September 22, 2012

Silver Platter

In college, I lived in a coed dormitory where the girls stayed on even
floors, the guys on odd floors. There was a girl who lived on the
floor above me named Jeannie. Jeannie was gorgeous. She was about 5’9
with dark curly hair, dark eyes, high cheekbones, a gorgeous smile,
beautifully full breasts and long, never ending legs. She was every
guy’s wet dream – mine included. Unfortunately, she seemed to never
notice me. I frequently saw her with the jocks and rich fraternity
guy. I was not a social member of either club. I decided to buy her
flowers. Twice a week for a month I bought her various bouquets of
flowers from the local florist signing the card, “Your admirer,
-John”. And several times during that period I would be coming back
from class and would see her in her usual short dress and on tiptoes,
holding her new bouquet of flowers, wondering who “John” was. Finally,
after a month, I sent her a card only, with the following inscription:

Dear Jeannie,

I’ve wanted to tell you for some time, just how much you mean to me.
Whenever I see you, my heart beats like there’s no tomorrow. The scent
of your hair as you pass me in the hallway makes my knees week and
when  I look into your beautiful eyes, it’s like looking into the
portals of heaven.

I have a special gift I’d like to give to you personally, if you’ll
meet me  in the student activity center, tonight at 7:00pm.

Love, -John

At 6:00pm, I took a shower and shaved. I got dressed in a nice pair of
blue jeans, a tee-shirt, and some sneakers. I then sat on my bed and
waited, minute by minute for the magical time to arrive. At 6:45, I
nervously got up and picked up the bag containing her gift. I walked
out of my dorm room, took the elevator to the first floor, walked to
the student activity center, and waited – wondering if anyone else
could hear the thumping of my heart as loudly as I could.

At 7:05, I heard a set of footsteps and turned excitedly but it was
someone else. At 7:15, I was beginning to become worried. I waited a
few more minutes and then dejectedly started heading towards the
elevators. When I got to the elevator door, SHE stepped out, walking
briskly past me as if I wasn’t there. She was wearing skin-tight jeans
which looked as if they were painted on, sandals, and a white
tank-top. She was breathtakingly beautiful. Hesitating for a second, I
turned and sheepishly began walking behind her, and then excitedly
contemplating the thought that she might be heading towards the
student activity center. She walked in the door just before I did.
Standing at the door, I saw her looking around at the various people
sitting there watching TV, playing cards, etc. She finally turned back
towards the door and seeing me staring asked, “What are YOU looking
at?” “Well”, I stammered, “I, ugh, well, ugh, ?I have something um for
you” and I thrust the bag in her direction. With a puzzled look and a
frown, she reluctantly took the bag from me, opened it up, and saw the
small, white, rectangular box inside. “You’re John?”, she asked in
disbelief and shock. “Ugh, yes”, I replied. “I hope you’re not
disappointed?” She chuckled cruelly. “Don’t get me wrong”, she
replied. “I think what you’ve been doing is very sweet but GET REAL!
What is it you want, anyway?” I glumly replied, “I love you and I’d do
anything for you. I thought you’d realize how much I adore you and
worship you. I thought that if you only knew how much I wanted you
that you would be moved”. Not answering, she opened the box. Framed in
soft cotton was a white gold, diamond pendant. “It’s gorgeous”, she
gasped, “But that doesn’t change anything. You’re not my type and
that’s not going to change.” Pausing a bit, she then bit her lip
tenderly and said, “It’s so beautiful. May I keep it anyway?”. “Well,
of course”, I said. “I worship you so much that it doesn’t really
matter if you reciprocate. Even if you don’t love me that will never
change the way I feel about you.” Smirking a bit, she hesitatingly
asked, “Will you buy me presents?” I replied, “Of course I’ll buy you
presents. I’ll do anything for you. I’ll get you anything you want and
I’ll even put it on a silver platter!” She smiled warmly and said,
“Well, as long as you realize that their can never be anything between
us I suppose there’s no harm in you expressing your love for me. I’ve
got to go do some studying now but perhaps you can surprise me again
really soon. “Bye-bye”, she sang and walked away, her ass gently

A few days later, I went out to the jewelry store and bought her a
pair of white-gold, diamond-stud earrings. After having them gift
wrapped, I went to a department store and bought an 8″ sterling silver
platter – hand engraved and signed by the artist. I had this wrapped
also. I left the gifts at the dorm mailroom with instructions to give
them to Jeannie.

