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Posted by pussy shit under Scat stories

     ShitSlut HOME ALONE!

     I look the slut.
     I am T H E slut.
     A FuckPiece.
     Even in jeans and top.
     In the full-mirrored wall I see the reflection of a HornSlut
– dressed to entice, excite.
     The sexy-pretty face is slutty, the bleached-blonde frizzy
hair is slutty.
     The mouth pouts – ‘you can cum in here..’

     But Suzie, in jeans and top you ask? (Those who know me!)
     Yes, but these are the snuggest, hipsterest,
washedout-thinnest, sexiest Levi’s you ever saw; dipping every
crease; invading every crevice. And the top is a belly-baring
crop-top – in clingy, shiny-white lycra, low-cleaved with tits
bursting beneath.
     The jeans and top did their work today, around town.
     I snake my hands over flagrant tit, down over taut, bared,
tanned belly to the belt of the Levi’s.
     Thumbs hook the belt; a slut-stance – crotch and tits thrust
out, admiring my body, shown off to perfection.
     The crotch seam cleaves my cunt.
     Her pouty-firm, folds are spliced by stroked-thin fabric.
     Twin bulgy mounds split by the crotch-seam.
     Two mini-mountain ranges – flanking deep river gorge…
     I grasp the belt, pull upward, loving the way it feels, the
way it looks; that denim biting savage at my cunt.
     A cunt that’s now hungry-juicing for cock after my
exhibitionist flaunt around town. But not tonight; not with Mick,
my horny husband and Lover hundreds of miles away.
     I pirouette.
     No wonder they can’t resist a grope when I wear these
jeans, as I push through the shopping malls and wait in the
queues! And little wonder they risk being slotted by their
partners in turning to gawp at this tight, high-jutty ass,
straining to split these age-old faithfulls!
     An ass for groping, for kissing, for sucking.
     An ass that begs
     ‘come-feel-me’ and
     Fuck yessss! Under!
     Grope my cunt…’

     Shit! Flaunting has made me so horny!
     And the top – a favourite for everyday-wear – not indecently
exhibitionist like my disco stuff. Just almost. They’re indecent
tits anyway – for my size. (I’ve always wondered if the best way
to get big tits is to have them groped daily from puberty onwards
– that’s what mine have had. Always the hornslut – dragged daily
into the boy’s toilets at school, with eager little sweaty hands
pawing, feeling, groping. Groping sprouty girl-tit under my
blouse; groping my cunt up the shortest possible uniform skirt.
I’ve always been THAT girl, the one you remember – the one who
loved to show her panties in the school yard!)

     [ I digress … that’s another story! ]
     I’ve said the top is ‘clingy’and it is perhaps a little too
sheer for everyday wear – teats showing a bit too much though the
fabric – big browny circles through gleaming white, centred by
ever-hard nips.

    Sorry, I’m keeping you folks back – getting all big-
     Sorry? Why should I be sorry? The story’s called ‘Home
Alone’ so you must want to know what I do – how I feel – when I
     Well – fuck – am I horny tonight!

     I grip the belt – back and front, and saw that tight
jeans-crotch to and fro – into my cunt.
     No Mick – no cock. So I’ll sexy-up and watch a video!
     But first, a little degeneracy to take the edge of my
     Madonna (my heroine) CD into the player. Sexy tongue-flick
over pouty lips. The slut spreads her thighs.
     The fingers of my right hand smooth lovingly over my denim’d
cunt. Heat – damp heat.
     A ready-for-cock furnace burns there. One trying to put
itself out – with slickness and wet.
     And about to get much wetter…
     Madonna beats on. I fuck-dance with my reflection.
     My hands slide over my tits, pulling and rolling the mini-
erections through the shiny-white lycra.
     I AM Madonna, on stage … with a thousand horny men…
     wanting … watching … waiting … for me…
     An ocean of rutting man-flesh, seething with lust. An army
of cock standing to attention in sexy underwear – I feel it –
feel the heaviness of their fused passion – for me.
     I imagine the smell of those cocks…
     Thousands of rutting men! Thousands of horny cocks,
drooling, begging ME for their release!
     Oh if I could feel them all at once! If I could have all
those men clustered around me, groping, pawing, fucking.
     And me, the centre-core FuckPiece of their savage lust!
     They want my horny cunt, my made-for-cocksucking mouth, my
asshole, my hands.

     My voice is hoarse – and coarse with lust. I spit words at
the mirror – at … ‘my men’…

     ‘Look at me, you fucking horny bastards! You want this? You
want my cunt? Can you see it sucking on my jeans?
     My hot, juicing cunt – a cock-hungry cunt…
     Like to hear me say that don’t you…
     My cunt … cunt … cunt…
     Watch the horny bitch wank for you! Like to see her writhe?
Like to watch her out of control, pulling her own tits; fucking
the air?’

     I squeeze the crop-top off my tits and over my head.
     And stand – tit-proud.
     Strutty-jutty tits. Arrogant tits. Exhibitionist tits.
     My body writhes in the hipster jeans; thrusting, jerking in
my oft-practised slut-dance – the dance of the HornSlut…
     I growl ‘Now see me!’, hands squeezing, clawing at my tits.
I grasp the teats, pull them until the pain is too much…
     and dirty-talk my men…

     ‘Watch me grope my own tits you horny wankers! Like to do
that while you fuck me? With your big, hard-proud cocks thrusting
up my hot cunt … or would you like to tit-fuck me, to fuck your
lovely smelly cocks between these tits until your slime shoots
me in the face and mouth?
     What would you like to see me do? Lie on the ground at your
feet while you wank over me? Make me crawl around, sucking the
juice off your cocks one by one, letting them drool afresh, then
sucking them off again?
     Or would you turn around and give the slut your assholes to
     And when you’ve fucked me till you can fuck no more, what
would you do to me then? Stand around me as I lie on the floor,
still untamed and piss on me. Would you laugh as you did it – or
would it turn you on, because it would turn ME on to have you
piss on me. My hands would churn my spunk-spewing cunt, pull my
spunk-slicked tits and I’d cum off pleading for your piss.
     And then, when I was ready to cum for the final time, the
last buzz of the night would be to have you stand or squat over
me and shit all over my body until I was a slimy mess of man-shit
and I had handfuls of the stuff to wipe over my tits, my belly,
my face – and more to feed my hungry cunt with.
     Cock for the meat course – shit for the next.
     And then, the finale, as I jerk off my clit, I’d shit myself
too, and piss myself – shitting, pissing and cumming …
     Writhing on the floor in the mess, I’d have the final laugh,
the final disgusting, lovely pleasure…
     For now though, for the Madonna-like slut dancing on stage
– would you like to see her piss her jeans? Would that be fun?
Like to watch a horny slut piss her jeans – like to watch
the girlpiss soak into the crotch and down my thighs?’
     I pause, panting – the belt pulled up, hard.
     I stare, glassy-eyed at my reflection.

