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      Tammy couldn’t wait to see Jenny at school the next day.  She
smiled broadly as soon as she saw her new friend and her heart beat
rapidly when Jenny smiled back at her.  Jenny led the smaller girl to
a secluded hallway.
     “I can’t believe what you told me on the phone last night,” Jenny
said.  “Were you serious?  Did you really eat your mother’s shit
     “I sure did!  I know it’s terrible to do stuff like that and I
never would have told you if you hadn’t said that your mother ate your
shit.  Isn’t it weird that we both have sex with our mothers and that
we do such nasty stuff?”
     “Yesterday was the first time that Mom and I have had sex,” Jenny
admitted.  I got home early and she had been masturbating and, well,
one thing led to another.  Do you and your mother make love often?”
     “Oh, yes!  Every day!  She only lets me eat her shit a couple of
times a week, though.”
     “Wow, this is too much!  We just met yesterday and now here we
are talking about eating shit and licking our mothers!”
     “Yeah!  I can’t wait until tonight so I can meet your mom!”
     “Me either!  Remember, you’ve licked me but I haven’t licked you
yet.  Hell, I haven’t even seen your pussy yet!”
     “Let’s go to the girl’s room and I’ll show it to you!” The two
girls rushed to the restroom and happily discovered that it was empty.
Tammy quickly pulled up her dress and pushed her panties down to
mid-thigh.   Jenny looked at the pretty redhaed’s hairless slit and
and licked her lips in anticipation.
     “I can’t wait to get my mouth on that!” she said eagerly.
     “And I can’t wait to get my mouth on your butt!” Tammy replied
just as eagerly.  “Let me see it!  Please!” Jenny reached under her
skirt to pull her panties down and then turned around as she pulled
her skirt up to her waist.  The beautiful, tan cheeks of her ass were
exposed to Tammy’s hungry gaze.  Tammy quickly dropped to her knees
and ran her tongue between Jenny’s ass cheeks.
     “Hey, Silly!  Not here!  Someone could come in!”
     Tammy blushed and got back to her feet, pulling up her panties.
“I’m sorry,” she said.  “I just wanted to have your taste in my mouth
during school this morning.  You taste really good back there!” Jenny
smiled at her and gave her a peck on the cheek.

     Tammy and her mother, Diana, knocked on Jenny’s door and waited
patiently.  Jenny opened it and led them into the den.  She really
admired Tammy’s mom because, like herself, she was athletic and
muscular.  Diana admired Jenny for the same reason and she stared
hungrily at the girl’s body.  Since Jenny was wearing tight shorts and
a small tube top, almost all of her tight, tan body was visible.
Jenny ran to get her mother and Diana winked and smiled at Tammy and
licked her lips.  Tammy smiled back.
     “Pretty, isn’t she?” she asked her mother.
     Diana nodded enthusiastically.  “And with that beautiful, tight
little butt, I might just go after her shit myself!”
     “Mother!” Tammy scowled.
     “Just kidding, Sweetheart.  Still, she looks awfully tasty!”
     “I’m so hot I can’t stand it!” Tammy squeezed her thighs together
tightly and felt some juice seep out into her panties.  She squeezed
her mother’s thigh with one hand.
      “Tammy, Diana, this is my mother, Eve,” Jenny announced as she
led her mother into the room.  Tammy and Diana stood to greet her and
they were both a little surprised.  Eve was certainly pretty but, with
her hair pulled up and wearing a conservative dress, she was not at
all like they had envisioned from Jenny’s description.  Eve was very
nervous and blushed as everyone was introduced.  She was more than a
little embarrassed because Jenny had told them last night that she had
eaten her shit and she felt very vulnerable now that her deepest
secret was exposed.  Tammy and Diana were very friendly, though, and
she was soon more at ease.  She was very attracted to Diana and she
openly admired the buxom blonde’s body, and every curve was evident in
the white spandex dress she was wearing.  She was equally attracted to
Tammy.  She could not envision that sweet little girl, dressed in a
pretty dress with ribbons and bows, eating shit as Jenny had told her.
After several glasses of wine, the conversation became more friendly
and intimate.
      Jenny was telling about meeting Tammy yesterday, “So there we
were, sitting on a bench in the schoolyard, and I showed Tammy my
pussy and she just started licking it right there!  It was so wild!”
