May 30, 2012

Roady and Robin

 I will relate this true story here,which happened when my wife & I were
hiking through some deep woods.  We had planned to hike this trail for some
time,it was a total of 12 miles through the deep forest,with a good clear
trail and lots of time to ourselves.  We had picked a weekday and had hoped
to find an area to play around ourselves.(to me there’s nothing quite like
sex in the outdoors.)

   When we were about half way into the forest,about as deep as we could
get ,we started to look for a clearing off the trail.We soon found a
clearing through the trees and started to make our way down a gradual
slope,marking our way so we could easily find our way back.When we walked
around a small group of trees,I was the first to see them,and backed myself
& my wife up so we would not be seen.

   It was a couple,the man in his thirties,and the woman in her early
twenties.The man had a mini-cam and was just filming the woman as she
performed a slow strip for her husband.We saw a large dog(looked like a
black lab & dobberman mix) tied to a tree,but didn’t think it would relate
to the action.  He appeared an average white male,average height and
weight.She on the other hand was anything but average.Even my wife wanted
to try to stay and watch her finish.She was brunette,with long,shoulder
length straight hair,yet very pale skin.  She would almost be considered
petite,but stood about 5’6,slim with small breasts,but enough flesh to look
healthy.(no bones showing,exept maybe her ribs when she raised her arms)

   She had just started to take off her top,actually removing it by pulling
of the sleeves.It was just a loose jersey,and we were glad we wouldn’t have
to wait to see her breasts since she had no bra to remove.  She also made
quick work of her cut-off jeans,which didn’t cover much anyway.  She stood
and turned for her husband’s camera and walked around the clearing a little
to give him a good full view of her total nakedness on the forest floor.
I’m sure he was impressed,my wife and I sure were!

   She then took a blanket her husband handed her and layed it on a flat
place on the ground,then layed down slowly and started touching herself all
over,her breasts.her hips,thighs and brown bush.  Then she actually started
getting herself and everyone else very hot.She started licking her
fingers,then she would insert one into her pussy and work it in and out for
a few seconds,then take it out and put it in her mouth,moaning as she
tasted her own juices.  She eventually even started doing this with her
asshole as well.

   After she was clearly wet and aroused,she nodded to her husband and he
went over and started untying the dog from the tree.He took the leash off
and let the dog go,knowing he would go straight to her.  The dog headed
straight for her crotch,sniffing a little then started licking her
pussy.She started moaning and encouraging him,and it was then we found out
the dog’s name.  “Oh yes Roady,lick my pussy,right where I like it!
Yes,yes,right there…faster,faster!” She then raised her legs and grabbed
her feet with her hands,pulling her legs back over her head to give him
complete access to her whole crack,and he started working his tongue all
over,some on her asshole,then moving up to her labia and finally her clit.
He would lick one spot for awhile,then she would move to have him lick
where she wanted,saying things to him all the while like-“I want to lick my
asshole now,Oh yeah!  Lick it deep boy!”

   This went on for about 20 minutes,and we figure she came at least twice.
When she had finished the last orgasm,she lowered her legs and took hold of
the dog’s collar and started to bring him to her face,we thought just to
pet him and say thank you,which she did,but then she REALLY said thank you!
She moved him until he was straddling her face and she was looking straight
up at the dogs cock,which,though not fully erect,was already out of the
sheath and looked to be about 6 or 7 inches.She then started stroking his
cock with her hands and fingers,until it had grown to about 9 or 10.

   Then she raised her mouth, and keeping one hand around the base of his
cock,started to really move her mouth back and forth quickly,trying to get
him off.  She sucked him for about ten minutes solid,and she would stop
every couple of minutes and pull his cock out of her mouth to show the
precum shooting from his cock and onto her red lips.Towards the end,his
knot was quite large,and she took the length into her mouth all the way up
to it.  The last time she took him out of her mouth before she stopped,her
open mouth was full of cum,which she then swallowed hungrily.

   And all the time she was making plenty of noise for her husband’s
film,moaning around the dog’s cock and saying things when she took it out
of her mouth,like”Oh yeah,give it to me Roady!  Give me all your hot cum!
It tastes so good !”

   Shortly after that they got up & dressed to leave,I don’t know if they
filmed somewhere else the dog fucking her,but we were so glad to have seen
what we did,we moved back up the path and found our own spot a few minutes
later,where we quickly unloaded our pent up sexual fluids from watching
that naughty wife blow her doggy,and that’s when we started to discuss
doing it ourselves.  But that’s another story.  Hope you like it,bye for
now.  Macdude

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