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     Lori was very excited, Carol had promised to meet her here at the
air port on this date.  Lori guickly gathered up her three bags and
went hurrying off to the airport lounge. Entering the terminal, she
quicky removed her sun glasses and went scurrying off towards the
lounge. Inside the lounge Lori glanced around and finally spotted
Carol sitting off to herself in a back booth as Carol waved her over.
Instantly Lori hurried over to the booth, dropped her bags and leaned
over to kiss Carol.
     “You seem very excited,” Carol remarked and smiled warmly.
     Lori blushed, “I am, does it show that much?”
     “Are you ready to leave for my place?”
     Again Lori blushed but shook her head yes.
     Carol helped her with the bags and together they left the lounge
and walked across to the parking lot.  Once in the car, Carol took
Lori in her arms and they began to kiss, a long juicy kiss.
     “You taste very nice,” Lori said as they broke apart.
     “It’s my mouthwash you’re tasting.  I only used in a few minutes
before you arrived.”
     The trip from the airport to Carol’s house took about thirty
minutes and Lori twisted about on the seat the whole trip, causing
Carol to laugh, “You must be very glad to see me, you’re twisting all
around like a hurricane.”
     Lori again blushed but laughed with her.
     Once at Carol’s house, they took Lori’s bags inside and Carol
helped Lori unpack, and then she fixed them both a drink.  “From your
letters I gathered that you were spending all of your vacation here
with me, you still have two weeks?”     “Two whole weeks,” Lori responded.
     “And to spend it all in dirty nasty sex, right?”
     Lori turned redder than a beet, but nodded her head.  “I haven’t
thought of much else since I wrote that letter to you.”
     “That’s a good sign, sweetheart, a good sign indeed.  You see, I
never figured you would be coming back over here, so I told my girl
friend about you.  You remember me telling you about me licking the
woman’s anus?  She is the one I told.”
     “You didn’t!” Lori stammered. “What if she shows up here now?”
     “Oh, you can be sure of that.  I told her that I was meeting you
today at the airport.”  Carol looked at her watch, “In fact, she
should be here anytime now.”
     “Oh no…  no!”
     “You love the idea, don’t tell me you don’t.  A filthy girl like
you should love the thought of another woman coming over to use her,
and use you she will.  I already promised her she could use you too.
Stand up and remove your panties now, I want to see just how excited
you are by this news.”
     Lori stood up and tugged her panties down and handed them to
     “Little liar, your panties are soaking wet.  Now tell me, and
tell me the truth, the idea of another woman being here excited you,
didn’t it?”
     Lori hung her head, “Yes!”
     “I thought so just from the way you did it to me last time.”
     The doorbell rang.  Carol looked at her watch, “That must be her
now,” and she got up to answer the door.
        “Hi Carol, did you pick her up yet?”
        “Yes, she’s here right now and we’ve already put away all her
things.  Come on in, I want you to meet her.”
    “Sharon, this is Lori, the girl I was telling you about, and Lori,
this is Sharon.”
    Lori blushed but held her hand out to Sharon.
    “Lori is all excited to meet you, I had her remove her panties and
hand them to me and they were all wet. This was after I told her that
you would be stopping by.”
    “Is that true?” Sharon asked.
    Lori nodded her head yes and dropped her head.
    “Did you ever find another woman in the States that would treat
you this way?” Carol asked as she turned to Lori.  “Obviously you
didn’t or you wouldn’t be here now.”
    “No, I never found one.”
    “So…you have probably been eating your own, huh?”
    Lori’s head jerked up, “How did you know that?”
    “Well, all I did was add up one and one.  When you left here last
time, I had already turned you into a Class A freak.”
    Lori colored.
    Carol got down on her knees beside Sharon, “Lori, get down on your
knees and crawl over here, right up to Sharon.  Take her hands in
yours and look her straight in the eye, don’t you dare drop your head.
Now I want you to tell Sharon why you came over here.”
    Moments passed and then Lori dropped to her knees and began to
knee her way over to
Sharon and took her hands in hers.  Then, looking straight into her
eyes, “I came over here again to … to eat …. to eat Carol’s …..
to eat her …. shit!”
    “There you are, Sharon, you didn’t believe me, but now you’ve
heard it right from her own mouth.”