      Diana smiled at her.  “If your pussy is as pretty as the rest of
you, I’m sure that any woman would have done the same thing!”
      Jenny smiled and blushed.  Eve, who had been quiet most of time,
swallowed hard and said “Maybe it would be nice if Tammy and Jenny got
up and showed us how much they like each other.” This was all the
invitation the young girls needed and they quickly stood and faced
each other.  Diana smiled at Eve and patted the sofa cushion next to
her while she beckoned the woman to sit beside her.  Eve joined Diana
on the sofa and whimpered as she smelled the woman’s perfume.  It was
obvious to Diana that she would have to be the aggressor, just as
Jenny was the aggressor with Tammy.  She leaned over and kissed Eve
lightly on the neck and smiled to herself as Eve moaned deeply.  Diana
put her hand on Eve’s thigh and felt the woman tremble.  Both of the
women’s attention, though, was quickly turned to their daughters.
     Tammy and Jenny were hugging and kissing deeply as they stood in
front of their mothers.  They hadn’t really kissed before and they
were both thoroughly enjoying tonguing the other’s mouth.  Thin
trickles of girlish spit were dribbling down their cheeks as they
kissed hungrily.
Tammy’s eager hands were all over her lover’s body and she quickly
rolled the tube top up to  expose Jenny’s tiny breasts.  Diana gazed
at Jenny’s small but well-formed breasts and she squeezed Eve’s leg
tighter as she watched her daughter’s hands caress the soft mounds.
Tammy started licking at Jenny’s titties while her hands fumbled with
the zipper on the girl’s shorts.  The sound of the zipper going down
seemed to be magnified in the room because it signified that there
would soon be a naked young girl exposing her charms to everyone in
the room.  Tammy fell to her knees and slowly – very slowly – pulled
Jenny’s shorts down.  With no panties beneath the shorts, Tammy, Eve
and Diana stared expectantly as each inch of the girl’s body was
bared.  Diana moaned the loudest when Jenny’s hairless mound was
exposed because she was the only other one in the room who had not
seen it.  Then came the top of her slit, with her tiny clit barely
visible.  Then, as the shorts dropped quickly down her legs, Jenny
took off the tube top and
stood naked in front of the others.  Diana’s eyes tried to take in
everything at once and her throat was suddenly dry at the thought that
she would be able to make love to that beautiful, young body.  Eve’s
gaze was focused on Jenny’s perfectly formed ass and the memories of
the day before made her have a tiny orgasm.  Tammy sat back and
admired her girlfriend’s nude body, her flat chest heaving with lust.
Jenny looked down at Tammy and, standing dominantly with her hands on
her hips, told her to take off her clothes.  Without taking her eyes
from Jenny’s body, Tammy complied, quickly removing her clothes as she
sat on the floor.  Eve and Diana were embracing on the sofa and
running their hands over each other’s body but they couldn’t stop
watching the spectacle of the two young girls exposing themselves.
Eve groaned at the sight of
Tammy’s thin, pale body lying naked on the floor and, when Jenny
straddled Tammy’s body and lowered her crotch over Tammy’s face and
the redhead sealed her mouth to Jenny’s pussy, it proved to be too
much for her.  She stood quickly and ripped open her dress, revealing
a black lace corset.  She reached up and unfastened the clasp in her
hair and shook her head to let her long hair flow down.  Diana was
slightly startled at the look of pure lust in the woman’s eyes but
this was more like the woman she had expected.
     No longer the aggressor, Diana laid back while Eve fell across
her, smothering her in hot, wet kisses.  Diana felt like she was being
ravished by a hungry animal as Eve pulled her clothes off of her and
licked wildly at her body.  After mauling Diana’s large tits with her
hands and mouth, Eve knelt on the floor and pushed the blonde’s legs
apart.  Diana, clad only in a tiny thong bikini, watched as Eve hooked
her finger in the thong and pulled it away from her body and then bit
through it at the crotch.  Eve loved her daughter’s small pussy but
the large, gaping cunt that was in her face now inflamed her lust and
she went after it like a starving beast.  Diana noticed that
Tammy and Jenny were in a 69 and she watched them briefly before the
ravaging of her own cunt made her close her eyes as she came into
Eve’s mouth.  Eve was totally lost in lust – her desires for so many
years were being taken out on Diana’s body. She had sucked two orgasms
out of Diana’s cunt before she started licking the woman all over.
