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    Melissa, a 20 year old blond, had just been dropped off at the
summer boarding school.  Roberta, her mother, had used the lame excuse
that Melissa needed some extra credits to get into college this coming
fall.  So here she was, in her room, tears in her eyes as she surveyed
her simple room.  There was only a single bed, a cot more or less and
a dresser for her clothing.  There was no shower, no wash stand or
toilet, just the single bed and the dresser.  A knock sounded at her
    Opening the door, Melissa saw it was Peggy, a girl who had taunted
her earlier, and she almost closed the door in Peggy’s face.  Peggy
wedged a foot in the jam so Melissa couldn’t close the door and walked
right in.  “Stuffy little bitch, aren’t you?”
    “Why are you treating me this way?” Melissa started crying.
    “Oh, dry up those tears … Mistress Rose wants you in her office,
grinned, “for some introduction.”
    Melissa headed for the stairs and climbed them to the second floor
and knocked on Mistress Rose’s door.  Within seconds she was bade to
    “Very punctual, I like that in a girl,” Mistress Rose walked
around Melissa.  “You’re a very pretty girl…I think you’ll be
greeted warmly by the other girls and women who come here.”
    “Mistress Rose, there was  this one girl named Peggy, she treated
me badly,” Melissa said.
    “All new girls are treated this way at first, but I’m sure you’ll
find Peggy to be a very nice girl … soon!” Mistress Rose touched
Melissa’s hair.
    “Mistress Rose … my room,” Melissa started, “it doesn’t even
have a toilet!”
    “Of course it doesn’t.  Girls are taught here to get along with
other girls, it’s all part of their training … you will use the
communal bathroom, along with the other girls.  You will also learn to
shower with other girls.  We have NO secrets here,” Mistress Rose
    Melissa turned red at the thought – she never had she undressed
before another female.
    “Does that embarrass you?  Undressing before other girls?”
Mistress Rose smiled.  “Well,
you’ll learn.”
    “When do my lessons start?” Melissa asked.
    “That really depends on you,” Mistress Rose nodded her head.
“Some girls need a little more time than others to get used to our
establishment.  But you will know.  You may go now.”
    Melissa started back down the stairs, wondering what kind of place
this was, that all the girls had different times to begin their
studies.  On the way back to her room, she again passed  Peggy.
    “Getting all set up?” Peggy grinned.  “So you can be a teacher’s
    “Why are you picking on me, you don’t even know me?” Melissa
started to cry.
    “Oh , poor cry baby,” Peggy teased.  “Come on, it’s time for your
shower.  Let’s see all those goodies you are so proud of.”
    “I couldn’t do that!” Melissa groaned at the thought.
    “We’ll see about that,” Peggy flipped a switch on the wall…
“Mistress Rose, this is Peggy.  Your new pet won’t take a shower with
us girls!”
    “Melissa, this your Mistress.  I’m ordering you to go with Peggy
to the showers and bathe with the other girls!  That is an order!”
Mistress Rose almost shouted.
    “Hear that … bitch?” Peggy grinned.
    Melissa glared at Peggy a few minutes before she consented.  “Let
me get my robe.”
    “You won’t be needing a robe … you won’t EVER need a robe … in
here,” Peggy grinned.
“Get your butt moving … come with me!”
    Melissa followed Peggy down the hall to the showers.  Peggy
immediately began removing her clothing, then noticed Melissa was not
removing hers.  “What’s wrong … bitch.  You need an invitation?”
    Slowly Melissa began undressing while Peggy stood there waiting
and watching.
    “Take all the time you want, but I’m gonna be here waiting to see
your naked body, and before long, other girls will be coming in here,”
Peggy grinned.
    Quickly Melissa took her remaining clothes off, trying to cover
her titties and groin area as best she could which caused Peggy to
laugh.  “Girl, you have so much to learn, and it’s going to be SO much
fun teaching you.”
    “What could you teach me?” Melissa stepped into the shower.
    “You’d be surprised what I could teach you,” Peggy picked up the
soap and began lathering Melissa’s back, down to her rump and between
her legs.  When her hand slid in between Melissa’s legs to her pussy,
Melissa jumped.
    “What’s wrong?” Peggy asked innocently.
    Melissa colored, “I’ve never had a girl wash me before, especially
down there.”
    “You’ll get used to that here … or would you rather a bunch of
girls tie you down and feel you all over?” Peggy grinned.  “Now get
over here and let me finish!”
    Melissa, red faced, turned her back to Peggy and felt the fingers
slide in between her thighs again.  It seemed forever before Peggy got
through washing her little pussy and turned Melissa around and began
soaping her breasts.  “You have nice titties.”
    Melissa stood there in the shower allowing Peggy to lather her
body, and then Peggy handed the soap to Melissa, “My turn now, soap me
real good, especially between my legs!”
    Melissa took the soap and began lathering the girl’s body, all
over until Peggy grabbed Melissa’s hand and pushed it between her
thighs.  “Do me real good here!”
    Never in her life had Melissa soaped another girl here and sensed
at once that this was arousing Peggy.  Pulling her hand back, she
quickly jumped out of the shower stall.