     ‘Well watch me, you horny, lovely bastards!
     Watch me piss my jeans…’

     Dark wetness blooms at the jeans crotch … I moan.
     My fingers frig, prod at the dark hot-wet patch.
     I loose some more…

     ‘I luvv pissing for men’, I murmur, ‘pissing my jeans while
men watch. If only Mick were here to see his horny bitch. Mick
in his favourite gleaming-white lycra shorts, sticking with
hard-jutty cock …  all horny for Suzie’s cunt…
     I’d kneel in front of him and watch as he pissed them, he’d
pull my face into that lovely hard, squirting bulge, I’d wipe
my face over the hot wetness, my tongue licking wildly, my lips
gently sucking, tasting … sniffing the gorgeous smell of horny
cock through wet lycra.
     Then he’d lie on the carpet on his front, telling me to
squat over his ass. I’d rub my bared cunt on his hard, white-
lycra’d ass and piss on it, spreading the wetness around with my
natural brush until the lycra was soaked – and see-thru.
     ‘Do it Mick,’ I’d whisper, almost ready to cum, my breathing
ragged, tits heaving, humping my cunt on those lovely hard
     ‘Do it … Mick. Please. Shit. Shit your fucking sexy shorts
for me…’
     And the sight, the sound of him doing it would send me over
the edge. The soft, ‘plup plup’ farting, watching the soft shit
squeeze out, filling the crack of his beautiful ass and
spreading, squashing under the pressure of my burning cunt.
     I’d lie on him then, writhing, squashing my tits on his
back, my cunt on the softness … as I came…
     Then roll on my back beside him as he hooked the waistband
of his shorts under those lovely, ugly balls of his and shoved
his mammoth up my hot n’ horny cunt, fucking me with those long,
deep strokes as he whispered how much he loved his dirty slut-
     And as he brought me towards the next cum, my hands would
stroke his ass, feeling the lovely mess in there, slicking it
… then delving down the tight shorts to find his shit and to
stroke it up over his back, over his neck, onto my face where his
greedy tongue would lick, then probe my mouth as he fucked me all
the way to a stinkingly orgiastic heaven.
     But he’s not here.
     I’m HomeAlone, horned-out remembering such things…
     Remembering, not fantasising…
     I squat on the carpet in front of the mirror – thighs
spread. I put my hands on the floor behind me and raise my ass
up off the floor, staring at my jeans’ crotch…
     I piss some more, watching the darkness bloom from the
crotch and soak down under to my ass. It feels lovely.
     Hot, lovely, and dirty.
     I stand and turn, look again in the mirror. My ass is soaked
from the fork up the cheeks. I suddenly want to shit in my jeans,
to feel the warm shit pressing into the tightness. To see my
tight jeans bulging with filthy shit, and frig off on the sight
.. the feel…
     But no – too many pairs of jeans have gone that way…
     My feverish hands unbuckle the belt of the Levi’s, peeling
them down I kick them away and slip on scanty, shiny-white satin
panties. They feel fresh, snugged into my horny cunt. At back
they dip, crinkle gently in the crease.
     With hips gently fucking, I slide my index down; and slick
the fabric into the crease of my cunt. A trickle of piss
dribbles, soaking deliciously into the sexy fabric. I groan and
turn my back to the mirror…
     I’m about to explode … my finger eases its movement, to
save my cum until after…
     The sound of me shitting and pissing the sexy panties is as
good as the feel of it, as good as the sight of the turd pressing
through the shiny-sexy fabric.
     Softer mess follows, filling the crack, seeping its way up
and down, bulging the whisper-thin white satin. I feel it through
the satin, mmmmm – so warm and soft. Dreamily – in a world of my
own – I slide my hand down the back of my panties and scoop the
shit into my hand…
     I look at myself in that mirror. I see the ShitSlut standing
in pissed-in panties. Panting, I wipe my shit over my tits,
streak it down my belly and over the white silky panties. I hook
the crotch of the panties aside and sink two shitty fingers into
my cunt, pulling them out again to wipe my juices and my shit
around my lips. Now I taste horny cunt – and shit, and smell it

     The slut in the mirror has pissed her panties.
     The slut in the mirror has shit her panties.
     And her tits and belly streaked with her own shit.

     The slut in the mirror has two jerking fingers of her right
hand two-knuckle deep in her cunt – while the fingers of her left
abuse her filthy tits.
     And standing – rocking lightly to and fro – she watches
herself as she cums off, mouth gaping in a silent scream of
perverted, dirty, wicked, lust.

     Thirty minutes later, showered and changed, a new me emerges
from the bedroom and returns to the mirror.
     In new Lycra work-out gear.
     Gleaming-white, hipster, wet-look lycra shorts snug
beautifully to perfect ass and cunt.
     Matching top hides nothing except the colour of my flesh;
its fabric so sheer, its fit so snug.
     ‘Well Slut, what’s it to be?’ I ask the reflection. ‘A few
stiff Bacardi’s and a favourite S/M scat/piss video to get the
lonely tart to sleep on a cockless night?’
     My fingers circle protruding teat through stretched lycra,
squeeze hard, relishing the stabbing shoot of sensation. I grip
the top and pull it over my head. Tits flounce, bounce, and
regain – proud and jutting. I run my hands over them loving the
feel – I love loving my own tits.
     And I’m going to love tonight…
     Lying on my front, on the sheepskin rug in front of the TV,
the mirror-wall at my side, I shuffle and get comfy.
     I look at the mirror; clench my ass, watching it pop under
the sheer-white lycra sheen. The guys at the gym are going to
love me in these next time I go (if they last the night out,
which I doubt)!
     I squirm cunty into the rug, enjoying the warmth, the wet
already slicking-up the tight crotch of the sexy shorts.
     ‘Right Suz, make it last – finger-play forbidden.’
     Nevertheless I reach under and bunch the rug under me – a
comforter for cuntie to squirm on.
     I flick the remote – two masochistic women are about to
submit to a sadistic black stud…

     (so hold onto your cocks, horny readers! And squeeze gently,
because Suzie is about to take you to join them!)
     The camera pans over a Negro’s tall, powerful stature. I
wonder again how they managed to get such a perfect sample of
black stud to perform for such a specialised film.
     Gleaming-black, oiled skin; powerful chest and arms; flat
muscled stomach; thick thighs, muscled buns … the stuff horny
dreams are made of. Hair, long and jet-black tied in a pony tail
to below his shoulders.
     A white latex pouch hangs from his loins – heavy with
promise. Black, studded leather boots reach over his knees. His
teats are pierced by three-inch diameter gold rings.

     Pan around the film set – a long, low chamber, apparently
underground, ten metres long by three wide.

     Two naked women in their late twenties; one bleached-blonde,
the other dark, both very sexy lookers. Undoubtably the size of
their tits was a factor in their recruitment, for both have
unnaturally-large tits decorated with silver teat-rings. The
tanned skin of both gleams with oil.

