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Posted by pussy shit under Scat stories

     I got a whole lot of money for my 14th birthday so, like most
other teenage girls, I went to the mall the next day to spend some of
it.  While shopping, I wandered into a section of the mall that was
being remodeled and there weren’t many people around.  I started
toward a bathroom at the end of a deserted hallway when I saw a cute
young girl wandering around like she was lost.  She asked me if I knew
where a bathroom was so I told her to go with me.  She was a real doll
– long blonde hair and big blue eyes and I could tell that she had a
nice slim body, even though she was wearing some baggy sweat clothes.
When we got there, she quickly ran to a stall and slid her pants down
and sat on the john.  I had lost the urge to go myself, but I told her
I’d wait until she finished. 
    As I stood by the sink adjusting my clothes, the sound of her pee
hitting the water turned me on for some reason – it was so intimate,
being alone with a cute girl and hearing her urine.  As she came out
of the stall, I was tucking in my blouse and a bra strap broke,
letting one of my tits tumble out of the bra.  I have very big titties
for a 14 year old – 36D – and I muttered as I pulled my blouse out
again to reach underneath and tried to stuff my tit back in.  She
offered to help and reached underneath my blouse to assist me.  Her
small hand felt so good as she cupped my titty and we both giggled as
we tried to stuff it back in the bra.  Suddenly, we stopped stuffing
and she started caressing my tit with both hands.  My arms dropped to
my side and I started breathing heavy as she fondled my tit and ran
her fingers over my hard nipple.
    “It’s so big and soft,” she whispered.  “It feels so good!” My
eyes closed as she kept fondling me and suddenly she put one hand
under my bra and started squeezing the other tit.  We both started to
moan as she played with both tits eagerly, rubbing, squeezing and
pinching my nipples.  Soon, my blouse and bra were pushed up under my
neck and my naked tits were exposed.  She slowly brought her face
close to a tit and I jerked in excitement when I felt her warm mouth
circling a nipple.  She sucked at it hungrily and I pressed her face
against my titty with both hands.  She started sucking wildly, making
loud slurping sounds.  I finally pulled her free and her mouth made a
loud popping sound as she released my tit.
    She blushed as she looked up in my eyes, afraid that I might be
mad at her, but I told her “I wanna see your titties too!” in a husky
voice.  She laughed and said she didn’t have any because she was only
11, but she pulled her sweater off and dropped it on the floor.  She
was slim and so sweet looking, standing there with her shoulders back,
arching her flat chest out.  She was right about not having any tits –
not even bumps, but she had really big nipples and they were rock
hard.  I leaned over and sucked one between my lips, teasing it with
my teeth and tongue.
    I had played around with some of my girlfricnds before – licking
tits and even some fingering, but I never thought that a little girl
could turn me on so much.  My tits were wet with her slobber
and she started playing with them again as I sucked her nipples.  She
urged me to suck them harder and bite them, so I started chewing on
them passionately.  This turned her on even more and she started
moaning loudly.  She finally pushed me away and pulled me back to a
stall.  I sat down on the john and, knowing now what she wanted, I
spread my legs wide.
    She whimpered and knelt between my legs, pushing my dress up to my
waist.  I slid out of my blouse and bra as she gazed at my wet,
panty-covered crotch.  She lunged forward and buried her pretty face
in my crotch, sucking at the wetness in my pink panties.  I could feel
her lips and tongue all over my pussy as she lapped wildly at my
panties.  I finally had to force her head back so I could pull down my
panties and, as soon as I got them all the way off, she grabbed them
and started rubbing them all over her face and mouth.  I stood and
pulled down my skirt and then kicked off my shoes and sat back down. 
    I was totally naked in a mall bathroom and I was so turned on I
started to cream.  I squeezed a titty with one hand and fingered my
sloshy cunt with the other as I watched the young girl suck on my
panty crotch.  The panties fell out of her mouth and she literally
started drooling as she gazed at my hot wet cunt.  With one hand on
each thigh, she parted my legs wide and buried her face in my twat.
She really went wild then.  The sweet thing was starved for cunt and
she started licking, sucking and chewing as if she was actually eating
me.  She put her nose in my pussy and rubbed her face all around my
crotch and then started licking me wildly.  She opened her mouth as
wide as possible and sucked the slimy cream from my twat.  I started
coming and couldn’t stop as the little girl devoured my cunt.  She
didn’t slow down until I had had three
fantastic orgasms and I had to force her face away from me.
    My cunt was raw and red and my puffy lips hung down about 2
inches, she had sucked on them so hard and so much.  I was still hot,
though, and I pulled her to her feet and leaned forward to loosen the
tie on her sweat pants.  They fell to her ankles and she stepped out
of them.  No panties!  I couldn’t believe what a naughty little slut
this pretty girl was!  Her pussy looked like it was alive – all puffed
up – it looked just like a peach.  Not a hair on it and long slimy
strings of pussy goo hung from the tight little slit.  She spread her
legs and reached between them with  one hand, scooping up a palmful of
that sloppy cream and I watched in amazement as she rubbed the stuff
over her mouth and slurped it up. Damn, she was hot!