    “I was hoping for a much better job, but you’ll learn,” Peggy
grinned.  “You can dress now and go back to your room … I have
something else to do.”
    Melissa quickly dressed and scooted out of the room.  Once back in
her room, Melissa threw herself on the bed.  What had just happened to
her, she could never tell anyone, it was just too embarrassing ….
but wait a minute, what had Peggy told her?  She had something else to
do?  Jumping up off the bed, she looked out her door to see if anyone
was coming, and then silently tip-toed back to the shower room.
Silently, she crept into the bathroom and heard sounds coming from one
of the toilet stalls.  Again tip-toeing, Melissa slid into the next
stall, stood up on the toilet and peeked over the stall wall.  What
she saw was so disgusting.  Peggy was working a finger around in her
asshole, then bringing her finger up to her mouth, all covered with
that tell tale brown stuff.  Peggy would then suck her finger.  She
did this over and over until she cupped her hand beneath her ass and
started shitting.  Once she had shit out a four-inch specimen, she
raised it to her mouth and began EATING IT!  Yes, she was eating her
own shit!”
    Visibly shaken, Melissa got back down off the toilet stool and
crept back out of the bathroom and hurried back to her room.  For
several minutes her mind went over what she had just seen, then she
jumped up and hurried to Mistress Rose’s room and knocked.  When she
was bade to enter, she was still visibly shaken and Mistress Rose
noticed her shaking badly.
    “What happened?” Mistress Rose asked.
    “I … I … just saw Peggy doing something so disgusting you’ll
never believe it!” Melissa panted.
    “Oh?  What did you see Miss Peggy doing?” Head Mistress Rose
wanted to know.
    “You’ll never believe it!” Melissa shivered.  “She was doing
something VERY FILTHY!”
    “Oh, whatever she was doing couldn’t have been that bad.  Deep
down, she’s a good girl,” Head Mistress Rose smiled dt Melissa.
    “She was eating her OWN SHIT!” Melissa finally got it out.
    “That I don’t believe!” Head Mistress Rose angrily spat out.
    “No!  It’s true!  I saw her with my own eyes…doing this filthy
thing!” Melissa countered Head Mistress’ argument about this GOOD
    “I think you should be ashamed of yourself for saying that about
some girl here.  She might have been riding you a little too hard, but
that is no reason to come in here with a tale like that!” Head
Mistress came over to Melissa.  “I think I should punish you for
telling such a viscious lie!”
    “But it’s true!” Melissa argued.
    “Take off your clothes now, I’m going to spank you good,” Head
Mistress said as she took out some rope. “You need a good lesson!”
    “But I did see her doing that, Mistress Rose!” Melissa began
begging as she began unbuttoning her blouse.
    Head Mistress Rose waited until Melissa had removed all her
clothing, then placed her over a wooden beam about three feet high and
tied her wrists and ankles together beneath the beam.  “Now, little
girl, you’re going to wish you’d never come in here with that tale,”
and smacked Melissa’s ass with a ping-pong paddle.
    “YEEEEOOOOHHHHHH!” Melissa cried out.
    “That is nothing … yet, compared to what you’re going to have to
suffer for bringing such a wild tale in here to me,” and she slashed
at the young girl’s rump again.  She swatted and slashed at Melissa’s
buttocks until the girl was in tears. Laying the paddle down, she
picked up a pair of alligator clips and snapped thcm on Melissa’s
nipples, which caused Melissa to moan loudly from the way the clips
were sinking into her nipples.  Then she hung two more on Melissa’s
pussy lips and watched Melissa’s face as the clips sunk deep into the
thin membrane of each lip.  “See what happens to you when you carry
    “I’m sorry for bringing such a viscious lie to you,” Melissa lied.
    “You should be,” Mistress Rose began untying Melissa.  But once
she had her untied, she re-tied her on her back, with Melissa’s legs
pulled back over her head.  “I think you owe Miss Peggy an apology.
I’m going to call her in.”  Mistress Rose rang a buzzer and within a
few minutes, Peggy came in.
    “Did you call?” Miss Peggy asked.
    “Yes I did,” Head Mistress Rose said.  “Melissa here came in with
a nasty tale for me. She told me you were in the bathroom eating your
own shit!”
    Peggy glanced sharply at Melissa…”Liar!”
    “I think we should teach her a lesson…take off your clothes
Peggy,” Head Mistress Rose suggested.
    At once Peggy began removing her clothing until she was standing
there naked.  “What did you have in mind, my Mistress?”
    “Since Melissa came in here with this nasty tale, I think it
should be more than fair if she had to lick your asshole!” Head
Mistress Rose suggested.
    “No!  No!  No!  Don’t make me do that!” Melissa pleaded.
    Almost immediately, Peggy straddled Melissa’s face and lowered her
firm rump down in
 Melissa’s face.
    “Eeegh…it stinks!” Melissa tried to turn her face aside.
    Head Mistress Rose took Melissa’s face in her hands and forced her
face back up. “Sit your asshole right down on her mouth!”
    Peggy squatted further and settled her asshole right on Melissa’s
mouth.  “NOW LICK IT!”
    Melissa held her lips close together.
