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Posted by pussy shit under Scat stories

You wake up quite early and immediately you remember it all. Of
course you do. You have been thinking of nothing else all night while
trying to sleep. And when you finally drifted of to
sleep you dreamt about it. A quick shower doesn’t help you to clear
your mind. You have to talk to her. Tell her what happened yesterday
was wrong. Because it was, wasn’t it? But
something holds you back outside her door. The noise. Makes you
remember. It’s the same noises she made yesterday when your head was
between her thighs. Your heart skips a beat when you slowly open the
door just a little. You can see everything. She is nude and only the
sheet and her pillow is still on the bed. The rest is on the floor.
She’s lying on her stomach and her ass is rotating over her hand.  You
look as if enchanted at her.
       “J-e-n-n-i-e,” she whispers slowly, almost harsh.
“J-e-n-n-i-e.” You suddenly realise that what happened yesterday
wasn’t a coincidence. You just hadn’t understood. Until it happened.
       “J-e-n-n-i-e,” she whispered again. Just as she had done
yesterday when you finally had kissed her back. That was the reason
that she had given you drinks yesterday. That was the reason for all
her compliments. You hadn’t realised yesterday, but now you did. You
had thought that it was something that just happened, inspired by the
moment, but she must have
longed after you for a long time.
       “Yes,” she suddenly sighs. “Yes, Jennie, it feels so good. ”
When she is resting after the orgasm and slowly tastes her own fingers
you remember her taste.
       “Thanks, Jennie, I love you.” You don’t know what to do. You
just stand there, overwhelmed by emotions. Your plan was to tell her
that this was wrong, but now you are not so sure. But you know one
thing, your life is going to change.
       Just as you have decided to show yourself you are stopped by a
sudden movement. She is now kneeling on all fours, parting her ass
cheeks. You can see her tight hole and you blush when
remember how you kissed her there. You remember how she had sighed and
wanted you to go further, to insert you tongue in her small orifice.
But you hadn’t dared. You blush even more when you realise that you
regret that you didn’t. She’s so beautiful. You see her wet fingers
leave her pussy, caressing her anus and then disappearing deep inside.
Your own hand is inside your panties and you can’t really understand
how you became that wet. You also hear your own breathing. Is it too
loud? Will she hear?
       Her fingers keep on going in and out, in and out. Faster and
faster. Unexpectedly they are in her mouth and you have to stop
masturbating to not explode. Quickly she changes position. You
can’t really understand how she does it, but she’s on her back, her
feet behind her head and she’s staring at her pussy, only 3-4 inches
away. You knew she was very flexible, but how is it possible? You
wonder if you could do that yourself. Oh, she’s trying to reach her
pussy with her tongue and you can’t stand on your feet anymore. You
sit at the door and for some seconds you only concentrate on yourself,
your own satisfaction. But you just have to watch her. Her fingers are
going fast from ass to mouth, and you should really find it
disgusting, but you find your own finger inside your young anus. Her
juices are glistening in her dark pussyhair and you remember her sweet
       While you are thinking about these sweet memories something
strange happens. Her fingers open her pussy, almost tear it apart and
she starts to sigh.
       “Ooohhhh, yeeaaahhhh,” she sighs. And you can hear a small
fart, and you almost start to giggle hysterically, but then you see
it. A yellow jet of urine aiming for her face only inches away.
“Oh, Jennie,” she moans. ” It’s spraying her chin, her nose and her
mouth that is wide open. Her tongue is welcoming the piss and you hear
her swallow.  “Yes, Jennie, yes.” Your pussy reacts in a way it
shouldn’t. Your clit is so hard and your hand is warm and sticky with
all the juices. But it isn’t over.  “Nnngghhh,” she groans and the pee
is drenching her face and hair but there is something going on. Her
anus is slowly opening and a brown turd is showing.
       “JENNIE, YES!” she is close to screaming now and you are
fighting with yourself to not turn and run away. But you stay and your
head is filled with what’s happening before your eyes. The turd gets
bigger and falls down. She tries to catch it in her mouth but misses,
but there’s another one and this time she succeeds. Her mouth closes
and she’s breathing hard through her
nose and her entire body is convulsing. “Oh, Jennie.” You see the turd
being chewed up while she cries out your name. She’s now flat on her
back, masturbating, whispering your name. Cumming and cumming again.
       As in a trance you walk towards her. At first she looks puzzled
but then terrified. But without hesitation you place yourself over
her. Seeking her mouth.  You find it and when you first taste her you
come immediately. She hugs you so hard, kisses you so deep.
       “Jennie,” she whispers. Only that. “Jennie.” But you are still
so horny and you open her legs and find the source for your passion.
She’s not clean there and your searching tongue and hungry mouth makes
her groan.
       “Can you do it, Jennie?” she asks. “Can you do it now?” Her
voice trembles and her eyes are pleading and you know you want to do
it. Feed her. You straddle her face and her wet tongue is so nice on
your anus. It encourages you and you push hard and slowly your anus
are opening and you pee in her hair.
       “Oh, Jennie,” she cries. “Shit. Shit in my mouth.”
       “Yeah,” you answer. “I’m shitting in your mouth. Eat my shit,

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