She wanted to get her mouth and tongue everywhere – she sucked her
toes, licked her feet and legs, nursed on her fat nipples, but she was
saving the best for last.  Unable to wait any longer, she pulled Diana
off the sofa so that the blonde’s head and shoulders were on the floor
and her legs were straight up in the air.  Eve bent Diana’s legs back
to her chest, exposing her puffy asshole.  Eve went crazy at the sight
of the puckered brown hole and drool ran from her mouth and puddled on
the nasty hole.  With a loud moan, she buried her face in Diana’s ass
and sucked wildly.  She knew exactly what she
wanted and her long tongue searched for it in the blonde’s bowels. 
     Jenny and Tammy had licked each other to several sweet cums but
the noises that Eve was making caused them to pause and they went to
watch.  Tammy felt a twinge of envy as she watched Eve suck on Diana’s
asshole.  She knew that the woman was trying to suck the shit out of
her asshole and she wanted the shit for herself.  Still, it was
exciting to watch another shit-lover in action and she encouraged her
girlfriend’s mother.
     “Suck her asshole, Eve!” Tammy exclaimed.  “Suck it real hard!
Suck the shit right out of her body!”
     “Yeah, Mom,” said Jenny, “I want to see your mouth filled up with
shit, just like you filled it with my shit yesterday!”
     Eve was doing her best to suck out Diana’s shit, but she wasn’t
getting any and she was becoming desperate.  She didn’t just *want*
the woman’s shit – she needed it.  She finally pulled her mouth away
and dug a finger deep into the blonde’s asshole, trying to reach the
filthy treat that nestled deep in her body.  Her eyes sparkled when
her finger reached a large turd and she forced her finger into it.
She squealed in delight when she pulled her finger out and everyone
saw that it was heavily stained with dark brown clumps of filthy
waste.  Her nostrils flared and she moaned loudly as she stuck the
soiled finger in her mouth and sucked the shitty clumps from it.
Tammy and Jenny were getting really hot from watching Eve being so
nasty and they started
rubbing each other’s small. tight butts.  Diana’s asshole had loosened
from Eve’s fingering and so, when Eve began sucking the hole again,
the turd moved quickly to the rectum and began to force it’s way
through.  As soon as her wriggling tongue felt the turd, Eve pulled
her face back – she wanted to watch the turd emerge from Diana’s body.
Out it came, very slowly, past the rectum and out where the others
could see it.  Since Diana was braced on her shoulders with her ass
high in the air, the turd rose straight up into the air.  The others
moaned as the fat log of shit rose higher and highcr until it stood
erect, the tip at least 9 inches from Diana’s body.   The stench of
the foul waste filled the room and Jenny had to swallow hard but Tammy
and Eve
breathed deeply to enjoy the dirty perfume.  It seemed like a long
time that they all gazed at the brown monument that stood up from
Diana’s ass but Eve finally weakened and took a long lick at it,
starting at the rectum all the way to the tip.  She came as her tongue
slowly traveled up the turd, leaving a wet trail of her saliva behind.
     “Look, Tammy!” said Jenny.  “She’s licking your mom’s shit!
She’s got her tongue all over it while it’s still in your mom’s body!
That is *so* fucking nasty!!”
     “Lick it, Eve!” encouraged Tammy.  “Get it all over your tongue!
Isn’t it delicious?  Don’t you just love that nasty taste?  Mom’s shit
tastes so good, I could eat it every day!  Her shit tastes a lot
better than mine!”
      Jenny glanced over at Tammy and arched an eyebrow.  She wasn’t
aware that Tammy also ate her own shit and she decided that it would
be fun to watch the cute girl do it sometime.  In her eagerness
watching Eve lick her mother’s turd, Tammy had stuck a finger into
Jenny’s asshole and she was probing deep into her body.  Jenny was
enjoying Tammy’s finger in her butt and she slid one of her own
fingers into Tammy’s butt.  The two young girls played with their own
pussies with one hand while they fingered the other’s butt with their
other hand.