    “Mistress, she’s not licking it,” Peggy looked down.
    “So you’re not going to lick it … we’ll see about that!”
Mistress Rose took up a candle and lit it.  Spreading Melissa’s pussy
lips apart with her fingers, she let a drop of wax hit right on the
young girl’s clit.
   “EEEHHH!” Melissa screamed against Peggy’s asshole, causing her
mouth to open.
   “LICK MY SHIT-HOLE!” Peggy demanded, “or you’ll feel more of that
hot wax!”
   Still Melissa refused to lick Peggy’s asshole and another drop of
wax struck her clit and, almost immediately, Melissa began licking at
Peggy’s asshole.
   “Oh..she’s doing it now!” Peggy moaned.  “Lick my dirt hole, you
filthy liar!”
   Melissa continued to lick to avoid feeling more of the hot wax.
   “You’d better start showing my hot asshole more love or I’ll let
Mistress Rose drip more of that hot wax on your clit,” Peggy warned.
   At once, Melissa started licking again, this time with more
   “That’s it … asshole licker,” Peggy moaned . “You’re doing much
better now, but remember,
if you slow down and don’t give my asshole a PROPER oral worship, I’ll
have Mistress Rose
set your clit on fire with that candle wax.  Lick it, ooooh yes, I
think she’s starting to enjoy it!  You starting to enjoy it …. slut?
Licking me right where I go to the bathroom?  Stinky brown SHIT comes
out of that very hole you’re licking….Ooh yes, I think she really
likes licking my dirt hole!”
   For almost fifteen minutes, Melissa continued licking the girl’s
asshole before Peggy crawled off.
   Mistress Rose began untying Melissa…”I think you had a very good
first lesson.”
   “First lesson?” Melissa began dressing.
   “Oh, there will be more lessons, in fact, I think you should lick
Peggy’s asshole every day you’re here…would you like that Peggy?”
Mistress Rose grinned.
   “Yes!  Very much!” Peggy danced.
   “Very well then, from now on, you will be Peggy’s asshole slave!”
Mistress Rose agreed, “Now get out of here.”
   Melissa rushed out and when she got to her room, quickly brushed
her teeth and gargled.  Yuk, she thought to herself.  But during the
night, she was brought back to this scene several times and felt her
pussy getting wet.  ‘What am I thinking about?  To do something so
  The following day, Peggy came into Melissa’s room … “Hi, asshole
licker.  Are you ready for todays little chore?”
   “Please, Miss Peggy, don’t make me do that again,” Melissa dropped
to her knees and hugged Peggy’s legs.
   “I thought you were starting to enjoy the taste of my asshole,”
Peggy grinned.  “You come to my room in fifteen minutes, I will be
ready for you … BE ON TIME!”
   Within fifteen minutes, Melissa made the trip to Peggy’s room and
found Peggy sitting on the commode.
   “Come on in here, I was about to empty my bowels for your regular
cleansing,” and she grunted hard and a turd dropped into the water.
With that, she stood up and crossed over to her bed and laid face down
and spread her legs wide.  Looking back, “Are you ready?”
  “Miss Peggy, you didn’t even wipe!” Melissa groaned.
   Peggy smiled back, “Clean my shitty asshole for me!”
   “I’m not going to do that!” Melissa started moving back.
   Peggy slid off the bed and quickly grabbed Melissa and wrestled her
over to the bed.  With Velcro cuffs, she quickly secured Melissa down
on the bed.  “Now bitch, you have no choice but to lick my asshole
   “Why are you doing this to me?” Melissa cried.
   Without a word, Peggy crawled up on the bed and squatted down
astride Melissa’s face, sliding her dirty asshole right down on
Melissa’s mouth.  “LICK IT!”
   Melissa instantly tasted the foulness of Peggy’s asshole and tried
to turn her face aside.
   Peggy, reaching down and taking Melissa’s face in her hands, forced
Melissa’s face up into the crack of her ass.  “I SAID LICK IT!”
   Tentatively, Melissa touched Peggy’s asshole with her tongue and
quickly drew it back into her mouth.
   “I was beginning to think you LIKED that nasty taste,” Peggy looked
down.  “Go ahead, lick it clean, the quicker you do it, the faster
you’ll finish.”
   Again Melissa touched her tongue to Peggy’s anal pit, tasting her
unwiped asshole, but.she didn’t pull her tongue back this time.  She
hurriedly tried to finish this gross act.  Her tongue began to roll
around in the filthy opening.
   “See!  You do like that nasty taste!” Peggy laughed.  “When you get
it clean, suck my asshole!”
   At once Melissa began sucking on Peggy’s little, tight puckered
hole.  She sucked several minutes before Peggy crawled off Melissa’s
face…”You did a good job, THIS TIME … maybe next time I’ll let you
   Melissa got up and left in a hurry, rinsing out her mouth when she
got back to her room.  She gargled several times before she flopped
back on the bed.  ‘Did she say … eat her shit?’ Surely she was
kidding about that, no one could stand that…could they? Without
realizing it, her fingers found her clit.

    The following day, again Peggy came into Melissa’s room …
“Hello, dirty asshole eater, are you ready for your new game …
    “New game? You don’t mean ?” Melissa stuttered.
