’s mouth.  “Open your mouth Lori,
I want to see it all pink before I make a filthy brown mess out of the
inside of your mouth.  Pull back your lips too, I want to see your
teeth too before I get them all stained.  Oh, there’re so white and
perfect, it’s a shame that I’m going to stain them up with all my
nasty brown shit.  Are you ready for your treat?  Kiss my shit-hole
first.   Ooooh that’s it, use your tongue now … ooohhhh that feels
so fucking good!”  Carol grunted and her asshole began to blossom out
wider and wider.
    “Can you see my shit yet?”
    “Yes, I see it.”
    “Can you smell it?”
    “Yes, I can smell it too.”
    “Do you like that smell?”
    “No, your shit smells terrible.”
    “Is my shit hanging out of my ass yet?”
    “No, it’s still inside your ass, but it’s right there at the
    “Stick your nose up there, stick your nose up my asshole.  That
way you’ll get that smell inside your nose and you’ll really be able
to smell me.”
    Lori hesitated a moment, then raised up and thrust her nose into
Carol’s asshole.  The shit was about to fall out.”
    “What a docile little twat you are, to do something like that.
Does it smell good to you now?”
    “No, I can smell it real good now and it still stinks.”
    “There’s that bottle beside you, take a big pull on it.  It will
keep you from having an upset stomach,” Carol pointed.
    Lori picked up the bottle, uncapped it and took a big swallow and
returned the lid.
    “Open your mouth, baby, it’s time for me to dump my load into it.”
    Lori opened her mouth.  Carol hesitated a second or two and began
to grunt hard and push her anal opening even wider.  Within seconds,
the shit began to show itself.
    “I can feel it starting to come out.  Can you see it?”
    “Uh huh,” Lori nodded her head with open mouth.
    “It’s coming!  It’s coming.  I can feel it coming out of my ass.
Bite it off when you can get a good mouthful.”
    Lori watched it slide out and then leaned up and bit off a good
mouthful and, laying her head back, began to chew it.  She screwed up
her face at the terrible taste, but continued to chew and then stopped
chewing to swallow it.
    “You did it, you actually ate my shit.  You’re nothing but a dirty
shit-eating bitch.  Open your mouth, whore.  I’m going to give you
more and I want to make the inside of your mouth all brown.  Eat shit
…. eat shit.  Eat my shit.  I can see it drop right into your brown
mouth and you start to chew it up.  Oh slut, eating female dirt like
that, eating female waste, what a dirty little bitch you are.  Here
comes some more now, ready?  That’s a nice bitch, opening your mouth
like that.  Here it comes, keep it open this time, I want to dump all
of it into your mouth this time.  OOOHHHH, it feels so good just to
shit, and you are eating it!  What a toilet mouth slut you are, eating
another woman’s shit …. what a spectacle you are giving me.
    Lori had about two inches of shit sticking out of her mouth.  She
held it with her lips and chewed the part in her mouth, swallowed, and
let more drop into her mouth.  She did this until she had swallowed
the very last of Carol’s shit.
    “That was beautiful, you are such a toilet mouth bitch, to eat
another woman’s shit like that.  That was something I have always
dreamed of.  There is something else now that I would like you to do
for me, I want you to fist me in the ass.  Think you are up to that
    “If you like, then I will do it for you.  That is something that I
have never done to a woman before.  In fact, I have never fisted a
woman in her cunt before.”
    “There’s a tube of lubricant over there,” Carol pointed, “you
won’t need much, just a little bit.  Push some up into my asshole
before you start.”
    Lori got off the bed and took up the tube of jell and began
smearing it over Carol’s asshole.  “Now how am I supposed to do this,”
Lori asked as she laid the lubricant aside.
    “Start with only one finger and I’ll tell you when to add another.
It should take you no more than ten minutes to get your whole hand
inside.  Ready?” Carol asked as she reached back with both hands to
spread the cheeks of her ass.
    Lori easily inserted one finger, then a second when Carol told
her.  Then a third, and a fourth.  Next Carol had her fold her thumb
over and push it into the hole.  Then, using a back and forth motion
with her hand, Carol told her to keep constant pressure on her
asshole.  Just like Carol said, Lori’s entire hand slid in within ten
    “Now relax a moment, let my ass get accustomed to this size,”
Carol looked back.  “Now you may start, go slow at first, use slow in
and out movements.  Oh, yes!  That’s it, go deeper now.  Faster too.”