     The camera pans the chamber, especially showing a rail at
shoulder height that runs down both sides of it. Then it pans
back to show the Negro standing behind the two women who are
leaning over a table – the centrepiece of the dungeon. He slides
his latex pouch on the oiled ass-cheeks of the blonde, while his
right hand strokes the brunette’s, slides deeper, between her
parted thighs.
     Suddenly he grasps the wrists of the blonde and ties them
tightly behind her back, repeating the procedure on the brunette.
Neither offer resistance. The contrary; their tits rise and fall
– betraying their excitement.
     They are led to opposite sides of the narrow chamber and
made to stand under the rails, facing each other. He secures them
to the rails, pulling the trailing ends of their wrist-thongs
high, up to the rail, and securing them to it.
     Their arms are stretched up and out behind them, the strain
forcing their heads and torsos downward.
     Except that they force their heads up, against the strain,
to watch what is happening to them. The Negro stands between
them, reaching out to both, mauling the massive, down-swinging

     I freeze on a rear view of him, drinking every delicious
curve of the bare and muscled ass, split by a strip of white
latex. I freeze again on a close-up of the blonde’s glistening
cunt. An aroused cunt – puffy-swollen, and glistening. I lick my
lips, wishing I was licking the lips of that honeydew core – or
sucking the asshole hidden in the crack of that black stud’s
     The Negro has a black thong in his hands. He ties one end
of it to the blonde’s left teat-ring. The other end he ties to
the right teat-ring of the brunette. He repeats the operation
using the second thong.
     The women are tied together by their tits, the thong hanging
between their straining bodies.
     Gorgeous-ass pushes down on the middle of the hanging thong,
pulling the tits out – toward each other.
     Close up now, on the face of the blonde; a face exhibiting
pure lust. Her mouth hangs open; she breathes raggedly; showing
her wilful submission to the depraved act.

     I imagine the women’s feelings and sway my body, rubbing my
tits on the rug. I squeeze on the rug, feeling the seam of the
lycra shorts bite my cunt.

     I’m there.
     It’s me being filmed, having my tits pulled for the benefit
of horny porn-flick wankers; and for the benefit of the evil
black stud.

     The two women are lifting their heads, watching their captor
who holds small lead weights with metal clips. They watch him
clip the weights to the centre of the thong connecting the
womens’ tits.
     Then he drops the weights.
     The womens’ tits are jerked outward, yanked savagely
downward – misshapen – stretched and strained.
     More weights.
     The camera again records the womens’ faces as they watch the
savage cruelty – they watch as their tits are pulled further and
further until they are stretched in an obscene way.
     Movement causes the weights to swing – more pulling,
more pain.

     I’m there.
     Suzie is there in mind…
     I’m one of those women – in that sex-torture basement…
     Me relishing the sadistic treatment,
     Me feeding the lust of the beautiful black stud,
     Me being filmed, naked and panting,
     Me getting my tits pulled off,    
     Me feeling those big black hands mauling my tits,
     Me with that bulging latex pouch almost within my reach.
     I wish … I pant, I juice – with longing.  
     Orgasm rips – tears me apart.
     I throw myself on my back, forgetting that promise – rubbing
and groping mercilessly at bared tit – at lycra’d cunt.
     Exploding crescendo – tidal-wave of lust…
     I rise, unsteadily, and look at the mirror. My cunt is
aflame, alive – spawning richness into the crotch of my shorts…
     My fingers stroke…
     I wish I’d been fucked and had spunk in there to feel.
     I pull the waistband of the shorts away from my hips and
sniff the sweet, horny-cunt-stink rising in the heat…
     I wish Mick were here, he loves a hornied cunt to suck…

     Quickly, I get my clear plastic sheet and lay it on my rug.
I lie back, ass on the rug, shoulders supported on a bean-bag.
Now, I watch the screen over bared tit and lycra’d cunt.
     The negro selects more weights, these with six inches of
thong attached. He crouches behind the dark haired woman who
stands with thighs parted, head forced down. The camera shows her
lower belly, cunt and high-thigh in close-up.
     A glistening cunt. Almost dripping.
     The man is seen through those spread thighs, crouching
behind her. Zoom shot to show white pouch, with contents looking
beautifully ugly – twisted and pressing out the filmy latex.
Balls show too, big oval eggs under filmy white.
     Big, black fingers search her clit, tweak hard.
     The woman’s body twitches as his fingers splice her juicy
gash, and follow it to her ass.
     The way the woman’s crotch jerks it is obvious that the
cunt-slicked finger has found a home in her asshole.
     My cheeks clench … unclench … imagining the feel of that
rough finger in mine…
     Now the black stud has a shiny metal clip in his hand, a
clip with a weight dangling from it. Reaching through, he clips
it to the woman’s cuntlip and lowers the weight so that it
dangles between her thighs. The lip stretches downward, pulled
by the weight. Another weighted clip is attached – now one on
each fleshy cuntfold.
     I pinch myself through the shorts crotch, imagining…
     He repeats the process on the blonde. The women are moaning
softly, tits and cunts clipped and weighted.
     And every detail of their masochistic pleasure is recorded
– the camera zooms, again showing the captives’ faces.
     Their mouths hang loosely open – warm gashes across sexual
features. They look almost drugged – they are – on the depraved,
debased lust that drives them. I know, I’ve been there – it’s
forcing them to enjoy, to relish the depraved actions. 
     I squirm; absorbing every detail as the camera pans the two
perverted women. They gaze at each others tortured bodies, their
eyes ablaze with desire.
     A torture-twisted smile flickers on the face of the blonde
as she deliberately sways her body, adding to the sensations in
her cunt. Both women’s tits are elongated unbelievably by the
weighted thongs.
     The negro is close behind the blonde, gently fucking the
bulging latex pouch on her ass. He reaches around her and
squeezes her tits; she groans and squirms her oiled ass back on
his meat.
     His thick hands slide down her sweating stomach. They find
her core. The middle finger of his hand licks in the heat and
     My own finger likewise, slicking in my open cunt, feels the
hotted slime oozing beneath the lycra.
     The women are shown, now free of the wrist-thongs, free to
move around – slowly because of the pain this causes to their
weighted, tortured cunts.
     They shamble carefully towards the negro, looking down with
twisted faces at the hanging, twirling weights between their
thighs and kneel at his feet, sighing with relief as the weights
settle on the dirty stone floor.
     The negro barks commands and the women carefully release the
clips. The blonde remains on her knees in front of him, gazing
up into his face; the brunette crawls behind, kneeling

     The blonde, kneeling in front of the negro reaches up and
weighs the latex pouch in her hands; the brunette caresses the
backs of his powerful thighs, his muscled ass. He speaks again
and the blonde unties the latex pouch. Holding it in front of
her nose, looking up at him, she sniffs – then sexually-slowly,
licks the cock-drool clinging to the inside of the pouch.
     The negro grins down, lewdly.
     A donkey cock. Of course – it had to be.
     A big, black donkey-cock. With big, black balls to match.
     A thick strand of sparkly juice hangs from the piss-slit.
     The camera pans – slow-motion – to show the blonde’s head
tilt to eat it.
     Her mouth opens slowly, stealing the thick strand. When her
head returns to normal, the tail of the thread hangs from her
mouth. She licks her lips, it falls – slow motion – onto her
right tit.
     The cock.
     The uncut cock sticks lewdly, horizontally, from powerful
black loins, pointing directly at the blonde’s pouting mouth.
     A close-up over her shoulder – her hands sliding up his
thighs to grasp the mammoth at its base. It jacks, twitches.
     Close up – just the cock and the pouting-open mouth of the
blonde. She skins it slowly…
     A mass of thick juice – cloying thickly to the pinky head.
     The sluts’ caviar.
     More oozing – slowly – from the piss slit…
     She squeezes, the slit gapes, more pushes through…