    “I wouldn’t believe it, it just seems so nasty,” Sharon added.
    “Tell her about what it did to your mouth,” Carol urged Lori.
    “She really browned my mouth, every single day for five days.  She
wouldn’t let me brush my  teeth or rinse my mouth out, she would make
me go to sleep this way.”
    “And you enjoyed this?” Sharon asked increduously.
    “Why don’t we remove our clothes and get ready, I have a spot
that’s just aching for her tongue.  You know where, Lori?”
    They all headed for the bedroom and began removing their clothes.
“Isn’t she pretty, Sharon? I told you she was pretty and you didn’t
believe me.”  Carol crawled up on the bed and lay face down, her rump
arched up high.  Lori slithered up behind her, her face right over
Carol’s ass.  Reaching back, Carol spread the cheeks of her ass.  “Did
you miss this, Lori?”
    “Oh yes, Mistress, I missed it so much.”
    “You may kiss it, just kiss it.  No licking yet, I want to feel
your lips on my asshole before I feel your wet tongue.  Do you
    “Yes, Mistress,” Lori spoke as she lowered her mouth into the
crease of Carol’s ass.
    “Can you see her lips, Sharon?”
    “Yes I can, they’re dancing all over your anus.”
    “It’s not an anus is it, Lori?  Start using your tongue and tell
her what it is.”
    Lori’s tongue snaked out, “This is my Mistress’s shit-hole.”
    “Oh yes, that’s my shit-hole that she is licking and it feels
sooooo beautiful.  Lick it, bitch, lick it like a dog.  Lick my
-shit-hole.  OOOOHHH, that’s feels so fucking good.  Use your tongue
as a cock now, fuck my big stretched out asshole with your long thick
tongue. DEEPER! Deeper, stick all of your tongue up that slippery
hole, right up my poop hole!  YEEEOOWWW!  That feels so fucking good!
My poop chute is in love with your tongue!  I could have you do this
forever, but I suppose I should roll over and let Sharon have her
turn.  You will love this, Sharon, her tongue is much longer than
mine, much longer.”
    Sharon took the same position Carol had been in and spread out the
cheeks of her ass.
    “Doesn’t she have a pretty shit-hole too?”
    “Yes, she does have a pretty asshole,” and sunk her mouth onto the
puckered orifice.
    “Oh yes, Carol, her tongue is lovely, I love it in my asshole.
Stick your tongue in, baby, I want to feel all of that slippery thing.
Oh yes, oooh that’s wonderful.  You weren’t kidding, Carol, she does
have a long tongue.  I may take her home with me.”
     “Oh, no you don’t.  You can’t steal her from me, but I will let
you come over anytime you feel like it.  Lori wants to eat your shit,
right Lori?”
      “That’s enough for now,  maybe later we will get into this a lot
more.  Can you piss now, Sharon?”
      “I think so, are you going to have her drink my piss?”
      “Yes, I think so.  Don’t you think it’s a good idea, Lori?”
      “Yes, I’d love to drink her piss.”  Lori lay on her back and
Sharon squatted over her face.
“Now, give it to her slow, just a mouthful at a time, that way she
will be able to drink it all, she’ll drink all you have.”
      Sharon squirted out the first of her golden stream and it went
right into Lori’s open mouth, which she closed and swallowed it then
reopened her mouth for more.  “This bitch really is an all around
toilet, isn’t she, Carol?  I could get to love this,” and Sharon
squirted out another big mouthful for Lori.
      “Lick up all those drops of her piss, Lori.  Lick her pussy real
      No more had Lori started than Sharon started to yell, “I’m
cuming, I’m cuming.  Oh, the little bitch is making me cum.  OOOHHHH!”
      Sharon rolled over spent, “You have a girl here that is a very
good pussy licker too.  What else does she do?”
      “The nastiest is yet to come, remember what you came over here
for?  Tell me, what time of day do you normally have a bowel
      “I usually go about four o’clock.  It’s getting almost time now,
I can feel it.”
      “You hear that, Lori?  Sharon is already feeling all that shit
she is going to give you.  Does that excite you?”
      “I don’t know if I’ll be able to eat all that.  I mean with what
you are going to give me,” Lori began to get scared.
      “Oh nonsense, we might even make you eat your own too.  Think
that would be nice?”