    “You’ll find out, come to my room in fifteen minutes … and don’t
be late!” Peggy stated as she left the room.
    For several minutes, Melissa walked the floor of her room, afraid
to go to Peggy’s room, but afraid not to.  If she failed to show up in
Peggy’s room, this girl would make her life miserable while she stayed
here …. but what if she made her…..  Melissa shuddered at that
thought, but Peggy had said something like this yesterday…  surely
she was kidding about that … she hoped.  Glancing at her wrist
watch, her fifteen minutes were almost gone.  If she hurried, she
would be able to get to Peggy’s room within the fifteen minutes of
time remaining.  With a fear totally unknown before, Melissa closed
her door and hurried down the hall to Peggy’s room and knocked.
    “Come in, asshole licker,” Melissa heard, wondering what Peggy
would have done if it had been someone else.  Stepping into the room,
she noticed Peggy looking at her watch.
    “Just in time,” Peggy got up and came over to Melissa and began
removing her clothes.
    Melissa allowed the girl to undress her, then asked, “Why are you
undressing me? Didn’t you have me come over to lick … lick your ….
    “ASSHOLE!  That’s the name of it!” Peggy seemed very much as ease
uttering these obscene phrases.  “Lie down, on your back … I’m going
to shit all over your face!”
    “Oooh NO!  Please don’t do that to me!” Melissa groaned.
    “I said ‘lie down’, or do I have to get head Mistress Rose in
here?” Peggy threatened.
    At once Melissa laid flat on her back and Peggy stepped across her
body, looking down, “Are you ready to get ALL my smelly shit all over
your face?”
    “I don’t have much choice, do I?” Melissa answered.
    “No, you don’t,” Peggy remarked.  “All over your face … smelly
shit!” and Peggy squatted down.  “Look up at my asshole … are you
    “Cute, isn’t it?” Peggy questioned.  “Kiss it!”
    Melissa placed her lips against the girl’s asshole and kissed it.
    “ASSHOLE KISSER!” Peggy moaned … “Now lick it!  Lick it like you
really love it!”
    Melissa began licking at the girl’s puckered hole.
    “Do you like my pretty asshole?” Peggy asked.
    “Yeeessss,” Melissa rasped.
    “You appear to, your pussy is getting wet,” Peggy giggled.
    Melissa continued to lick at the young girl’s asshole until Peggy
raised up a few inches.  “Now, slut, it’s time!  Time for you to get a
face full of shit!  Watch my asshole open up and relieve itself.”  At
once her asshole dilated and the end of a turd became visible.  “Do
you see it?”
    “Yes,” Melissa answered.
    “And you want it, right?” Peggy laughed.
    “No!” Melissa grunted back.
    “Well, that’s too bad, because I’m going to make you a shit
slave!” Peggy grunted and her asshole just exploded this time.  A long
thin piece of shit curled down across Melissa’s face, followed by
another and another.  Each succeeding one became softer and gooier
than the preceding one, but Peggy did not stop shitting.  Her asshole
just kept vomiting long thin pieces of shit.  Melissa’s face was
almost covered with soft gooey shit.  At this point, Peggy got up from
her squatting position and looked down at Melissa.  “Shit face!  You
look so nasty laying there with that shit all over your face!” At this
point, Peggy straddled Melissa’s breasts and squatted down again and,
taking one of Melissa’s breasts, pressed it up against her juicy
pussy.  She placed Melissa’s nipple right up against her clit and
began to vibrate her whole body against Melissa’s erect nipple.  “Now,
shit-face, are you ready to eat some of my sweet shit?”
    Melissa shook her head ‘no’.
    Peggy reached down and scooped up some of her shit that was
covering Melissa’s mouth and forced it between Melissa’s lips and on
into her mouth.  “Chew it!”
    Melissa swallowed immediately to get the foulness out of her
    “Didn’t I just tell you to chew it?” Peggy questioned.  “You have
a lot to learn at being a shit slave … this time chew it.  It’s so
soft you’ll only have to chew it three or four times before you
swallow … THIS TIME, CHEW IT!” Peggy scooted another piece into
Melissa’s mouth and watched her face screw up in a pained expression
before swallowing.
    “Now, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Peggy scooped more into
Melissa’s mouth.  “Before I’m finished with you, you’ll LOVE that
nasty taste!”
    Melissa chewed and swallowed quickly.
    “Getting better?” Peggy grinned down at Melissa.  “I think you’ve
had enough for the day … no, you can’t get up.  I want you to stay
right on the floor like you are for at least an hour, so you can
really taste my sweet shit!” With that Peggy got off Melissa’s chest.
“Remember, don’t move.”
    Melissa laid in that position for perhaps a half hour when the
door opened.  It was Head Mistress Rose, “How is she doing?”
    “Oh, she’s trying, but look at her pussy … see how wet it is?”
Peggy pointed.
    “That’s GOOD!” the head Mistress looked back down at Melissa’s
sloppy face.  “You really covered her face, didn’t you?”
    “I wish all of that had been going in her mouth,” Peggy moaned.
“But, don’t worry, I’ll have her begging for my shit before long.”