     It’s me again.
     There kneeling, with the black stud in MY power.
     Me with that huge, reeking-horny supercock cock in my grasp.
     The man is in my power for there’s nothing he could do right
now except stand and watch the slut love his cock.
     And Love it she does.
     Her lips close over the hole and she pulls the cockhead into
her mouth. A practised, knowing move, for she doesn’t squander
the hard-earned juices by simply sucking them off.
     The ‘O’ of her lips ‘peels’ the thick slime from the cock.
     A ridge surrounds her mouth; she backs her head to show her
master – and the camera.
     I pause the video…

     It’s me.
     Me, with that cock-oil clinging around my mouth.
     Me, with that wide-eyed stare, looking up at my man –
proudly showing him the filthy slut that I am.
     Me, with the feel of it sliding down my chin, connecting
chin with tit, clinging on tit.
     Me breathing the gorgeous smell of horny cock.
     Me tasting the taste of horny-dirty cock.
     Me, the HornSlut – and being filmed.
     The fingers of my left hand claw my teats as I cum. The
fingers of my right abuse clitty through slimy-soaked lycra.
     I can smell my cunt now, even through the shorts…
     My hips buck, wildly searching invisible cock…

     Close-up on the other woman’s hands, splitting the
magnificent black ass like a peach. Her tongue eels into the
crack. Her head moves in and out. I imagine the gorgeous smell
of a man’s ass…
     The asshole takes her tongue, and shits it back out.
     He pulls out of the mouth of the blonde. Holding his cock
at the base, he arcs his hips to the left, then sharply to the
     The huge thing clubs her face, smacking her head sideways
as if punched. Shock and surprise at the action turns lewd
grimace as she realises what he has done.
     And turns the other cheek, laughing obscenely.
     Again he beats her across the face with the mammoth,
laughing down at her, watching her take it. The woman’s laugh
turns moan, yet she clearly gets off on this new abuse – this new
     She twists her teat-rings savagely as he continues the cock-
     Her other hand thrashes between her thighs.

     The Negro wanks in the face of the blonde.
     She kneels obediently;  mouth hanging open, tongue lolling,
awaiting the privilege. Her hands work in his crotch, tugging the
huge hanging ball-sack, reaching underneath to encounter the warm
tongue of her friend, flicking in his asshole. 
     Several cameras – several angles.
     A lengthy clip through the Negro’s legs showing the splayed
thighs of the brunette as she kneels, suckling asshole. She works
three fingers of her right hand in her cunt, trying for a fourth
.. succeeding. Her thighs splay wider to accommodate … her
body grinds, bucks. She still sucks asshole.
     As she fucks herself with her own hand.
     The Negro is still wanking, playing with the blonde;
thrusting his cock into her face, occasionally into her open,
waiting mouth. But then suddenly, the thick, white ropes fly –
slow-motion, squirting and licking their way to her face…
     They cling to her nose, her cheeks. In her open mouth. When
he is finished she smiles at the camera, opening her mouth wide
to show the ropes of thick white spume connecting tongue, teeth,
lips. She extends her tongue to show a pool, resting there, then
slowly extends it. The stuff slides, drips off her tongue, clings
to her tits.
     The black stands aside, the women, still kneeling press
     They kiss their bodies – mouth to mouth, tit to tit, cunt
to cunt.
     The brunette licks the spunk out of the mouth of the blonde,
licks it off her face and bends to lick it from her tits.
     Then, staying close together, they turn their heads to the
     A favourite bit. I wriggle on my sheet and hold the remote
control with shaking hand.
     I’m going to enjoy this bit as much as they…
     Close-up. Black cock resting on black palm, pointing at the
open mouths of the kneeling women.
     He pisses in their faces, briefly.
     Then fills each open mouth with piss, just enough so that
it pours back out, down over their tits.
     The women look down at their bodies, their mouths empty the
remaining piss over their tits. They feel each other, kissing –
sharing the taste of cock and piss.

     Suzie rewind.
     Slow motion of pissing cock…

     I piss in my shorts – a hissing, brief, but powerful gush.
     I feel the soaking-hot crotch, stab my finger through the
lycra at my cunt, roll so that my lycra’d ass soaks up the piss.
     Quickly I stand, thighs splayed, on the sheet, looking at
the mirrored wall. 
     ‘Beautiful disgusting slag,’ I mutter, turning to look at
the piss-soaked-transparent white lycra crinkling across the
tanned cheeks of my ass.
     On impulse, I try to shit, but fart…
     And turn back to the front, watching myself frig my cunt
through piss-wet shorts
     to a knee-buckling cum…
     Back on my sheet, ready for more…

     The two women bend over a narrow bench. Camera-shot down the
length of it.
     Their asses are available for use on one side; their heads
on the other.
     Both have their hands behind them, splitting their asses –
assholes and cunts offered for BlackCock’s use.
     He uses a cunt while abusing an asshole.
     Fucking a cunt while goosing ass or cunt of the other.
     Then changing about.
     The black cock is white-frothed. 
     Two naked, erect-cocked white men appear at the heads of the
women. They grasp the hair of their woman, yank her head up and
poke their cocks into mouths that seemed to open automatically
– on reflex.

     Like mine does when I smell a cock,
     It’s like a baby bird for its food.

     These are not studs – more like horned-out cameramen – the
zoom-action ceases for a while here, though several cameras are
still filming.
     While the black stud takes his fun from alternate cunt and
ass he watches the frenzied thrustings of his two counterfuckers
who mouth-fuck the two heads.
     First one, then the other pulls out and squirts a balls-load
into his woman’s face.
     Then once again the women have their mouths filled with cock
while the black’s huge hands slap their quivering asses with
deliberated, increasing tempo.
     Close-up of each sex-crazed face; each filled mouth.
     I pause and slow-play the expressions.
     Some porn flicks are faked – pretend.
     Nothing pretend about these women.
     Nothing pretend about the cum splashed on their faces.
     No mistaking the brutality of the black’s hands on their
     And nothing pretend about the expressions – pure debased

     The women are systematically fucked.

     The three men take turns to fuck them in cunt and asshole,
as they lie or kneel on the dirty stone floor, or lie back,
splayed out on the bench – whatever suits the men.
     Their mouths are used by the men to revive dirty cocks back
to useable items. The flesh of both women is streaked with cock-
slime, spunk and dirt from the floor. I can almost smell the reek
of cock, cunt and piss which must rise from their sweating,
writhing, thirsty flesh.