      “Oh please no, don’t make me do that in front of you ladies,
please Mistress.”
      “You’ll do anything I tell you to do, you hear me?  Don’t be
acting like you don’t enjoy all this humiliation, I know you just love
      “Are you ready, Sharon?  For some nasty things?  Do you really
feel like shitting?”
      “I think I’ll shit a lot more than I’ve ever shit.”
      “Did you hear that, Lori?   Sharon will be able to give you a
big whopper.   Back home, you didn’t have any contents of that bottle
that I gave you here, so you know you can eat a whole lot.  Don’t be
such a coward, you know you want to eat it.  Now Sharon, I want you to
crawl up on that table and I’ll get you a plate.  I want you to shit
right on that plate.  Turn your back to Lori so she can see it coming
out of your asshole.  Push it out nice and slow, make Lori’s mouth
      Sharon turned her back to Lori and began to strain.  Shortly her
asshole began to widen out until Lori could see the blunt end of a
turd.  “Push slow now, real slow.”  Sharon did her best to push it out
slowly.  The first half came out real slow but it gained speed as it
neared the tail end to plop onto the plate.
      “Doesn’t that look good, Lori?  Move your ass back here, Sharon,
so Lori can lick your asshole clean.  That’s it, bitch, lick her
pretty asshole clean.”
      Lori moved around to several different angles to swab Sharon’s
shit from her asshole.  When she finished licking all traces of shit
from the hole, she turned back around to look down at the eight-inch
specimen that had dropped on the plate.
     “Go get Lori a fork and knife, Sharon.  I’m going to have her eat
it right off the plate.”
     “Sharon and I will sit on this side of the table and watch your
face.  Sharon, you will see pure bliss.  Go ahead, shit-eater, you may
    Lori looked down at the brown mess on the plate and set her knife
and fork into it and began to saw through the mushy stuff.  When she
had sliced through the woman’s waste, she took the fork and raised it
to her mouth, her eyes catching both Sharon’s and Carol’s. She popped
the dirt into her mouth and began to chew it.
    “That is the filthiest thing I ever saw!  It defies logic, but I
don’t care, I want to watch her eat all my shit!”
    “Eat shit, Lori, eat her stinking shit!  Rub your nose along it,
does it smell good? Of course it does.  How about the taste, do you
like the taste of her shit?”
    “Yes Mistress, I love the taste of her shit.  It has been so long
now since I have eaten another woman’s shit.”
    “Tell *me* that,” said Sharon.  “Don’t tell your Mistress.  Tell
*me* you love the taste of my shit.”
    “Sharon, I love the nasty taste of your shit!”
    “She must, see how she is smacking her lips?  My little
shit-eating slut/whore, what a nasty slut you are.  Open your mouth
now, show us the inside of your mouth.”
    “Oh fuck, it’s all brown.  I can hardly see a pink spot in there
at all.  Get more, more!”
    “She likes for me to talk really dirty to her.  Use her, talk real
nasty to her, she loves it.  Do it, Sharon, use her like I have been.”
    “I can’t believe this, this has to be the filthiest thing I have
ever seen.  Eat my shit, whore, eat all of it.  Don’t stop until it’s
all gone.  This is unbelievable.  I just can’t believe that this
pretty girl is sitting here eating my shit … my poop…. my crap …
my dirt … my waste … my turd.  I’m going to cum just watching
    Lori sat the knife and fork down and picked up the plate and began
licking it.
    “Look at her now, she’s licking that plate that I shit on, trying
to get all that shit off it. What a demented little girl you have
here.  If you let her slip through your fingers this time, you deserve
to have your ass kicked.”
    Lori sat the plate down and smiled at them, “May I have some
    “See what I mean?”  Carol spoke out, “She never gets enough.  I’ll
give you some later.  I have a new idea to try out on you. Think you
can wait?”
    “I guess I’ll have to, it’s not 6:00 yet.  Can’t you squeeze out
some for me now?  Please Mistress.    Don’t make me wait.”
    “Well little girl, you will just have to wait.  I have a surprise
for you, something different this time.”
    “Can’t you give me something of a hint?”