     Eve had wrapped her arms around Diana’s bent-back legs and she
was making love with her mouth to the brown cone that stood straight
up.  Her tongue ran up and down the length of it, her lips kissed it
and she circled the tip with her mouth and deep-throated it, sealing
her lips to Diana’s asshole while the turd filled her mouth and
extended into her throat.  The thick turd was so firm that it didn’t
break apart while Eve worshipped it, but it began to dissolve in the
river of spit that the horny slut was covering it with.  Small, brown
streams of shitty spit ran across Diana’s ass and down her back and
thighs.  Eve began rubbing her face against the hard turd, smearing
the shit on her pretty face, and then using her mouth and tongue again
to make love to it.
     Tammy was becoming exasperated.  Whenever she ate her mother’s
shit she wanted to chew it up and swallow it as quickly as possible to
get it in her stomach.  She couldn’t understand why Eve just kept
kissing it and licking it.  She wasn’t aware that Eve was treasuring
this act and wanted it to last as long as possible.  Ever since she
was a little girl, Eve had had a fixation for shit and all of the
pretty girls and women that she had known in her life, she just wanted
to kneel behind them and suck their pretty asses empty.  Now, Diana
was all these girls rolled into one and she wanted to savor the filthy
shit that she had dreamed about all her life.  She had loved eating
Jenny’s shit but that had just gotten her started.  Diana was all of
the women that she had
lusted after and Eve wanted this experience to last.  Her lifelong
dream was curled into a ball, willingly giving her the very essence of
her body.  With her mouth over the turd and her lips tight against
Diana’s asshole, she looked into the blonde’s eyes.  Eve had always
feared humiliation and contempt but there was nothing in Diana’s eyes
but understanding and affection.  Eve realized that Diana knew how
much she needed what she was giving to her and Eve loved her for it.
Still staring into Diana’s eyes, she sank her teeth into the turd and
severed it.  Still staring at Diana, Eve began chewing on the filthy
shit that filled her mouth.  Rivulets of brown juice dribbled from her
mouth and dripped off her chin.  Diana smiled at her and Eve closed
her eyes in extasy, letting her orgasm surge through her trembling
     “She’s eating it!” squealed Tammy.  “She’s chewing it up and
eating it!  Your mom is eating my mom’s shit!  Wow!”
     “Eat it, Mother!” said Jenny excitedly.  “Eat that dirty shit!
Damn, you’re nasty!  What a filthy, nasty thing you’re doing, and just
look at your cunt!  It’s shooting cream out all over the sofa!  What a
piggy slut!  A shiteating slut!”
     Tammy looked around to see Eve’s cunt and she gasped when she saw
the gaping hole for the first time.  The gold rings in Eve’s pussy
lips surprised her, as well as the size of her fat, dripping cunt and,
as Jenny had said, streams of thick juice were literally squirting
from it and puddling on the sofa.  Tammy dug her finger deeper into
Jenny’s butt as she licked her lips at the sight of Eve’s cunt.  Jenny
pulled her own finger out of Tammy’s butt and saw that it was covered
in brown stains so she offered it to Tammy who eagerly sucked it into
her mouth and cleaned her crap from it.  The taste of shit built a
fire in her and she pulled her own finger from Jenny’s ass, grinning
widely at the sight of the thick smears on it.  “This is Jenny’s
shit!” she thought as she stared at her finger.  She moaned loudly as
she stuck the finger in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it to
absorb the taste of her girlfriend’s shit.  It was delicious!  Just as
rich and bitter as she had dreamed.  Streams of wetness dribbled down
her thighs as she savored the taste of her lover’s crap.