A few days went by and though I passed Jeannie several times in the
hallway, she didn’t acknowledge me in any way. One day, I saw her
talking to a guy at the dorm entrance. Stopping a few feet away, I
waited patiently, eyes downcast, for her to finish her conversation. I
was suddenly aware of being part of the conversation. “He’s waiting to
talk to YOU?”, the guy said. “Who is this guy?” She replied, “He’s
just some harmless geek who’s infatuated with me. He likes to buy me
things even though I’ve told him that he’s meaningless and
insignificant to me. What am I supposed to do?” They both laughed. “I
guess he’s no better than a doormat then”, he chuckled. “No, I suppose
you’re right”, she added, and they turned and walked away, heading
into the dorm.

I was crushed of course but over the next few weeks, I continued to
buy her things. I bought her clothes, jewelry, records (yes, this was
in the days before CDs), movie tickets, etc. I was not rich but I had
managed to save several thousand dollars which went towards meals,
books, entertainment, etc. Jeannie still did not acknowledge me in the
presence of others but she would occasionally say hi when she was by
herself. When I would stop to talk to her, she would typically keep
right on walking except when she needed something. For example, one
time she stopped and said, “You know, I could use a few lamps in my
room. It’s so dark and gloomy in those dorm rooms you know. Would you
be a sweetie and pick me up a few ?” She would then smile that magical
smile of hers and I’d be hooked. In addition to the lamps, she asked
me for perfume, makeup and feminine supplies, etc., the latter after
giving me her phone number and telling me to never stop by her room
unless I called first and received permission. Even though I knew she
was using me, I couldn’t help it. I realized that I was totally
addicted to her presence and would do almost anything just to be near

Unfortunately, my money ran out. I sent her a card which sadly said:

Dear Jeannie,

Over the last several months, I think  you’ve grown to understand just
how much I worship and adore you. I wish I could continue  buying you
presents until the end of time but my money has run out. In fact, I
don’t know where I’ll get the money to pay for my dorm next semester.
Despite all this, I hope we can continue to be friends always.

Love, -John

I saw her several days later and she passed me by with nary a glance.
I ran to my room and cried for an hour after that. I then got bold and
called her on the phone. “Hello”, she said sweetly. “Hi Jeannie”, I
said. “This is John”. She replied, “I’m sorry John, I told you that
there would never be anything between us. Is there anything else I can
help you with?” A few seconds of silence went by before I sobbed,
“Listen Jeannie. It’s killing me not to be able to buy you things.
Isn’t there anything else I can do for you?” Again, there was an
uncomfortable moment of silence before she replied, “Why don’t you
come over, John. There’s something I’d like to give you. Be here in 10
minutes.” And she hung up. I dried off my tears and literally ran up
the stairs to her room. She answered the door in a jean-skirt and a
tube top. “Here you go, John. Please take care of this for me”, she
said as she handed me a huge basket full of dirty clothes. She shut
the door in my face but I was so pleased to be able to do something
for her again that I cheerfully took her clothes down to the laundry
room. As I was sifting through her things, I came across a pair of her
silky transparent panties. Wondering what they looked like while
gracing her body I found myself bringing them to my nose as I inhaled
her sweet fragrance. “JESUS”, someone screamed and I looked up and saw
Tammi, a friend of Jeannie’s who looked at me in disgust and walked
away. Embarrassed, I threw the underwear into the washing machine
along with the other clothes. After her clothes were washed and dried,
I folded everything and neatly put them back into the basket and went
back to her room and knocked on the door. The door opened – It was
Tammi. She had an impish grin on her face. “Jeannie says that you
worship the ground she walks on and would do anything for her. Is that
true John?” Hesitating a bit I replied, “Yes, it’s true. I love her
more than anything in the world.” “Uh-huh”, she replied. “Why don’t
you come in for a few minutes.” Thrilled to be invited into the
private chambers of my beloved Jeannie, I eagerly stepped into the
room. “Tammi said you were smelling the crotch of my underwear. I
didn’t realize you liked women’s underwear, John”, Jeannie said. Not
knowing how to reply, I said nothing. Jeannie then said, “If you like
them so much, why don’t you try them on?” She then took out the pair
that I had been sniffing and handed them to me. When I paused, she
continued, “Go on. I thought you said you’d do anything for me? Off
with your clothes, and on with my underwear”, she cried with glee. She
and Tammi were laughing hysterically, slapping their thighs and having
a good-ole-time. I sheepishly took off my shoes, then my pants and was
standing there in my underwear, socks, and shirt. “Take off your
underwear, PERVERT”, Tammi ordered. “And put on Jeannie’s. As I slid
my underwear down, my somewhat small member sprang to attention. “Will
you look at that”, Jeannie uttered. “Apparently it turns him on to
wear women’s clothing”. As I was sliding her underwear on, Jeannie was
rummaging through her closet. She pulled out a pair of 4″ high heels
and placed them at my feet. I took off my socks, and one by one, put
on her high heel shoes. It was a tight fit but I managed to get them
on. She then handed me a power blue, midriff tank top and told me to
replace the shirt I was wearing with her top. There I was, wearing a
blue midriff top, blue panties, and black heels. My dick (what little
there was of it) was as hard as a rock. There could be no denying that
fact. Tammi picked up my shoes, socks, pants, and shirt and walked
over to the window where she dropped them to the floor, 9 stories
below! “What have you done?”, I cried. “Don’t worry about your
clothes”, Jeannie said. “You said you’d do anything for me and I’m
telling you not to be concerned.”