    Melissa couldn’t believe that this woman and this young girl were
discussing her in such a vile manner as she lay there, her face nearly
covered with sticky shit.
    “How long has she been lying there like that?” Head Mistress Rose
    “Peggy glanced at her watch, “I’d say about thirty minutes now.
She should have a good taste of my shit by now….all right slut, you
may get up.  No, you can’t get dressed or wash your face.  I want you
to run back to your room, NAKED … with that shit all over your face
…. so that if you meet with any of the other girls, they’ll know you
are being trained as a shit slave … now go on, get out of here!”
   Melissa grabbed up her clothes and ran down the hall, passing
another young girl on the way who grabbed at her arm, but Melissa
pulled away, her face red beneath the coating of feces.  Once in her
room, she tried to wipe the coating from her face as best she could
with her panties.  Her door opened and the young girl who had grabbed
at her in the hallway came in.  Melissa blushed furiously, “Did you
come in here to make fun of me too?”
   “No honey,” the girl crossed the room to stand before Melissa.  “I
know what you’re going through, I too am being trained to do the same
thing you are.”
   “You are?” Melissa asked increduously.
   “Yes, I am, but by another girl,” the girl announced.  “My name is
   “You’re being subjected to the same thing I am?” Melissa
   “Yes…I am now eating shit every day,” Tricia confided.
   “How can you do that?  Yuk!  It tastes terrible!” Melissa made a
   “Of course it tastes terrible…it dirty filth … from a woman’s
body!  But, you’ll get used to it … the sooner you get accustomed to
that nasty taste, the sooner they will let you stay in peace.  After
you’ve completed your daily ritual, they’ll let you have the rest of
the day to do whatever you like …. besides, it doesn’t taste so
bad,” Tricia hugged Melissa.
   “Peggy said that one day, I would be begging for it!” Melissa
questioned.  “I’ll never do that! Yuk!”
   “Don’t say…NEVER.” Tricia sat down, “If it helps you here, do it
for them.”
   “Do you beg for it?” Melissa asked.
   “All the time,” Tricia grinned, “but I love that nasty taste!”
   “You LOVE it?” Melissa sat down beside Tricia.
   “Yes, I do … but let’s go get you cleaned up now, you look like
you need a good bath.  I’ll bathe you, if you like,” Tricia gazed into
Melissa’s eyes.
   “Oh, that won’t be necessary, but I do need a good cleaning.  That
stuff stinks!” Melissa got up and together, the two girls went towards
the communal bathrooms.  And there Tricia bathed Melissa, spending a
great deal of time with her fingers in both of Melissa’s holes. Then
together, both girls returned to Melissa’s room.
   “Did you like me giving you a bath?” Tricia asked coyly.
   Melissa blushed, “You spent most of your time with your fingers up
   “Didn’t you like that?” Tricia pouted.
   Melissa hesitated a moment, then, “Yes, it did feel good, but this
is going way too fast. I’ve never made love to another girl.”
   “Never?” Tricia put her arm around Melissa’s waist.
   Melissa removed Tricia’s arm, “This is going way too fast!  Please
go back to your room.”
   Tricia got up, “Remember what I said, BEG FOR IT!”
   Melissa flopped back on the bed, recalling everything that had
happened to her that day, from being shit on to this girl Tricia
fingering her in both the pussy and the asshole.  Without thinking,
her fingers slipped between her thighs.

   The following day, again Peggy returned for Melissa.  “Shit-face,
are you ready for your lesson today?”
   “Please don’t make me do that!” Melissa begged.
   “Are you giving me trouble?” Peggy asked.  “I can always get Rose
in here.”
   “NO!  NO!  Not her again,” Melissa pleaded.  “I’ll go with you.”
   “Oh, you’re being much better now … come on then,” Peggy turned
to go.
   Melissa followed Peggy down the hall to Peggy’s room.
   “You know what’s going to happen, don’t you?” Peggy turned to face
   “Yes,” Melissa gulped.
   “Tell me.  Tell me what you are going to do,” Peggy grinned.
   “I’m … I’m going to …. to …. eat shit!” Melissa finally got
   Peggy smiled.  “Yes, you’re going to EAT shit!  Not a little bit
like you did yesterday, but a whole BIG TURD today!”
   “Can we go slow?” Melissa almost begged.
   “Yes, if you like.  I like to see a girl eating my shit…but if
you stop, I’ll cram it in your mouth!” Peggy stated.
   “You won’t need to cram it in my mouth … if you go slow,” Melissa
   “I saw you with Tricia … did she give you some pointers?” Peggy
   Melissa flushed, “yes, she did.”
   “What kind of pointers?  Tricia is something of an expert as a
toilet slave,” Peggy recalled.  “I’ve seen her with other ladies and
girls before, many times.”
   “She…she told me to …. to … to … beg for it!” Melissa
   “That would be very sweet,” Peggy agreed…. “So beg for my shit!”
   Melissa began removing her clothes and when completely nude,
dropped to her knees before Peggy…. “Please let me have it!”
   “IT!  IT!” Peggy backed off.  “Why are you calling it IT?”
   “Please let me have your …. shit!” Melissa flushed red.