     The brunette lies on her back on the dirty stone floor. She
has spunk-spume over her tits, stomach – and crotch where her
hands are shown … working feverishly.
     The Negro stands astride her, cock swinging downwards, semi-
erect, hanging above her tits. HE now has thongs through HIS
teat-rings, stretching up and over his powerful shoulders.
     The blonde stands close behind him, jerking her slime-
dripping cunt on his oiled ass. She has the ends of the thongs
in her hand and is jerking them, causing his teats to jump and
his pecs to be pulled upward.
     He has thongs and weights clipped to his balls, pulling the
sac downward. His face bears the evidence of lust-pain, as the
womens’ had previously.
     He looks down with faraway gaze at the writhing body of the
woman lying naked between his legs. She, staring up at the
swinging cock, knows what is coming – watches it inflate.
     ‘Piss on me, fucking black bastard,’ she hisses through
clenched teeth, hands a blur between her thighs.
     ‘Hose me in piss with that ugly black cock.’
     The negro’s muscled butt-cheeks clench, cock twitches.
     ‘Do it. Piss on me,’ she begs, writhing between his feet.
     A heavy, squirting, thick stream of piss hits her tits,
bounces and splashes, some on her face. She moans – tongue
licking wildly – her left hand smears the splashed-up piss over
her tits and belly. Her right is busy in her cunt.
     The blonde steps forward, watching her depraved friend. She
watches as the Negro looses again, this time directly into the
brunette’s face.
     Suddenly the face cannot be seen because the blonde has her
cunt over it. She squats it on the face of her friend.
     Her hands push her tits up and out, she stares up at the
negro – offering them.
     ‘Do it on me too … please … piss on my tits.’
     The Negro stands with hands on hips and does it, then leans
backward, raising the stream to her face. Her mouth hangs open,
catching it, still managing to jerk and grind her cunt onto the
face of the woman beneath.
     A cunt splayed open, and pouring white-frothed, slimy
man-spunk onto her friend’s face, into her mouth.
     Two sounds. One of hissing piss. The other, the ‘cicksick
cicksick’ sound of the blonde’s slicked cunt using the face of
her friend.
     The negro’s piss overflows her mouth and as he shuffles
forward, pressing his cock into her mouth, forcing her to drink
it, the residue flows down her tits, down her belly, over her
cunt into the trapped mouth of the brunette.
     At the same time, as her mouth is filled with piss and she
swallows, drinking eagerly, she pisses into the mouth of her
friend, her hands sliding down over her messy flesh to frig
     She’s pissed on. She pisses on. She wants more … takes the
cock from her mouth, staring up at the negro towering above…
     ‘Shit on her,’ she pleads quietly, reaching under the ugly,
crinkly, gorgeous hanging balls…
     ‘Shit on the bitch … for me…’

     Close-up of the stud’s ass.
     He shits.

     So do I.
     As I watch his thick turd push out – break – and fall in
slow motion onto the belly of the woman lying between his legs…
     I shit my shorts…
     A lovely, disgustingly dirty feeling.
     The blonde reaches forward and picks up the thick turd. The
obscene, sex-drugged laugh again, as she draws it – like a huge
crayon – up the belly, tits and neck of the woman she still pins
down with her cunt.
     She rubs it on the mouth between her thighs, on her own
cunt, and up her belly, over her tits.
     I didn’t believe it the first time, thought it was faked…
     She opens that laughing mouth
     and druggedly inserts the turd.
     Then, she shares it.
     She bites it in half. She squashes half into her cunt, and
into the mouth that’s eating her cunt. The mouth spits it out.
     The blonde wheels around and sits on the brunette’s tits,
pinning her captive’s arms beside her head in the classic
schoolboy victor’s stance.
     But the schoolboy wouldn’t then bend and squash his mouth
onto the mouth of his captive. The blonde does just that – an
open-mouthed shit-kiss.
     And then laughs as she shits on the brunette’s tits. She’s
still pinning her friend down and the close up is of her ass and
squashed tits beneath. It’s a soft turd, blown out. A soft turd,
squashed by the blonde’s ass when she squirms and slides it on
the brunette’s tits.
     The negro kneels at the side of the two women, laughing. He
scrapes some shit in his hand and briefly, but savagely pokes the
jerking cunt of the brunette, then stands over her head, his ass
in the face of the blonde.
     Gorgeous buns, plastered with dirty shit. The blonde needs
no encouragement – straightway her face is into it, her mouth
sucking, slurping, then her blonde hair is in there, wiping up
the mess.
     She isn’t laughing, she’s on the sex-drugged high brought
on by utter depravity. Her hands roam his ass, then reach between
his thighs, caressing his cock and balls with shit.
     And he turns and she sucks the cock, then licks it – then
the balls. He wanks and she waits, frigging herself, forgetting
about the brunette still writhing on the floor beneath her. And
as she waits she pisses and shits some more onto the pinioned
body under her. No turds this time, just a runny, messy, stinking
assfull. And what remains of her piss…

     I’m not there now. I couldn’t do that, not yet anyhow…
     But I do turn to lie on my belly, and I do tilt towards the
mirror, my arm beneath me, my fingers frigging wildly. And I do
like to see my sexy white piss-soaked lycra shorts filled and
bulging with shit. And I like to feel it in there … to press
it further into the crack …. Mmmmm like that…

     I’m in Fucking Heaven…
     I should be in Hell.         


     The two white men kneel astride the faces of the two white
women, who lie on the dirty stone floor. The men lower themselves
onto the womens’ faces. Their balls are sucked, then their asses.
     As they receive from the women, they give to the black –
taking it in turns at the black meat.
     Yes. The two white men suck the black cock.
     The black cock pisses into their faces, then their mouths.
     White mouths fill with piss that pours over white chests and
bellies into the sucking mouths of their women.

     Black stud on his back on the floor.
     A white cunt astride black cock.
     A white cunt astride black mouth.
     The two white men stand astride the black man and piss onto
their women, it cascades down the womens’ jerking bodies as they
hump their cunts onto the black stud lying beneath – the
piss-shiny black stud beneath.
     The men turn their backs and shit. The women take their gift
and smear it over their tits and bellies, then suck the assholes
of their men. The women shit too, one onto the scummy black cock
and balls newly expelled from her cunt, the other directly onto
the black face. The black’s hands collect the shit from his body,
and – blind because of the shitty ass squashing on his face, he
smears himself, then the parts of the women he can reach. Then
the cocks and balls of the two men, who now stand at either side
of the table.
     Blonde on her back on the dirty floor. Black stud lying on
top, fucking her – oiled ass pumping. Close-up between their
thighs – at the huge black meat raping her cunt, churning the cum
and slime into a white, oily froth. The brunette slaps the
churning black ass which then shits, then she dips the crease,
invading the hole as black ass thrusts black cock into white
     Grinning, the brunette slides the shit from the negro’s ass
up his back. Then she straddles the shagging couple and frigs
herself, pissing freely over them.