    “It’s only about an hour now, you little shit-eater.  Sometimes I
think you love my shit more than you love me, so I’m going to make you

                                 AN HOUR IATER

   “Alright now, Lori, I think it’s time to start.  Go into the
bathroom, there is a clear plastic hose laying on the back of the
toilet, it’s about 4 feet long.  Go get it.  I am going to have you
give me a piss enema.  Think you will like that?”
   Lori trotted off into the bathroom and retrieved the clear hose.
“Now Lori, take that bowl over there and set it right beneath my pussy
and I’ll piss in it.  That’s it, here it comes.  Oooh, that feels good
to take a piss, I wish it were your mouth instead of this bowl, but I
have another idea for that piss.  There now, take that funnel over
there and put it in the end of that hose.   That’s it.  The other end
of that hose I want you to put in my asshole, about three inches deep,
oooh that’s it. Now hold the hose up and pour my piss into the funnel.
I can feel it entering my rectum now.  You’ll have to pour slowly
because my rectum is all full of shit.”
    “That’s it, is it going in real slow?”
    “Yes, but it’s going in,” Lori poured the last of Carol’s piss in.

    “Do you know what to do now?  Yes, that’s it, I want you to take
the other end of that hose, put it in your mouth and start sucking.
Suck all that piss and shit mixture out of my ass.  Put the hose down
so you won’t have to suck so hard.  That’s it, now start sucking.”
    Lori lowered the hose down to the bed covers and began sucking.
    “Here it comes now, I can see that dirty mixture.  Can you see
    Lori nodded her head but continued to suck.  The foul mixture
crawled up the tube, getting closer and closer to Lori’s mouth.
Finally she was able to suck some into her mouth and took her mouth
away to chew.  “It’s much softer now and I can taste the piss too.”
    “Of course it is much softer now and all gooey, just keep sucking,
get all that nasty stuff out of my ass.”
    It took Lori a full thirty minutes to suck Carol’s ass empty and
to suck all the shit and piss mixture out of the hose.  When Lori had
sucked the hose empty, she pulled the it out and began to suck on
Carol’s asshole.
    “See what I mean, she still wants more.”
    Pushing Lori aside, Carol rolled off the bed.  “She gave my
asshole a real good sucking.  Now it’s time for you two girls to give
me a fist-fucking in my ass.”
    “Two girls?” Lori asked.
    “Yes, two girls, both at the same time,” Carol smiled at Lori.
    “I don’t believe that is possible,” Lori remarked.
    “Haven’t you heard of a woman taking two hands in her ass? It’s
possible you know.  First I want Sharon to insert her hand, then it
will be your turn.”  Carol again laid back down on the bed, on her
stomach and she spread her buttocks wide apart with both hands.
Sharon took a tube of jell and began to smear it all around on Carol’s
asshole and then pushed some inside.  Laying the tube of jell to the
side, Sharon started to work her fingers into Carol’s asshole.  Slowly
her fingers disappeared and then her whole hand worked in.  Waiting a
moment, Sharon began to work her hand in deeper.  Deeper and deeper
her hand worked until she had pushed her entire arm in up to her
    “All right, Carol, it’s Lori’s turn.  How does my arm feel up your
    “It feels beautiful.  But help Lori, she doesn’t have much
experience at fisting a lady in the ass.  Help her, tell her when to
add another finger.”
    “This is impossible,” Lori gasped, “you already have your asshole
stretched out probably 3 inches as it is.”
    “There’s more room.  Ask Sharon, she already has stretched my
asshole out to almost five inches.  I want to feel more!”
    “This will kill you,”  Lori pleaded as she inserted one finger.
    “She’ll tell you when she has had enough,” as Lori inserted her
second finger.
    “This is really wild, isn’t it, Sharon?” and Lori pushed her third
finger inside.
    “I have made a cavern in her ass before.  Now push your little
finger in.”
    Lori pushed her little finger in, stretching Carol’s asshole out
to an enormous four inch anal opening.
    “Now comes the tricky part, getting your whole hand in,” Sharon
    “That’s impossible!  No asshole is going to stretch that much.”
    “That’s what I thought the first time I ever shoved my two hands
in her ass.  I felt it was impossible, but just work your four fingers
back and forth and each time press your hand in deeper.”