    I pulled her to me and started to suck that delicious pussy-peach.
Ohh, it was soooo good! Her cream was thick and sweet and I could even
taste some of her piss, which turned me on even  more. Her puffy
little pussy creamed a mouthful and I sucked it in and swallowed it
eagerly. Then she leaned forward and started to kiss me hungrily,
sucking up the taste of her own pussy.  As her tongue invaded my
mouth, her fingers invaded my sloppy cunt so I slid a finger deep into
her pussy too.  She was so tight and hot!  I loved it!
    We both started getting wild then – our tongues were all over each
other’s faces while our fingers burrowed deep inside the other’s body.
At intervals, we would take our fingers out and suck on them to get
more pussy flavor for our hot kisses.  We were both creaming almost
continually and our hands and thighs were covered with hot sticky
juice.  Finally, she pulled me to my feet and out of the stall.  Her
face was on the level of my tits and she started to suck on them again
as her hands squeezed my ass cheeks.  She licked all over my titties
and even up into my armpits.  She was giving me a tongue bath!  I felt
one of her fingers slide up into my asshole.
It went in easily because we were both covered with pussy juice and
spit from waist to knees.
We were both totally out of it by now and I started screaming at her
while she mauled my tits and fucked my ass with three fingers.
“That’s it bitch, bite my tits – clew them up and swallow them!
Finger my shitty ass and feel my hot turds!  Ram your whole hand up my
ass and bite off my nipples and eat them!  I was out of my mind with
lust and so was she.
    We finally fell to the floor and squirmed around into a 69 with
her on bottom. We sealed our mouths to our cunts and sucked wildly.
Juice was flowing freely from our hot pussies down our throats.  She
started fingering my ass again – this time using two fingers from each
hand, stretching my asshole wide open, and I slid a finger into her
little asshole too.  She groaned and moved slightly and I felt her
hungry mouth on my asshole.  Nobody had ever licked my ass before and
it sure felt good!  I moved down and started to tongue-fuck her tiny
ass and it tasted as good as her pussy!  We squirmed around on the
bathroom floor, mouthing each other’s asshole.  We spit into each
other’s ass and sucked it back out, swallowing some of the thick brown
juice and letting the rest drool over our pussies and faces.
    She suddenly began sucking real hard on my asshole like she was
trying to suck my guts out and I suddenly felt like I had to shit.  Oh
no, I thought, she can’t want that!  But she did.  I could feel my
asshole open wide and a large turd started to ooze out.  Her mouth was
right there and I felt her lips circling my shit hole.  Her whole body
started to tremble and jerk violently.  This is
her big one, I thought, so I sucked her pussy into my mouth and bit
down hard, chewing on her fat, hairless pussy as I sucked out the
cream in big gobs.  I squeezed four fingers together and rammed them
up her ass and she shuddered as she ate my shit.  I could hear her
chewing and swallowing and the thought that she was eating my shit put
me over the edge for the final come.
Hot juice was literally squirting out of our cunts as we both reached
our final comes.
    I must have passed out briefly, because when I opened my eyes, I
had rolled off of her.  She was still lying on her back with her arms
stretched out and breathing heavily.  Her eyes were closed and her
cute little face was covered in smears of cunt slime and shit.  Almost
too weak to move, I slowly wiggled over to her side and cradled her
head under my arm.  She slowly opened her eyes and looked up at me.
She started to cry softly and said how sorry she was that she did what
she did and that I must hate her for being so nasty.  I told her that
she was silly to
talk like that, that I loved everything she did to me, and that next
time we got together I wanted to eat her shit too.  To show her I
meant it, I kissed her shit-coated lips and began to lick my own shit
from her mouth.  She sighed and threw her arms around me and held me
     We cuddled and kissed for a long time but then we finally got up
and started to clean each other, using paper towels.  We dressed
reluctantly and left the room hand in hand.  I asked her if she would
meet me here again and she smiled so brightly that my heart melted.
We kissed again for a long time.  At the end of the hallway, I stopped
her and peeked around the corner.  There wasn’t anyone nearby, so I
knelt down, pulled her pants down quickly, turned her around and stuck
my tongue in her ass for a goodbye kiss.  She moaned again as she
pulled her tiny ass apart.  On a sudden inspiration, I asked her to
piss and I covered her tiny cunt with my mouth.  She pissed a nice
long stream into my thirsty mouth and I swallowed it all.  I licked
the drops from her sweet pussy and she turned around and kissed me so
she could taste her own piss.  I hated to see her pull her pants back
up but we had to part since it was late.  We agreed to meet again the
next day and exchanged phone numbers.
    While I was lying in bed that night, reliving my fun and fingering
my twat, the phone rang.  “Hi Susie, this is Barbi.  I was just lying
here thinking about you and all the fun we had today.  I’m totally
naked and I’ve got a clothespin on each nipple and a banana up my
bottom.  I’m going to eat it later.  Anyway, I told my mommy all about
you and what we did together and she’s really anxious to meet you.
She wanted to know if you could come over to our house tomorrow so she
could join in.  Oh, and she asked me to tell you to please not use the
the toilet before you get here!”

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