Suddenly, Tammi leaned over to Jeannie and whispered something in her
ear. “That sounds great, Tammi. Go ahead and we’ll wait here”. Tammi
got up and walked out the door. I heard a knock on the dorm room next
door, followed by some whispering. A few seconds later, I heard
another knock, followed by another, and another, and another. After a
few minutes, I heard the murmur of what sounded like 20 or 30 people
talking excited in the hallway. All at once, the door sprung open and
Tammi said, “Surprise. Come on out and model your new clothes for us.”
Jeannie began pushing me out the door. At first I resisted but she put
her lips next to my ear and whispered, “John, please do this for me.
It would really make me happy”. At her words, I boldly walked into the
hallway where I was surrounded by screams, whoops, and catcalls. There
were 25-30 people standing around and laughing at my predicament.
There were mostly women but a handful of men looked on too, drinking
beer and pointing at me. “What a fag”, one guy said. “I always knew he
was a dork”. The hallway erupted with laughter. “Jeannie”, one girl
said. “Is that the loser who was buying you all those presents? No
wonder you didn’t want to have anything to do with him.” “Look at his
pathetic cock sticking up”, another girl added, while yet another coed
yelled, “Apparently all this turns him on cuz it looks like he’s
blowing a load in his panties!” Everyone hooted and hollered at that
one. One girl walked up to me and ran her nails across my painful
erection. My dick immediately throbbed, close to release. Someone
snuck up behind me and grabbing the panties by the waistband, jerked
them down to my knees. The room exploded in laughter again. “Why, he’s
got a little boy’s penis”, one of them said. Everyone was cackling and
talking excitedly. Jeannie walked up to my side and said, “Would you
masturbate for us?” Tears were streaming down my face at the
humiliation of it all. I shook my head no but she added, “You promised
me that you would do anything for me. Please, John. It would make me
so happy”, and she smiled that beautiful smile. I began rubbing my
undersized member while gazing at her smile. I was so turned on that
it didn’t take much. Seconds later, I was gushing up white. It
dribbled out of my little cock in very unimpressive fashion but that
didn’t seem to bother anyone. Everyone was laughing uproariously as
Jeannie pushed down on my shoulders, telling me to clean it up.
Looking up at her and wondering what I was supposed to clean it up
with, she whispered, “Use your tongue”, and she smiled wickedly. I
knelt down on the floor and amidst cheers from the crowd, began
lapping up my warm cum. I had never tasted cum before but it didn’t
taste bad although it had a funny texture as it slid down my throat.
As I was licking the floor clean, a guy walked over towards me. I
started to look up but Jeannie was standing right next to me and
pushed my head back down. “I didn’t tell you to look up”, she ordered.
I looked back down and continued licking as I heard the sound of a
zipper being unzipped. Suddenly, I felt a splash on the back of my
head as I realized that he was pissing on me. I lifted my head
incredulously and my mouth must have opened because the next thing I
knew, he was pissing right into my mouth. “Drink it”, Jeannie ordered.
I allowed my mouth to fill up with his bitter piss, then I swallowed
what I could while he continued pissing into my face, and after
swallowing I would open my mouth again for it to fill up again. This
repeated itself a few times before he finished, shook off his cock,
sprinkling me with a few more drops, and then walked away. A few
people had left in disgust but 10-15 people stayed. Most of them were
still laughing up a storm, calling me names, hollering, offering
suggestions, etc. Another guy walked up and took his dick out.
Standing in front of me, his dick merely inches from my urine soaked
mouth, I was aware of his maleness which somehow made my mouth water.
“Suck him off”, Jeannie said. “Put his cock in your mouth and make him
cum down your pathetic geek mouth”. Not waiting for me to comply, the
guy grabbed the back of my head and roughly plunged his semi erect
cock into my mouth where he began fucking my face. His soft cock
quickly grew hard as he plunged his shaft in and out of my mouth
amidst a chorus of laughter and applause from the crowd. Out of the
corner of my eye, I saw Jeannie with a camera and several flashes went
off as she captured the event on film. His balls were slapping my shin
and he began grunting in earnest. Soon , he was jetting his cum down
my throat. I tried to swallow as much as I could but much of it
spilled out of my mouth and down my chin. After he came, he released
the hold on the back of my head as he gently stroked his cock in and
out of my mouth while I quietly sobbed. I noticed that Jeannie had
disappeared into her room. I hoped she would return soon since I was
doing this only to make her happy. After a few minutes, the guy firmly
grasped the back of my head once again and I felt a trickling in the
back of my throat, followed by a steady stream as he began pissing in
my mouth.