   “And what are you going to do with it, if I give it to you?” Peggy
   “I’m … going … to … to … to….” Melissa fumbled with the
   “You’re going to do WHAT with it?” Peggy continued to tease
   “EAT IT!” Melissa got out.
   “What a nasty, disgusting girl you are!” Peggy said, “I bet your
pussy is wet right now!”
   Melissa reached down, wiping her fingers across her twat and drew
them back wet, “Yes, I’m wet down there.”
   “What a filthy girl you are!” Peggy began removing her clothes.
“Your pussy is wet just thinking about eating my shit!”
   “YES!  YES!  YES!  I was afraid to admit it, at first … but now I
want it, very bad! Please let me have your shit!  I want to eat it
…. please!”
   “You’ll get it … ALL OF IT this time!  Lick my shit-hole first,”
Peggy turned her butt to Melissa.  “Get your tongue in there!”
   Melissa gently spread Peggy’s cheeks and began licking at Peggy’s
   “Lick that dirty hole!  Lick it … you nasty slut!” Peggy turned
to Melissa.  “Ready for my sugar?  That gooey, slimy brown, stinking
shit that comes out of my asshole?  And you want toeat it?”
   “Yes,” Melissa bravely answered.
   “All right, get your mouth back up there and open wide!” Peggy
turned again.
   Melissa pressed her face back between the moons of Peggy’s ass and
opened her mouth wide.
   Peggy began shitting, right into Melissa’s open mouth.  When she
had pushed out approximately three inches, she pinched her asshole
closed and turned around to watch this new shit slave mouthing her
turd… “Start chewing!  Chew it real well or it’ll get stuck in your
   Melissa bit down on the big piece of shit and instantly her face
screwed up in obvious dislike of the foul taste.
   “EAT SHIT!  You filthy cunt!” Peggy shouted.
   Melissa began chewing slowly.
   “Don’t you like that rotten flavor?” Peggy grinned.
   Melissa shook her head ‘no’.
   “Didn’t I, just a few moments ago, hear you begging for my shit?”
Peggy laughed.  “You
don’t know what you want, do you?  CHEW IT!  KEEP CHEWING IT!  Chew it
up real good and then I’ll let you swallow it!”
   Using her utmost ability, Melissa kept chewing the big mouthful of
shit, feeling it squish around in her mouth, getting juicier and
slimier with each chew until it was no more than shit soup in her
mouth before Peggy told her to swallow.  Again Peggy pushed her ass in
Melissa’s face and shit right in Melissa’s mouth, demanding that
Melissa chew it up real good before she swallowed.
   Melissa swallowed three big mouthfuls before she was through and
afterwards Peggy demanded that Melissa kiss her asshole and thank her
for the wonderful meal it had just given her.  Melissa did as
   “Now, cunt, I am going to leave for a few minutes, but don’t you
dare rinse out your mouth.  I want you to keep that nasty flavor in
your mouth until I get back!” Peggy instructed and then left her room.
   Melissa tasted the shit in her mouth and decided that after that
first mouthful, it really didn’t taste that bad after all.  It was
just the idea that was so terrible, she had just eaten shit, foul,
nasty shit!
   Peggy returned about a half hour later, “Did you keep that nasty
taste in your mouth?”
   “Yes, Peggy,” Melissa answered.
   “You will call me ‘Goddess’ from now on during your stay here,”
Peggy remarked, “AND,
you will eat my SHIT every day …. is that clear?”
   “Yes, Goddess Peggy,” Melissa answered.
   “Now get out of here,” Peggy pointed at the door.
   “Goddess Peggy, may I ask you a question?” Melissa asked.
   “One question, only!” Peggy answered.
   “When do my lessons start around here?”Melissa asked.
   “You’ll get to them, in time.  Do you think you can start just
anywhere?” Peggy grinned.
“Besides, you are learning some valuable lessons here with me!”
   Melissa flushed deeply and fled from the room.  Once back in her
own bare room, Melissa
wanted to flush her mouth out, but with no basin she was unable to.
She would have to go to the main bath area.  Melissa started in that
direction.  Once there, she quickly started flushing her mouth out
until she felt a hand on her shoulder.  It was Head Mistress Rose.
   “Did you just finish your duty with Peggy?” Head Mistress Rose
   “Yes,” Melissa blushed.
   Head Mistress smiled at Melissa, “You’re going to be doing a lot of
that while you’re here.  You see, WE decide which girls will be used
this way.”
   “Who’s ‘we’?” Melissa questioned.
   “Who?  The ladies of the staff, plus other girls who have been here
the longest.  Peggy has been here quite some time now…but we needn’t
speak of Peggy right now … I think it’s time you came up to my
room,” the Head Mistress said.
   “If you say so,” Melissa meekly replied.
   Head Mistress Rose smiled at this remark, this girl was getting
very docile.  She started up the stairs with Melissa on her heels.
Opening the door to her office, Melissa was greeted by a grandeur not
seen anywhere in the school.  A big couch with soft cushioned seats
surrounded the desk.  The walls held expensive painting.  The windows
were adorned with expensive drapes.  The whole room was a shade of off
red.  “Like my room?”
