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Little Shit adventure

Posted by pussy shit under Scat stories

Allison scat girl dipped her finger into her cunt, got it wet and slid it down to her waiting back hole. She pushed in, hoping to meet some shit to dig out and enjoy while she finished bringing herself off. No luck.nothing but an empty hole. She smelled her finger and enjoyed the mild shit aroma. This only heightened her determination to have some of her own fudge to munch on while she came. This had become a ritual with Allison and she wasn’t about to have less than a perfect cum. She thought about driving home and finishing things up there, but she was too aroused to stop now.

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Allison pushed and grunted and thought she detected the familiar feel of a turd moving down her tunnel, but a quick probe with her finger produced nothing. She was determined and once again grunted and strained to move some shit to her waiting finger. With one final push Allison was rewarded with the touch of something firm against the tip of her finger. She relaxed, but the moving turd didn’t stop moving. She tried to constrict her anus, but her shit had a mind of its own and suddenly slipped out of Allison’s hole to lay on the car seat between her legs. Christ, it was beautiful. Allison ran her finger over the 8? length and felt her heart pounding with excitement. She was about to dip in and scoop up a fingerfull, when she heard the deep rumble of a large engine. Christ, there was a tour bus parked right beside her and people were getting off in droves. She then noticed that it’d stopped raining and the sun was shinning. Now what?

Allison quickly gathered up her trophy turd and then noticed an older man had stopped outside her car and was looking at her. Allison tried to lock her door, but it was too late as the man pulled her car door open releasing the distinctive shit aroma.

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