June 5, 2012

Mrs. Carson and Daughter Melanie

   Mrs. Nancy Carson had a very unusual pastime, a sexual pastime.
Mrs. Carson was 39, with a 37-26-40 inch figure …. red hair with
brown eyes.  At the moment she is lying on the bed, face down, legs
spread wide.
   Her daughter Melanie, age 13, is her lover.  This relationship
developed 4 years back on a Chistmas day.  Like her mother, she has
the same color hair and eyes and her figure is just starting to
develop, a 34-22-34.
   This relationship developed one evening even though the mother had
tried to get her daughter interested in other boys and girls.  But
Melanie had stuck fast to her mother’s side and maintained a steadfast
relationship.She wasn’t ready to go out in the world and develop
another relationship, a relationship which might lead to heartache and
   It had all started by Mrs. Carson licking her daughter’s little
tight pussy.  Nancy had been startled by the amount of pleasure
Melanie received from this.  Startled is a mild word for Nancy had
been very pleased.  Very pleased.  Nancy had gone into Melanie’s
bedroom one night and found her daughter asleep, entirely nude.  She
noticed the sparse red hair surrounding the little girl’s pussy, the
little nubs for breasts…. it was more than Nancy could take.  She
had silently pulled over a chair to the bedside and began masturbating
as she looked at her daughter.  After about a half hour and two or
three orgasms, Nancy had silently crawled onto the bed and in between
her daughter’s wide spread legs.  Carefully touching her tongue to her
daughter’s pussy, she began to lick at it as she continued to
masturbate.  Evidently she had awakened Melanie because the first
thing she noticed was Melanie looking down at her.  At first Nancy was
very embarrassed at what she had been doing but, when Melanie begged
her to continue, she went right back to that sweet pussy of her
    That had been four years ago.  Over the years, Melanie had
developed into a young lady, just starting to blossom into full
womanhood.  At the moment, Nancy is lying face down on Melanie’s bed,
legs wide spread with Melanie sitting right beside her.  Melanie is
fisting her mother in the ass!  Not a normal anal fisting, but a deep,
deep anal fisting!  Melanie had her arm up her mother’s ass clear past
her elbow!  Melanie will pull her arm out until the heel of her fist
starts to emerge from her mother’s asshole, and then shove it full
length back into Nancy’s ass.  In and out Melanie works her fist.
This has been going on for an hour or more.  Nancy has had at least
five orgasms from the anal pounding she is receiving from Melanie.
Around Nancy’s out-stretched asshole is a brown scum, left there from
the deep anal pounding.  As the scum builds up Melanie will lean down
and lap up this film of shitty liquid/scum from Nancy’s asshole. The
deeper Melanie goes with her hand, the more of this shitty film she
pulls out.  Nancy grunts with each plunge of Melanie’s fist, but not a
grunt of pain, but one of pleasure-wracked delight.
    Finally Melanie drags her arm and fist completely out, all covered
with streaks of shit, filmy, chunky streaks which Melanie begins to
lick away.  Nancy watches as the girl licks, savoring each little
nibblet of shit she comes across by holding it in her mouth until it
completely melts as she works her tongue around and over it.
   When she completely cleans her hand and arm, or as well as she can
with her brown mouth, she looks up at her mother.  Her mother smiles
at her and they go into a warm hug.  Nancy loves her daughter very
   Nancy draws back and looks into Melanie’s eyes for a sign.  Melanie
gives her that sign and they part, Melanie taking a seat in a potty
chair …. but there is no potty beneath the seat.  Instead, Nancy
slides beneath the seat, right between Melanie’s legs, then opens her
mouth right below Melanie’s pussy, at about a height of six inches.
Melanie begins to trickle piss into her mother’s mouth.  Once she gets
her mouth filled, Melanie stops pissing for Nancy to swallow.  Again
Nancy opens her mouth, again Melanie fills it.  This goes on and on
until Nancy has swallowed all of her daughter’s piss.
   Then, sliding back a few inches, Nancy again opens her mouth right
below Melanie’s shit-hole.  Slowly, Melanie opens her shit-hole, ever
so slowly as Nancy watches, her mouth opened wide.  Wider and wider
Melanie’s shit-hole spreads until finally Nancy is able to see the
blunt end of Melanie’s turd.  A light brown in color and only about
3/4 of an inch thick.  Nancy is  disappointed, because Melanie has
dropped turds bigger than this before, or at least thicker.  Maybe
this one will make up for it in length.  The odor strikes Nancy’s
nostrils, a smelly foul odor but she continues to hold her mouth open.
Melanie’s turd crawls out, lower and lower until it nestles between
Nancy’s lips and still continues to crawl out.  Over Nancy’s tongue
the turd crawls, going deeper into her mouth and still it hasn’t
dropped off yet.  Nancy begins to chew the  mushy foul left over food.
As she starts chewing, the turd is at the back of her mouth. As she
swallows bits and pieces of chewed up turd, Nancy lets more slide down
into her mouth.  But more keeps sliding out of Melanie’s asshole.
Nancy is very proud that her daughter can shit this much.  More and
more comes sliding out until it drops from Melanie’s asshole and stays
lodged upright in Nancy’s mouth, even with its soft texture.  More and
more slides between Nancy’s lips as she swallows more and more until
finally she is swallowing the very last of Melanie’s shit.  She sucks
the slimy mixture from the inside of her mouth then leans up and begin
to lick Melanie’s asshole clean.
   This was a wonderful session Nancy thought as she started to slide
from beneath the potty chair.  Perhaps now she wouldn’t have to invite
over Ruth, her girl friend, who does the same thing for her as Melanie
watches.  Yes, tonight Melanie had given her enough to last her for
several days.

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