    Lori was moving her hand in three-inch strokes now, in and out of
Carol’s asshole.  She had gone past her wrist and still Carol clamored
for more.
    “I’m already a third of the way to my elbow and your asshole is
stretched a full three inches wide now.  Surely you can’t want more!”
    “More, more, I want more.  Stretch my asshole out good and wide!”
    Lori thrust her hand in halfway to her elbow, “I’ve got half my
arm in your ass now.”
    “Only halfway, give me more, more.  A lot more.  I can take your
arm clear up to your elbow.”
    “You’ve got to be joking,” Lori said, but she went even deeper.
    “Oooh yes, deeper!  Stretch my shit-hole out so it will 1ook like
a cave.”
    “It’s already stretched out like a cave.  Your asshole has got to
be 3 inches wide now and you’re wanting more?  That has to be hurting
     “Yes, it hurts some, but not near as much as the pleasure I’m
getting from this.  It’s a fantastic feeling.  Go on in.  Go all the
way to your elbow. Please Lori, go to your elbow!”
     Lori gave one final push and her arm was buried in Carol’s
asshole to her elbow.  “I’m at my elbow now, does that still feel
     “Oh yes, it feels wonderful.  Now draw your hand back about eight
inches and shove it back in all the way in one stroke.  Do tadt over
and over, and don’ t worry about my asshole, your arm will tire out
first, so really pound my ass.  OOOOOOHHHHH, YES!”
     For thirty minutes, Lori kept up this anal assualt, giving her
perhaps thirty strokes a minute.  Finally her arm began to get weary
and she told Carol she would have to stop.
     “So soon?  I’ve only cum about three times now.  Can you feel any
shit up my ass?”
     “I feel a few lumps.”
     “Scrape it out as you come out, scrape it all out.”
     Lori began to draw her hand back, scraping as she pulled back.
Finally her hand popped out of Carol’s asshole, and she was holding a
handful of shit.  “Your asshole is all red now, cherry red.  And it
looks like cave in your ass, it’s standing open so wide now.  I can’t
believe I have done this to another woman
     “Now eat that shit off your hand, eat it all.  You had the
pleasure of fisting my ass so you eat that shit.  Eat it, bitch!”
     Lori raised her hand to her mouth and took a long swipe with her
tongue across the shit.  Again she screwed up her face but she still
continued to lick until all the traces of Carol’s shit was removed
from her hand, fingers and along her arm clear up to her elbow.
     “You did a fantastic job for me. I’ve always dreamed of a girl
doing that for me.  Now I guess I have to hold my end of the bargain,
don’t I?”
     “I don’t think you have to do that, I mean it wasn’t part of the
deal, was it?”
     “That’s nice of you to say, but I believe I did agree to do it to
you just as a part of that money deal, didn’t I? Tell me, what did it
taste like?”
     “You wouldn’t believe how nasty it tasted.  There just are no
words to describe how awful it tasted, but it wasn’t near as bitter as
you supposed it would.  And you know what?  I don’t feel a need to
vomit.  That stuff you gave me must have done the trick.  That lady
must have known what she was talking about.”
     “Give me that bottle, if I let you go with your money and I
haven’t tasted shit, I know I will kick myself afterwards.  I will
just start looking all over again and when I do find one, she probably
won’t be as pretty and young as you are, so give it to me, fill my
mouth with your shit.”
     “You know, I do feel the urge to take a big filthy crap right
now, are you sure you want it?”
     “Yes and no.  Yes when I just know I will miss it and no I don’t
want it just from the way you described the taste.  Yes, I made a deal
with you so make me follow through.  OK?”
     “If you say so.  Let me climb up into that little potty chair and
I’ll take a good crap right in your open mouth.”
     It took Carol at least twice as long to eat Lori’s, not because
Lori had more, she didn’t, but Carol was having so much trouble just
getting it all down. When she had swallowed the very last of it, “That
was enough, there is no way I will ever do that again.  And I was
thinking, if we were to continue eating each other’s, by Friday
evening we would have been putting out some really big turds.”

     By Friday night, when Lori had finished her last, Carol hugged
her, “You were a real shit-eater for me and you held up your end of
the bargain.  So, I might as well give you your money now and let you
go.  You earned it.”
     “Thank you for the money, but would you write down your address.
I would like to visit you again.”
     “I can’t pay you again.”
     “So what?   I think I like being your shit-eater

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