      Eve had fallen backward onto the sofa, still chewing and
swallowing Diana’s shit as she clawed at her tits with one hand and
her cunt with the other, bringing orgasm after orgasm to her writhing
body.  Jenny was overcome at the sight and she fell to her knees
between her mother’s legs and wiggled a hand into her cunt while she
began sucking on her mother’s engorged clit.  Tammy was becoming
light-headed.  The taste of her own shit and Jenny’s shit had made her
eyes glaze over in lust.  No longer a sweet young girl, she had
transformed into a lusting shit-pig and her eyes fell on her mother’s
ass.  Diana was still doubled over and Tammy saw that the rest of
Diana’s shit was oozing from her asshole.  In an instant, Tammy
straddled her mother and rammed her face between her mother’s ass
cheeks.  Her open mouth quickly sucked the soft lumps of crap out of
Diana’s ass and Tammy gulped them down without even chewing.  The
lumps were sticking in her throat but she dug her tongue into her
mother’s asshole to try to get more.  She coated her tongue with the
foul-tasting paste and sucked her tongue clean before repeating her
nasty act.  Her legs were spread over Diana’s face and thick streams
of cum were drooling from her pussy while Diana tried to catch them in
her mouth.  She gathered a mouthful of the sticky cream before she
gulped it down and the taste of her daughter’s cum made her own cunt
squeeze out some tart, spicy cream which Tammy quickly lapped up. 
     Tammy had only tasted small bits of shit so far and she needed
more, much more.  As she licked up the spitty shit streams that Eve
had drooled on Diana’s ass, her eyes fell on Jenny’s upturned ass.
The girl’s tan ass was high in the air and her legs were spread wide,
revealing her tiny asshole.  Tammy could wait no longer – she had to
have a full load of shit now, and she moved away from Diana to kneel
behind Jenny.  Grabbing Jenny’s ass cheeks with both hands, she
plunged her tongue directly into the tight hole.  Jenny squealed at
the surprise of the invading tongue but wiggled her ass against
Tammy’s face.  Jenny kept fisting her mother’s cunt and licking her
clit as she felt Tammy’s lips sucking at her asshole.  Tammy was so
desperate for Jenny’s shit that she wanted to stick her hand up the
girl’s ass and pull it out but she knew Jenny was much too tight for
that so she kept working up gobs of spit in her mouth and forcing them
into Jenny’s ass, trying to give her a spit enema that would loosen up
her bowels.  She finally decided that Jenny could shit easier if she
was squatting over her face, so she pulled Jenny backward as she laid
back down on the floor.  Jenny was willing to give Tammy her shit, but
she didn’t want to leave her mother’s cunt, so she pulled Eve off the
sofa too.  Tammy was lying on her back on the floor with Jenny
squatting over her face, trying to move her bowels.  Eve had struggled
to her feet and was straddling Tammy and facing Jenny, who was still
fisting her cunt.  Thick gobs of cream were running down Jenny’s arm
as she worked her hand around in her mother’s cunt.  Diana had gotten
up and she stood behind Eve, cupping Eve’s tits from behind.  Diana
was amazed at the huge floppy tits and she squeezed them tightly as
Eve groaned in passion.  The room was filled with the sounds of mouths
and hands on cunts and assholes.  Tammy’s probing tongue finally
reached a firm ball of shit deep in Jenny’s tight bowels and she
licked at it wildly.  Her hips bucked against the floor as she sucked
and sucked at Jenny’s dirty hole.  Diana had reached down to play with
Eve’s full ass and her fingers wiggled into the woman’s asshole.  The
blonde smiled to herself as she felt how big and puffy Eve’s asshole
and she knew that it had seen a lot of use.  She pointed three fingers
together and they easily went into Eve’s asshole.  Inside Eve’s
asshole, Diana could feel Jenny’s hand working inside Eve’s cunt and
this inspired her to kneel down.  She removed her fingers and spit on
them and on Eve’s asshole and rubbed the spit around the fat hole.
Cupping her fingers tightly, she eased them into Eve’s ass and it took
very little pressure to pass her rectum.  She tucked her thumb into
her palm and pushed her hand back in.  She had to push a little harder
this time, but her hand squeezed past Eve’s rectum and was finally
swallowed into her bowels.  Eve screeched in lust and tottered on her
feet as hands probed her deeply in both holes.
      “Can you feel my hand, Jenny?” asked Diana.  “I’m fisting your
mother’s ass!”
      “I can feel it!  This is really making Mom’s cunt gush!”
      “Let’s fuck her hard together!  You push your hand in while I
pull mine back and then reverse it!  We’ll fuck her guts out!”
      Jenny tried to do as Diana said, but she was losing her
concentration because she could feel her shit move down her bowels and
it was almost ready to come out.