   “Yes, Head Mistress Rose, it is very nice,” Melissa twirled about
the room.
   “Would you like to stay here in this room, with me, for a few
weeks?” Rose asked.
   “Stay right here?  With you?” Melissa couldn’t believe she was
being invited to spend a few weeks in these luxurious surroundings.
“YES!  YES!”
   Rose smiled at Melissa.  “Fine, come with me,” and she led Melissa
into her overly expensive bathroom.  There on the floor was a nude
girl, attached to the toilet by a collar around her neck.
Immediately, Rose began unlocking the collar and swatted the girl on
the ass.  “You are relieved, I have a new girl.”
   The girl fled from the bathroom.
   “Remove your clothes now,” Rose remarked.
   “You are going to chain me to that toilet?  Like that girl was?”
Melissa asked.
   “Of course…how else do you think a toilet girl would serve me?”
Rose smiled.
   “I am to be your toilet?” Melissa batted her eyes.
   “It’s too late to back out now!  Peggy told me you were getting
very docile.  Now get your clothes off!” Head Mistress demanded.
   Meligsa started removing her clothing until she was completely
nude.  Head Mistress Rose slipped a collar around her and then handed
her a razor and soap, “Shave your pussy, dear.  I hate hairy pussies.”
   For the next forty-five minutes Melissa shaved her pussy until Head
Mistress Rose came back into the bathroom and attached an eight foot
thin chain into the collar around Melissa’s neck and then to a ring on
the side of the toilet.
   “Are you ready to begin your duty as a toilet slave, dear?” Rose
asked as she began pulling her skirt up.  “I really need to go …
   “MISTRESS!  Please Mistress!  I have already, just a while ago,
served Peggy that way,”
Melissa begged.
   Head Mistress Rose smiled at Melissa and ran her fingers along
Melissa’s cheek, “I didn’t know a toilet could be used too much!”
   “I don’t think I could eat another bite,” Melissa groaned.
   “GIRL!  WHORE!  TOILETS don’t make remarks like that!” Head
Mistress began pissing into a glass.
   Fascinated, Melissa watched the stream of piss squirt out into the
glass.  Setting the glass aside, Head Mistress Rose slid a plate onto
the top of the toilet and turned her back to it.  Her face grimaced
slightly and quickly a big fat turd began sliding out onto the plate.
The fat turd curled around and kept coming.
   “There’s so much!” Melissa exclaimed.
   “I told you I really needed to shit!” Rose grunted slightly.
   The turd dropped onto the plate, approximately 8 inches long, to be
followed by another piece
maybe four inches long, then another piece dropped onto the pile of
moist shit. Taking a piece of toilet tissue, Rose wiped her ass and
told Melissa to open her mouth and she placed the piece of soiled
tissue into Melissa’s mouth.  “Eat my shitty paper!”
   Melissa began chewing this dry paper, tasting the shitty stains as
she chewed.
   Head Mistress handed Melissa a fork. “EAT MY SHIT!”
   Melissa stared at the huge pile of shit before digging her fork
into its softness to dip out a piece, which she raised to her mouth.
She glanced up at her head Mistress and saw that she was watching, so
Melissa went ahead and popped the forkful into her mouth and began
chewing it.  It tasted different than Peggy’s, exactly how, Melissa
couldn’t say.
   “SHIT-EATER!” the Head Mistress spat out.  “You are a filthy
   Melissa blushed but kept on chewing.
   “NASTY, FILTHY WASTE from a woman’s body!  That’s what you’re
eating!” Rose watched Melissa closely.
   “Thank you, Goddess Rose, for allowing me this privilege,” Melissa
mumbled around another mouthful.
   “You really like it, don’t you?  The ladies here will ALL like
that!” Rose promised.
   “I will have to eat more than just yours?” Melissa again got
   “Not for awhile,” Rose laughed.  “You are all mine!  EAT THAT
   Mouthful after mouthful, Melissa managed to chew and swallow until
she had scraped up the last of this big turd.  Looking up at Head
Mistress Rose, “Goddess, don’t you have more?  Try … please try!
Squeeze it out for me!”
   “You want more?” Head Mistress Rose asked, matter of factly.
   “If you have more?” Melissa blanched as she made this statement.
   “I don’t have more…but I might be able to find a lady who hasn’t
had her bowels ravished yet.” Head Mistress Rose hesitated a moment,
“Would you like me to check?”
   “Mistress …. if you don’t have any more….” Melissa blushed real
   “SHIT-EATER!” Head Mistress went out of the bathroom and picked up
the phone.  She
called several of the other ladies in the school, then back into the
bathroom she went.  “You’re in luck, toilet mouth….I found a lady, a
visiting lady for you.”
   “A visiting lady?” Melissa asked.
   “Yes, from time to time we have a lady visit us here for this
purpose …. using a girl’s mouth as a toilet,” Rose explained.  “She
will be here in a few minutes.”
   Melissa slipped her fingers between her thighs and began fingering
her pussy.
   “Eating shit makes you hot, doesn’t it?” the head Mistress
   “Yes.  I never thought I would like this at all,” Melissa blushed
again.  “It is SO NASTY!”