After he was done, Jeannie reappeared and ordered me to lick up his
cum that was spilled and said she had a surprise for me. I licked up
the cum that had spilled on the floor as Jeannie stepped in front of
me, holding the silver platter I had bought for her. She asked someone
to bring her a chair. She told me to hold out the silver platter. As I
did what I was told, she turned so that her glorious ass was facing
me. She deftly lifted up her skirt and placed her hands on the arms of
the chair for support. She lowered her ass to within inches of the
silver platter and began dumping a load of shit, directly onto the
platter. She apparently had been holding it for quite a while because
an enormous quantity of her foul excrement was piling up on the plate.
Squeezing out the last of it, she told me to put the plate down and to
lick her ass clean. “Ugg”, someone replied. “You can’t be serious.
Even John wouldn’t stoop so low”. Jeannie looked back at me over her
shoulder and smiled. I began licking her ass. It tasted foul but what
else is shit supposed to taste like?. It was Jeannie’s shit and that
was all that mattered to me. I finished licking her clean and then she
gave me her next order of the day. “Eat what’s on the plate, John”,
she said sweetly. I began crying hard. “I can’t do that Jeannie.”,
“Remember your promise?”, She said. “You said you’d do anything for
me. Please? It would really make me happy”, and she smiled that
beautiful smile. I still couldn’t bring myself to do it. She got stern
and said, “Someone bring me a spoon. He will eat this one way or
another.” Tammi quickly ran into Jeannie’s room and brought out a soup
spoon. Jeannie handed it to me and told me to take a bite. I
reluctantly scooped up a bit of it onto the spoon and held it in front
of my face. Jeannie grabbed my hand by the wrist and pushed the spoon
until it was resting on my lips. She pressed until my mouth opened,
then she forced the spoon full of shit through my pursed lips and into
my mouth. There was a roar of laughter and cries of “Shit Eater!”,
echoed through the hallway. I was aware of another flash as apparently
someone else had decided to join in on the picture taking. The taste
of course, was awful. I was barely able to swallow it down. Jeannie
looked down at me and said, “Finish it”. When I hesitated she informed
me, “Look, if you ever want to see me again you’ll do as I say and I’m
saying EAT IT!” The crowd looked on incredulously as I spooned up a
mound of shit and placed it into my mouth. I was gagging and choking.
Tears were streaming down my face which was red with shame and
humiliation but the thought of seeing Jeannie again kept me going.
Despite coughing, sputtering, and nearly retching, I continued to eat
spoon after spoon of her shit off of the silver platter I had given to
her – sweet thoughts of my angel keeping me going. When I finished,
the crowd was clapping and cheering. “Lick the plate clean”, Jeannie
ordered. And I did, grateful to be able to have done something to make
the women of my dreams proud. Jeannie turned to the crowd and
announced, “John apparently enjoys eating shit and I’m in a charitable
mood. Would anyone else care to donate to the needy?” Two drunken
coeds and one guy walked up and formed a line in front of the chair.
The first coed positioned herself, back to me, and began unfastening
her pants while Jeannie ordered, “Pick up the silver platter John.”
The coed squatted above the plate and began delivering my second
course of the evening. Needless to say, it was a very long night.

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