      “I’m shitting!” she cried out.  “I’m shitting into Tammy’s
      “Do it!” squealed Diana.  “Shit in her mouth!  Use her mouth for
a toilet!  Fill her face with shit and make her eat it!”
      “I won’t have to make her eat it – she’s sucking my ass so hard
that it feels like she’ll suck my stomach out through my asshole!”
      “Come on, Baby!” squealed Diana.  “Let’s use these sluts!  Shit
in Tammy’s mouth while we both fist your mother!  These bitches need
to be used!  They’re toilets and holes!  Shit in their toilet mouths
and fuck their fat holes!  Give her your shit, Jenny!  Give my little
girl your nasty shit!  She’ll eat it!  She loves it!”
      Tammy’s voice was muffled by Jenny’s ass, but she cried out,
“Yes!  I love it! Give it to me!  Give me your shit!  Please, Jenny,
please!  Shit in my mouth!  Fill me with your dirty shit!  I’ll eat it
all and swallow every bit!  I want to be your toilet!  Shit and piss
in my toilet mouth!”
      Jenny pushed hard and an egg-sized turd popped from her ass into
Tammy’s open mouth.
Tammy squealed as the ball of shit dropped in her mouth and she
quickly squished it around with her tongue to coat her entire mouth
with her lover’s waste.  Another ball dropped out and Tammy eagerly
started chewing it up.
      “She’s eating it!” Jenny exclaimed.  “She’s eating my shit!  Can
you hear her chewing on it?”
      “Yeah, I hear her.  She’s a little shit pig!  She loves that
filthy stuff more than candy.  Feed her your candy, Jenny!  Feed her
the candy from your ass!  Now, fist your mother harder!  Take your
hand all the way out and ram it back in and I’ll do the same.  We’ll
give her the biggest cum she’s ever had!”
      Jenny pulled her hand all the way out of Eve’s cunt and there
was a loud slurping sound as her hand pulled free.  While her hand was
out, Diana jammed her hand in Eve’s ass as far as she could, almost to
her elbow.  Eve cried out when Diana pulled her hand free as Jenny
thrust her hand back into her cunt.  Diana made a fist and jammed it
back into Eve’s ass as Jenny pulled her hand out.  Together, Jenny and
Diana alternately fucked Eve’s holes as Eve struggled to remain
standing.  Tammy had chewed up the two balls of shit that Jenny had
given her and she was sucking to get more.  Unfortunately, there was
nothing left except some thick pasty slime but Tammy was thankful to
get it and she slurped it into her mouth.  The slime was really foul
and bitter but Tammy loved it and she lapped at Jenny’s asshole to get
the last bit of it.  On her last thrust into Eve’s asshole, Diana had
felt the woman’s turds packed deep in her body.  The ass fisting had
loosened her up and the turds passed quickly down her bowels.  When
she removed her hand, Diana saw that it was completely caked with
      “Damn!” Diana said.  “You’re really packed full, aren’t you,
      “I’d been saving my shit for two days to eat it yesterday, so
now I’ve got a 3-day supply, plus Jenny’s that I ate.”
      “Hey, Tammy,” said Diana, “Eve’s got four loads of shit in her
guts.  Does that give you any ideas?”
      Tammy squirmed out from under Jenny’s ass and sat up, her eyes
sparkling.  “Four loads!?  Damn!  Let me at it!”
      “Not so fast, Sugar,” Diana said.  “I want to see this myself!
Eve, squat down on the coffee table so we can all watch this!”
      Eve was no longer blushing at the thought of being a shit slave
and toilet slut.  She was enjoying herself and she eagerly stood up on
the coffee table and squatted down while the others gathered around to
watch.  Almost instantly, her puffy asshole opened up and the blunt
end of a dark brown turd appeared.  It slid out quickly and quietly
and curled up on the table as more and more of it emerged.  It was
over a foot long before it broke off but it was quickly followed by
another tube of shit that was iust as long.  There were ooh’s and
aah’s of amazement from the others as they watched the waste slide
from Eve’s body.  The two long turds made a large coil of smelly filth
but there was more to come.  Two smaller turds followed the long ones
and they slowly rolled down the big pile of shit.  Several gooey lumps
followed those and they plopped
onto the top of the pile.  There was a pause and then a thin rope of
softer muck oozed from the fat hole to cover the whole pile in a
coating of stick slime.  More thin shit, like chocolate syrup, bubbled
out of Eve’s body and dripped over the mountain of waste.  None of the
others had ever seen anything like this and they were all amazed that
such a large quantity of shit could come from a slender woman.  Eve
got off the table and stood up proudly.