    Lori started working her fingers back and forth, each time going a
little deeper.  And sure enough, Sharon was right, each time she
pushed her hand forward, it went a fraction of an inch deeper until
she was working her knuckles up into Carol’s asshole. Finally her hand
slid on into Carol’s ass.
    “Yeeeeeeccckkk!” Carol yelled.
    “See, I told you it would hurt.  Let me take my hand out,” Lori
    “No, no!  I want it.  It doesn’t hurt real bad now, in a few
minutes that pain will go away, so please drive on in.”
    “You don’t expect me to go in as far as Sharon is, do you?” Lori
was flabbergasted.
    “I want you to try!”
    “It can’t be done, that would be around six inches wide.  There’s
no way your asshole could stretch that much.”
       “She’s right you know,” Sharon remarked.  “There is no way your
asshole could go that wide.”
       “Just try, that is all I ask.  Go as far as you can go.”
       “You heard her, go on in.  Stretch that asshole out wider,”
Sharon encouraged.
       Finally Carol begged Lori to stop, she had pushed her arm in
halfway to her elbow. Sharon’s arm was buried to her elbow and Carol
had to beg her to stop.
       “I told you you couldn’t do that,” Lori said.  “That is just
too much for an asshole to take.  Your asshole is stretched now like a
great big hole in the ground.”
       “Sharon, pull your hand back to Lori’s, link your fingers
together and give me a good fisting now, go at least nine inches up my
ass.  I know I can take that much in that deep.”
       Sharon pulled her hand back until she found Lori’s and they
linked their fingers together and pushed on in deeper.  They would
pull their hands back together until only the hands were buried and
then they would push back in together.  After a half hour of this,
they were burying their hands to a deapth of eleven inches. But
finally Carol had to beg off, claiming her asshole had started to get
sore.  First Lori pulled her hand out and then Sharon.  Both were
covered with streaks of brown shit which Carol had Lori lick off.
After Lori had finished this chore, Carol told her she was going to
work on her asshole.  “You did say you wanted me to work on your
asshole some, so now’s your chance. Roll over on your tummy.”
       Carol got out a flexible dildo, about eight inches long and an
inch thick.  “Think you can handle this? You are going to find out
what you’ve been missing all these years, so roll over shit-eater,
it’s time to give you another thrill.”
       Lori rolled over and spread the cheeks of her ass.  Carol
smeared the same jell all over Lori’s asshole and then set the head of
the dildo into Lori’s asshole and began to push.  Within seconds,
Carol had buried the dildo in Lori’s ass and began to work it back and
forth.  Within a few minutes, Lori was beginning to raise her ass to
meet the strokes of the dildo in Carol’s hand.
       “Look at the little bitch, she’s raising her ass to meet your
dildo.  Maybe you’d better use a bigger one.”
       Carol pulled out the smaller one and started to insert an even
bigger dildo up Lori’s ass.  This one was 1/2 inch thicker and Lori’s
asshole accepted this with little problem at all.  Within fifteen
minutes Lori began to beg for Carol to pull it out, she was starting
to get sore.  Carol pulled the dildo out, then inserted a two inch
butt plug. “You’ll wear that butt plug all night, we’ll really loosen
up your asshole this way.  Maybe by the time you leave here your
asshole will take a fist.”
       “Aren’t you going to keep her here with you?” Sharon asked.
“You’re a fool if you don’t.  Maybe she wants to stay with you.  Why
don’t you ask her?”
       “Lori dear, would you like to just stay with me?” Carol asked.
       “It would be fun, but I don’t know.”
       “Well, you have been looking for another woman back in the
States, why not just stay here with me?  I’m sure I can get you a job
here with me.  So what do you say?”
       “I’m sure I can find all kinds of other women for you, ones
that will let you eat their waste.  You see, Lori, about 10% of
lesbians get into oral/anal sex, but only about one in a million have
your desire, so you are very special.  Just think about what I could
do for you and how many other lesbians you could use.  Just think
about it.  Isn’t that exciting to think about?  So how about it?
Would you like to stay right here with me?”
       “OK, on two conditions.  At no time will you make me eat more
than two turds in one day, and two, let me go home to arrange a few
things first.”
       “Sounds resonable to me, agreed then.  Oh, we are going to have
such a good life together.   I’ll start checking around for you, to
find other lesbians that would like to use a pretty shit-eater.”

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