     Blonde, kneeling up, facing the camera. Close-up shows from
heaving tits to high, juice-streaked thigh. Spunk hangs in scummy
threads from her abused cunt. Her tits, belly and thighs are
streaked with scum, dirt and piss.
     A riding crop rests on the floor between her parted thighs.
Suddenly it lashes upward – smacking her straight on the cunt.
The body flinches. Her hand slides to her clit, waiting for the
next cruel, cunt-stinging lash. Brief close up of her beautiful
ass, clenching tightly and releasing with anticipation of the
pain to come. It comes again to her cunt, then to her ass.
     Next shot, of her still kneeling. The brunette stands at the
side of her. Blonde’s tits heave and she stares up at the
brunette who holds the crop above her head. It slices down,
smacking the blonde’s tits downward. The briefest expression of
intense pain gives way to one of purely sexual, perverted lust.
     The brunette discards the whip. Standing, half crouching she
wipes a disgustingly slimy cunt over the face of her friend.
     Then pisses into her mouth.
     Turning, pulling the cheeks of her ass apart, she backs onto
the reaching tongue of the blonde.
     And shits into the face of her friend.
     Brunette pushes blonde to the table and lays her on her
back. The blonde’s body is wet with piss, her face streaked with
shit. The blonde’s hand works at her cunt.
     Brunette stands at one side of the table, the two white men
at the other. The mens’ cocks are cum-crusty and hard.
     The three of them lean over the wanking blonde.
     She knows what they are going to do, and the look on her
face is expectant…
     Brunette reaches across the table and puts her fingers down
the throat of on the of the men. He coughs them out, his chest
heaves and he pukes onto the body lying on the table.
     The body writhes, its hands smearing the bile over tits,
belly and cunt.
     Brunette kneeling on the table. She has shit smeared on her
tits. She pulls the head of the second man down to her tits and
he licks them.
     He pauses, then pukes over them. Then kisses the brunette
on the mouth before backing off. Both men wank.
     The brunette hangs her head, pauses. Her tits heave. She
pukes over her own tits and down, onto the tits of the blonde.
     The women grope each other.
     The brunette has the fingers of one hand up the blonde’s
cunt, while her free hand slaps the mess onto the blonde’s tits.
While she grinds her cunt on the body beneath.
     The men wank and grope both women.
     I’m writhing on the rug, exhausted by the mental and
physical effort of participating in the degenerate perversions
taking place on the screen. I want to be there, on that table –
to be the center of the others’ perverted greeds. And more is
still to come.
     I stand, turn to the mirror.
     My teats are gorged-on, rubbery twigs – burning with desire
and the abuse I’ve given them. The white lycra shorts are a
soaked, dripping, see-thru mess.
     Stink steams upwards.
     I turn. The lycra is see-thru and clinging over my jutty-
proud ass. I clench on the mess, it creases on the tanned skin,
on the piss and shit trapped there.
     Mick’s not here to dirty-talk me –  so I do it myself… 

     ‘Filthy tart, horny nympho slut, perverted, depraved,
deviant. You are disgusting – standing loving yourself in cum and
piss-soaked, shit-stacked shorts.’
     Carefully, I ease them off, and lie naked on the plastic
sheet in my pool of piss. I spread my thighs and gorge my fingers
into my cunt.
     A black dildo waits at my side.
     The film continues with an addition to the cast.

     A man is tied on his back to the four corners of the table,
head hanging over the edge. He looks scared – really scared. And
his cock isn’t hard so I think that maybe he IS scared.
     The blonde has his nuts in her hand and she squeezes them,
apparently hard. And judging by the look on her face she loves
squeezing the nuts of a naked, helpless male. The brunette is
kneeling over him, wiping her cunt on his face. The mouth is
trying in vain to get away from it but already his face is thick
with the slickness emptied there by the fucked cunt.
     The blonde laughs as she watches him get it, still
manipulating his cock and balls. The laugh becomes a savage
grin. Her free hand thrusts under his balls.
     The man’s hips jerk upward, his cock slapping wetly on his
belly like a beached fish. His body twitches and writhes as the
blonde’s finger rapes his ass. But his cock swells. And squirts
a little piss onto his belly.
     The negro pulls the brunette to one side and pushes her so
that she is bent double over the man. She greedily licks at the
piss on his belly, then sucks the cock. The negro thrusts his own
cock down the throat of the upturned head of the captive. He
grins as he thrusts. And as he rapes the mouth, he bunches three
fingers and shoves them up the bending brunette’s cunt from
     The single camera-shot is close up on his reaming fingers.
From the gurgling noises and the sound of liquid splashing it is
safe to assume what the negro is doing to the man. From the way
the man’s body rocks on the tabletop it is plain that the blonde
is really getting off on finger-fucking his ass.
     But the next shot is of just that action. And she isn’t
finger-fucking his asshole, she has her fist up it and she is
bent over his body. Her churning wrist is seen, his asshole
distended around it. She leans into him, fistfucking his asshole,
while many of the fingers of her free hand are bunched, thrusting
up her own cunt.
     The brunette shuffles backward and turns around, crouching
over the belly of the man. She shits a pile onto his belly, then
sits on it and slides her ass up his chest.
     The negro lifts the man’s head, pushing it into the woman’s
     Both women, and the negro, laugh.