   “Yes it is, but you’re a nasty girl, aren’t you?” Rose grinned.
   Melissa nodded silently.
   The doorbell rang.  A few moments later a tall blond walked into
the bathroom.
   “This is Carrie …. and Carrie, this is my new human toilet,” Head
Mistress Rose finished her introductions.  “She really likes shit!”
   “Oh?  A shit-eater, huh?  Well, I think I will be able to satisfy
her craving for this filthy stuff… let me get my panties off,”
Carrie began pulling her panties down and laid Melissa on her back.
“Give me a good rim job first!”
   Melissa began licking at Carrie’s asshole and digging her tongue
into it.
   “She can’t wait!” Carrie looked up at Rose.  “She’s digging her
tongue up my poop chute!”
   “She’s a real shit-pig!  Give it to her.  Brown her mouth good!”
Rose suggested.
   Carrie at once started shitting in Melissa’s mouth.  The turd
crawled out of her asshole directly into Melissa’s mouth, going deeper
and deeper to the back of her throat.  She raised a little and pinched
her turd off.  “Eat it, little cunt!”
   Melissa’s cheeks bulged from the shit.  She was having trouble
mouthing this amount of shit.  “Uggghhhh!”
   Carrie laughed.  “Having fun?”
   Melissa managed to chew up the turd and swallow it little by little
and then opened her mouth for more.  Carrie complied and dumped more
and more into her mouth and she managed to eat it all before Carrie
got up.  “Rose, this girl is a dream … a real human toilet!”
   “Yeah, I think so.  I’m going to enjoy using her mouth every day,”
Rose remarked.
   Melissa raised up, shit all over her face and immediately her
fingers found her clit.

   In the following weeks, Melissa became a super shit freak.  Very
seldom a day would go by in which she didn’t eat at least three turds
….. but the end of summer came and Melissa’s mother showed up for
   On the drive home, Melissa was saddened to leave this summer school
(?) and go back home, and it showed in the manner she slumped down in
the seat.
   “Meet very many new friends, dear?” Roberta asked.
   “It was wonderful!” Melissa stated.
   “Would you care to tell me what you did at the school?” Roberta
   At once Melissa stiffened… “I … I … couldn’t tell you.”
   “Oh come on, you can tell me, I’m your mother,” Roberta urged.
   “I just can’t,” Melissa scooted away from her mother.
   “Was it sex?  I used to have sex with girls, so you can tell me all
about it,” Roberta tried to get Melissa to talk about it.
   “Sort of, I guess,” Melissa answered.
   “Well?” Roberta questioned.
   “I just can’t tell you this!” Melissa became silent.
   “Well, sweetheart, I have a secret to tell you …. I sent you up
to that boarding school to transform you into a human toilet … for
me!” Roberta admitted.
   It became very still in the car for a moment …. then… “Mommie,
you didn’t?  Did you?”
   “Yes sweetheart, you have such a pretty mouth, it was made to eat
waste, a mother’s waste!” Roberta knew good and well what had happened
at the school and even knew what a willing slave Melissa had made
because she had talked with the head Mistress.
   “Mommie!  Stop the car!” Melissa grabbed her mother’s arm.
    Why?  What’s wrong?” Roberta looked around.
   “Nothing’s wrong … stop the car … I want to be your toilet
right now!” Melissa urged.
   “Now?  I don’t think I can go now,” Roberta smiled to herself.
   “I can give you a real good, long rim job!” Melissa pleaded.
   Roberta pulled the car over to the shoulder, stopping the car and
the two got out. Down an embankment they scooted until they had found
a boulder which Roberta crawled up on.  Turning her back to her
daughter, she raised her dress and pulled her panties down.  Be a good
girl, give mommie a good rimming!”
   At once, Melissa began rolling her tongue around in her mother’s
dirt hole as she moaned softly.
   “You learned well, sugar,” Roberta exclaimed.
   “Mommie … try and dump in my mouth …. PLEASE!  Squeeze real
hard and push!” Melissa
begged…. “Please mommie!”
   “I do need to shit…but you just wait till we get home … can
your mouth wait that long?” Roberta stood and pulled her panties up.
   “It’ll have to, Mommie … I guess,” Melissa walked back to the
   The car started and they pulled away.
   “Mommie, have you been thinking of me long as your toilet?” Melissa
hugged her mother.
   “About two years, I guess,” Roberta admitted.
   “Mommie, at the school, I had at least three a day … do you …
do you think any of your lady friends would like to use me too?”
Melissa asked.
   “Well, let’s see now,” Roberta thought a moment.  “I do know three
other ladies, but I doubt they would come over every day … maybe on
a weekend they would … would you like that?”
   “Until you get some other ladies lined up for me, weekends are
fine….but remember, when we first get home …. I want to be your
nasty toilet!” Melissa begged.
   “A nice big, fat turd is just waiting for your mouth … and tummy
….. OK?” Roberta smiled at her daughter.
   “Yes, Mommie, a nice, sweet … fat turd waiting for my mouth in
your special oven,” Melissa scooted close to her mother.  “All for my
toilet mouth!”
   “Yes, honey, all for your toilet mouth!” Roberta quivered.

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