      “Well,” she asked, “What do you think?”
      “Fantastic, Mom!” said Jenny enthusiastically.  “You must be the
shit queen of the country!”
      “Really impressive, Eve!” said Diana.  “You might just turn me
into a shiteater too!”
      Tammy was speechless.  She had never imagined such a huge pile
of shit to feast on.
      Diana smiled at her daughter.  She pulled Tammy’s long red hair
back into a ponytail and held it in her fist.  “You ready for this,
Baby?” she asked.  Tammy barely nodded and Diana pulled her head over
the pile by her hair and rammed her face deep into the pile of Eve’s
waste.  She held her head there for a full minute and Tammy started to
struggle to breathe before Diana pulled her face up.  Tammy’s face was
completely covered in brown muck.  Her eyes popped open and they were
the only features that could be seen in the mask of sticky shit.
      “Do it again,” she told Diana softly, and Diana pushed her face
back into the shitpile.  This time, they could see her jaws moving and
her throat gulping as she slurped up the filth.  Diana released her
hair and watched as Tammy rubbed her face in the pile and ate as much
and as fast as she could.  Every now and then, Tammy raised her head
up and gulped for air, but she quickly stuck her face back in the
filth to eat more.  She was belching and snorting as she feasted on
the smelly dirt.  Jenny was incredibly excited by this filthy
spectacle and she crawled
over to Diana on her hands and knees.
      “I want your cunt!” she said, with spit drooling from her mouth.
      “And I want yours!” breathed Diana and the two tumbled on the
floor, quickly positioning themselves in a 69.
      Eve watched Tammy lovingly, knowing how much the little
shiteater was enjoying herself.  This was exactly what she would have
been doing as a young girl herself if she had just had the
opportunity.  As Tammy knelt on the floor with her face wallowing in
Eve’s shit, Eve knelt beside her and stroked her back and neck.  Once,
while Tammy leaned up to gasp for air, Eve turned her face around and
kissed the girl deeply and the two shared a mouthful of Eve’s shit.
Tammy returned to the pile and resumed her disgusting meal while Eve
moved behind her and started tonguing Tammy’s little asshole.  The
taste of her own shit had made Eve hungry for more and Tammy was the
only one who hadn’t shit yet.  The girl had eaten so much shit that
her guts were swelling up and forcing her and her mother’s shit down
through her bowels.  Although she didn’t have as much shit inside her
as Eve had had, she still had a lot and Eve could feel it as her
tongue wriggled inside Tammy’s body.  The tiny asshole opened wide and
the first turd passed into Eve’s open mouth.  Eve chewed and swallowed
quickly because more was oozing out.
Tammy’s shit was just as rich and chewy as Jenny’s was and Eve gorged
herself on it.  As Tammy forced more shit into her mouth to eat, her
own shit was forcing itself into Eve’s mouth.  Both cunts were
continually dribbling cream as the two shiteaters kept eating and
cumming.  Tammy’s bowels were empty first and Eve’s tummy was filled
with shit but she kept spitting into Tammy’s asshole and sucking it
back out, reluctant to release the girl’s ass.  Tammy finally finished
eating the huge pile of shit from the table and she rolled away in
     “Look, Mommy!” she said.  “I ate it all!  I ate every bit of it!”
     Diana looked up from between Jenny’s thighs and shook her head,
but smiled.  “If Eve is the shit queen of the country, then you’ve got
to be the shiteater of the country!” They all laughed as Tammy rubbed
her swollen stomach.
     “Wouldn’t it be nice,” Tammy said dreamily, “if you and Jenny ate
shit too and we could all get in a circle and shit in each other’s
mouths!  We’d all be joined together in a long line of shit!”
     Jenny looked over at Diana, thought about how she had just
finished licking the blonde’s tight asshole, and told her, “I’m game
if you are!”
     Diana smiled back at her, “Why not?  Why the hell not?”

     The next weekend, the four moved in the same house together.

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