     Yet another night…
     The two women enter the basement, followed by one cameraman,
followed by the negro, pulling on a leash. All are dressed as if
they have just returned from a fetish party.
     The blonde wears a lycra catsuit in shimmering crimson,
giving little more than teat-cover it is so low-cleaved. Clinging
beautifully to her hips, the thing is so filmy and tight they
show all, cleaving and dipping her cunt, displaying an ass of
     The brunette wears thin, tight, black leather short-shorts,
shiny black thigh-boots and a black leather, studded bra.
     The cameraman wears tight leather pants with matching
     The negro has white knee-boots, the white latex briefs and
a white latex vest. Shiny-white vivid on gleaming-black flesh.
     The leash he holds is thick, in black leather.
     Attached to it is a thick black leather collar which is
attached to the neck of a girl, the last to enter the basement.
     In feature she looks about eighteen, with dark-pretty looks
and jet black, shoulder-length spiky hair – a ‘waify’, punky
look. In body she is petite – very petite.
     Something stirs in me about illegal ‘schoolgirl’ fantasies.
     She wears black PVC knee boots, a black-shining PVC
miniskirt and a PVC top, split in a wide V from tit to navel –
the split so wide it shows the sides of her tits.
     Despite the leash, there is nothing to suggest that the girl
is there against her will. The contrary. She appears excited, if
slightly drunk, as do all those present.
     The cameraman, squeezing bulging cock and balls through his
leather pants gropes under the girl’s skirt. She doesn’t object.
The expression which flits across the cheeky, dark-tanned face
is one of mischievous excitement.
     The cameraman doesn’t have to grope far because the girl’s
miniskirt finishes only fractionally below her cunt.
     But he doesn’t grope for long. His thieving hand is kicked
to one side by a flying kick from the negro’s right boot.
Cameraman jumps back, nursing the offending hand.
     The camera pans over the girl, diving first in close-up over
her tits, as if the lens is trying to push the V of her top
further aside, to see the small, rounded girl-like tits.
     Then it pans quickly down to her boots, then slowly back up,
over every centimetre of tanned, muscled thigh. The next shot is
from floor level – up the tiny miniskirt.
     A shorn cunt peeps from beneath the skirt. A glint of
wetness between pursed lips is evidence of her arousal – and
consent. She shuffles her thighs apart, apparently for the
benefit of the camera.
     Camerashot up the girlish, petite body. She smiles down
sexually – a white-flashing, pouty smile. Her right hand strokes
over her belly and lifts the skirt a few centimetres.
     The girl shows her cunt to the camera.
     The camera pans back, now filming straight-on.
     Palm lifting the skirt, her index flicks, licking the lips
aside, opening her bared figlet lewdly. She spreads her thighs
wide, thrusts out her crotch. The camera zooms.
     The negro stands behind her and pulls the top over head so
she stands in just the boots and tiny, hipster skirt.
     She thrives. Pushing her little tits out, she snakes her
hands upwards, nips the little buds, then, after a sexual
lick of her lips, she turns, bending right over. The skirt
raises, baring the lower half of a perfect, tight little ass. A
finger slides from front, through the crease and gently rims at
the asshole.
     Then she stands and lifts the skirt, baring all ass, and
looks back over her shoulder at the camera. The ‘skirt’ is a
strip of shiny black around her hips. Her ass pouts, wriggles.
It is perfect, marked by the line of tiny bikini pants – just as
if she were wearing some.
     The negro steps forward and cups it in mighty paw. He
motions for the brunette to stand in front of the girl, then
pushes the girl to her knees.
     The girl looks up at the brunette and reaches for the zipper
on the leather shorts. Gently she draws it down and the brunette
pushes the shorts down her thighs, standing with black-haired
bush inches from the girl’s face. She backs, half-sits on the
table, thighs spread, cunt waiting, shorts around her booted
     The girl sees what is expected and eagerly shuffles forward
on her knees, looking at the negro for consent. Consent comes in
the expression on his face and the bulge in his white latex
briefs which the blonde is gently squeezing.
     I’m quieter now. Lying back with my hands gently keeping
cuntie on the boil. She’s spewing thick juice and a lovely mess.
I draw some of it up, sliding it over my belly and tits.    The
stink of horny cunt rises in the heat from my body.
     I wish I could smell horny cock-stink too…
     I slow-motion the blonde’s hand squeezing those bulging
briefs and imagine the feel of that hard cock, and soft balls
through the soft latex…
     I reach for the black – and huge – dildo. Cool to the lips,
it warms as I push it into me. I splay my thighs and push down.
     I feel split, burst, raped by black rubber.
     The girl’s head is between the brunette’s thighs, her little
tongue darting, licking, finding the woman’s clit. The woman
pushes the head lower – close-up of darting girl-tongue in steamy
     The girl is frigging herself as she does it, her hand
beneath the hem of the tiny skirt. She continues when the negro
lifts the skirt at back, exposing that cutey ass once more.
     The blonde stands behind, stroking the crotch of her crimson
lycra pants-suit. She has a riding crop in her hand which she
trails over the girl’s bared ass, and under, to gently saw it
into the girl’s cunt. Bared ass squirms delightfully. The blonde
lifts the end of the crop to her nose, sniffs it and smiles.
     ‘Why have you come to us?’
     Up to now the Negro – no one in fact – has said much, so
hearing him ask a direct question comes as a shock – even on
this, my third time of watching. He turns the kneeling girl,
standing in front of her, flexing the crop in his hands. He is
naked but for the white boots and his cock sways, a mighty, proud
club between his thighs.
     ‘I said. Why have you come … to US?’
     The girl stares at the cock in wonder
     ‘To … get fucked.’
     The voice matches the petite frame, it is schoolgirlish –
put-on perhaps?
     ‘You didn’t have to come here to get fucked. So why?’
     ‘She told me what you did here, after parties,’ the girl
said, nodding at the blonde. ‘She said … said you do all sorts
.. of things. I’m tired of the boys and their quick poke-fucks
.. need more than that now. And I want to be TOLD what to do,
not to have to tell boys what to do…’
     ‘Suck my cock.’
     The girl looks as if she has just been given a long-awaited
present. She shuffles forward on her knees, tilts her head up to
the negro, and puts the cock in her mouth.
     ‘It smells … taste’s good,’ she mumbles, adding ‘it smells
dirty … like it’s been up a cunt.’
     The negro smiles down at the girl looking up. ‘What would
you do if I said I wanted to piss in that pretty mouth?’
     The girls mouth closes over the cockhead. She continues
looking up, facial expression unaltered. The expression is her
     ‘Lick her ass.’ The negro nods to the naked brunette who
turns and bends over, pulling her ass cheeks apart. The same
knee-shuffle. The face disappears, though the tongue can be heard
licking greedily.
     ‘What would you do if I told her to shit in your mouth,
right now?’
     The licking ceases. The girl freezes, then her right hand
slides to her cunt. Her face presses tightly into the ass of the
     Another unspoken answer.
     ‘Look at me!’
     ‘You’d have done it – eaten her shit?’
     ‘I … was going to … try,’ the girl says, a little
hesitantly. ‘It makes me come when I get my tits shit on, so I’d
try licking it too.’
     ‘You’ll get your cum,’ the negro says. ‘Now lie back on the
table. I’m going to fuck you.’
     I have the base of my dildo in shaking hand. As I watch the
girl climb onto the table and the negro push her thighs apart,
I slide my monster out.
     Close up. The girl, lying back, head up, watching. The skirt
is around her belly, she still wears the boots. The negro has her
thighs pinned apart with those huge black paws. The girl is split
wide open – ready for the cock standing up his belly.
     He moves close in, cock now in hand.
     ‘Aaaahhhh,’ the girl gasps as the glistening head enters the
equally-glistening little cunt.
     ‘Oooooh, that feels so fuckingggg ggood…’

     ‘Mmmmmm,’ I moan as the dildo slides once more. I keep pace
with the action, wishing someone was here to film me being the
filthy bitch.

     It’s in her, she cranes her neck off the table to watch.
     ‘Get on her and … fuck that … pretty mouth,’ the negro
almost groans pushing and pulling his cock up and down that
tight, shaven cuntlet.
     A naked cameraman gets on the table, kneels astride the
girl’s belly and pushes a long, thin cock between her tits.
     ‘Ooohhh … fucking …. fucking s-h-i-ttt,’ she wails as
the negro lunges to the hilt. Her head raises far off the table,
the blonde stands behind and holds it up for her, so she can
watch the cameraman’s cock as it slides between her tits.
     ‘Fuck my … Ooooohh f-f-ffuck … fuck my tits while he
does me,’ she gasps, pushing her tits against the sliding cock.
Cameraman does, but the upstroke is far enough, to just slide
between her lips too. On each upstroke her lips slip over the
cockhead. A drool of spit drips from the side of her mouth.
     Close-up of black ass, pushed forward between splayed-wide
thigh. The rotate-fucking of that ass produces a hiss of
delighted obscenities.
     The camera moves and zooms back to the girl’s face, twisted
in orgiastic delight.
     ‘Fuck my tits off bastard! No, give me … your cock to suck
cum in my mouth. Ooooo Oweiiii! He’s fucking well splitting my
fanny so full…’
     Cameraman kneels up suddenly, holds his cock down, pointed
at her face.
     First, she looks disappointed, then realises where she is
– what he wants to do…
     ‘Oooh yesss,’ she hisses. ‘Fuckin’ well piss in my face –
in my mouth. Do it in my mouth.’
     The mouth opens wide, the girl reaches up and behind her to
grope the blonde’s tits, the blonde who still holds the girl’s
head to the action.
     Cameraman pauses long enough, probably thinking of his
mother-in-law. Then, raging-hard turned just-hard he pisses hard,
over the head of the girl, the upward stream taking all by
     He pissed high – over the girl’s head. The stream spatters
on the belly of the blonde.
     But now he’s pissing into that little face, the eyes
shutting tight against the stinging blast, opening again because
the girl desperately wants to watch herself get pissed on. The
mouth is wide and the stream of piss stops, just long enough to
fill it, then passes down, finally splashing on her tits.
     Cameraman shuffles again and presses his cock into the
girl’s mouth. She looks at him with pleading expression and
pushes back her head against the blonde’s hand-pressure,
releasing her head from the cock.
     ‘Shit on my tits while I suck you? Please? I want someone
to shit on my tits…’
     Cameraman doesn’t answer. He pushes his cock back into her
mouth. He doesn’t fuck it though, instead he holds it just
inside, wanking it slowly.
     ‘Shit on the bitch’s tits like she says,’ spits the voice
of the blonde from above. ‘If you don’t, get off her and I
fucking well will. I want this bitch proper shitted-up for when
I get to strap-on-fuck that pretty cunt of hers.’
     The girl nods, kneading her own tits now. There is a
slapping sound, a hard slapping sound and the camera pans to show
the negro’s head thrown back. The mouth spits forth something
filthy-sounding, like a curse to a devil god, the lips are drawn
back from white teeth, the eyes pop … as he fills that tight
‘fanny’ full of a black’s white spunk.
     And she knows it. Feels it.
     The hips jerk. The slapping sound continues. It is the
black’s mighty hands, slapping fiercely at the girl’s thighs.
     He holds himself firmly embedded in the girl-tight cunt.
     ‘Whip me while I piss up the bitch’s cunt,’ he commands, and
the brunette does it..
     With the crop, repeatedly – and viciously – on the clenched-
tight black cheeks.
     As black pisses up her cunt. Cameraman shits on her tits …
and cums in her mouth. Then he sits on her tits and shuffles his
ass in the mess.
     The girl whimpers softly to herself – until the sound is
muffled by Cameraman’s ass on her face.
     SHE must be in the ocean now, lost in the waves…
     I’ve been there many times.
     And I’m feeling it a little now, lying here, the dildo
discarded and white-slimed on the rug beside me. I pull open my
cunt and piss in the air, uncaring about the carpet as I roll
my ass in the puddle already on my plastic sheet.

     ‘I’m lying there,’ I murmur. ‘It’s me, the centrepiece – the
FuckPiece – and they’re doing that to ME. I can feel that rape-
sized cock fill my cunt with piss. I can feel my thighs stinging
where those hands are slapping. And I can feel that shit on my
tits – warm, fresh shit.
     It’s me that’s the filthy-dirty-horny slut lying there on
the table for those perverts’ pleasure….’
     I still frig and fuck with my hands, though cuntie has taken
a beating and wants to go to bed. This is the end now, the finale
of the film. I shit again onto my plastic sheet, squirm my ass
in it. I’m ready now for that finale.

     The girl kneels up on the dirty stone floor, surrounded by
blonde, brunette, negro, two cameraman, and unattended cameras
and tripods. The attention of all is on her…
     Except that another camera, unmanned, films from outside the
little circle of deviants. For now we see the hand of the
brunette, unseen to the rest of them, stroking the shit that is
plastered over the ass of Cameraman1.
     No action is missed by the director of this film!
     The action now, is muted as the rest of them stare at the
kneeling girl with dishevelled black hair wisped and plastered
on her neck and over her left cheek. The girl who has been fucked
in the cunt, fucked in the mouth. Cum on and shit on.
     ‘Your staring at me,’ she says. ‘Do you like me? Like what
you’ve done to me?’
     Her hands stray, one to her cunt, the other to her tits.
     ‘Like me like this, my tits plastered with shit, cum on my
face and your piss all over me?’
     Her hand churns at her cunt. She brings it to her face,
sniffs the fingers, then licks them.
     ‘My fanny stinks,’ she says. Who wants to fuck my fucked-out
     Almost inevitably, she brings the other hand to her mouth,
diverts it to her cheek, streaking both cheeks with a war-paint
of shit.
     ‘Who wants to kiss me now?’
     Both hands slide down her body, to that shorn-shaven
cuntlet. She splits herself wide, then strokes her fingertips in
the pouting-pink, spunk-smeared gash.
     ‘I need a piss babes.’ A naked Cameraman2 steps to her from
the circle. ‘Open your mouth and drink my piss.’
     It opens. She drinks, swallows until he withdraws and then
closes her mouth. It is obviously filled to bursting.
     Cameraman2 walks slowly around her, directing the remainder
over her hair, face, tits, belly and back until he is spent.
     ‘Fuckin’ horny bitch never even batted an eyelid,’ he
murmurs. ‘Never seen a slut like this it, even in this place.’
     The girl looks pleased. She opens her mouth and empties his
piss, down over her tits and belly.

     Briefly, on her back, on the floor. The blonde lies atop and
fucks her with an incongruous, pink strap-on. The blonde kisses
the girl, a long and lingering kiss. The girl’s fingernails
scratch, dig into the blonde’s back and the screwing cheeks of
her ass.
     The brunette stands astride the blonde’s thrusting ass, and
shits on it.

     The girl looks exhausted and once more kneels – the
centrepiece of the circle of perverts.
     The blonde and brunette stand over her, put their fingers
down their throats, and puke over the girl.
     The girl stares down at her body for a few moments, then
falls backward on the floor, fucking herself wildly with her own
     The others stand around watching and groping themselves, or

     I’m knackered – a panting, slimy-wet mess of sexual
delirium, and can’t take any more. I turn and lie on my sheet,
squirming my tits and cunt into my own mess, loving the feel
of the crinkly plastic on my hot and sweating flesh.
     I turn, lean back on my beanbag. My right hand is in its
favourite place – my cunt. I’m shaking, uncertain of how this is
going to feel, but knowing that I HAVE to try it…
     The fingers of my left hand press down my throat…
     I wretch, and  puke over my tits, my fingers thrashing my
cunt as I stare down my filt

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