June 5, 2012


       Sixteen year old Yvette wrapped her coat about her shoulders
and hunched forward against the cold wind.  It was a very cold day
even for northern Denmark.  Her steps were short and hesitant at
times.  She had been invited to a distant party, but her feelings were
mixed as she got closer.  One, it was very nice to be invited just out
of the blue, and with just losing her mother, it would do her good to
just get out of the house.  But secondly, she had somewhat mixed
feelings about visiting a place so out of the way and with such
       Finally Yvette reached her destination, a long stone building
that showed its run down appearance.  It was obvious at first glance,
maybe she shouldn’t have come here at all.
       Looking at the old stone building, she shivered … not as much
from the cold, but her dread of this awful place.  The cold finally
decided for her and she walked up the front steps and knocked.
       Within seconds, the door opened and a lovely young girl stood
there smiling at her.  She was wearing nothing but a short apron that
barely covered her sex and breasts.
       Yvette was ushered in and the young girl took her coat and
purse.  Then she was ushered across a big room where the young beauty
made her a drink.  Not much for alcohol, she was grateful for the
drink and quickly drank it down.  A second followed this and Yvette
drank this much more slowly and felt the warm glow already.  In fact,
her thighs were tingling as well as her breast buds.
       Setting the drink aside, Yvette knew she shouldn’t drink
       “Is madam ready to meet the other ladies?” the young girl
       “That would be fine,” Yvette answered.
       Another door was opened to the side and a long set of winding
steps led downward.  Yvette shivered as she tried to look down the
winding stairs.  She turned to ask the young girl about this party, to
find herself alone.  The smiling beauty had closed the door behind
her.  So, with cautious steps, Yvette made her way down.  She had
descended at least two full floors on the dimly lit, winding stairway
when she heard music and the sound of laughter.  So this really was a
party after all …  she went through another door at the foot of the
       Before her was a scene she had never expected, not in the
least.  Her jaw dropped open.  Before her were dozens of women,
basically nude, doing all sorts of things to each other.  Lewd, nasty
things.  Right before her face, there were two women in a 69 while
another woman knelt behind the one on top with her face wedged in
between the woman’s buttocks.
       About this time, a tall blond woman wearing a long, red gown
came up to Yvette.  “I see you got an invitation, but I don’t think I
know you.”
       “I’m Yvette,” she answered.
       “Oh of course,” the blond woman laughed.  “I remember sending
you that invitation.  Come with me and we’ll find out everything you
       The blond woman escorted Yvette through the maze of tangled
flesh to an office door and had her sit before a big desk.
       The blond sat and leafed through a stack of papers.  “Here we
are … to begin with, since you’ve never been here before, I need to
know a few details of just what you do … by my papers, you obviously
enjoy other girls.”
       Yvette flushed.
 “Do you like to whip girls?” the blond asked.  “Tie them up?”
       “I could never whip a lady,” Yvette answered as she was aware
of her last drink starting to take effect.  “Do you have a place I
could lie down, that last drink really got to me.”
       “Yes, that can be arranged … but I felt you might like to get
started, if you know what I mean,” the blond smiled.  “So you don’t
like to whip a lady, am I assuming you prefer the submissive role in
 “Is that what my invitation meant?” Yvette asked.
       “Of course, darling … why don’t you run along just now and
mingle.  I’m sure you’ll find something you like.”  The blond stood.
“But first … remove your clothing.  As you saw, all the ladies and
girls are entirely in the buff.  There is a room,” the woman pointed,
“where you may remove your clothing.  I’ll wait right here for you.”
       Yvette had heard of these houses before back home in France,
but had never visited one.  Slowly she removed her clothing and
stepped back out where the blond woman was waiting for her.
       “You’re lovely!” The blond matron exclaimed.  “Some domina will
will just love defiling you!”
 “You mean I’m going to be defiled?  Bad?” Yvette asked
       “Yes!  Very much!” The blond matron answered.  “And the more
you beg her not to … the more she will do everything to you!”
       “You mean if I don’t beg her not to defile me, she won’t?
Yvette asked.
       “Maybe, just maybe she won’t … but don’t count on it … she
won’t have as much fun as she might like though … come on now, I
think I have just the domina for you,” the blond woman pushed Yvette
out the door.
       They walked across the main room, with the mixture of flesh in
nearly every scene possible, until they came to another room that the
blond woman had to unlock.  As the woman was unlocking the door,
Yvette noticed a huge window in the wall and two other women were
looking in this window.  When the door swung open, the blond stepped
in and aside for Yvette.  The first thing Yvette noticed was a bound
woman lying on a table right in front of her. She was face up, her
arms out-stretched and her ankles tied up high so her knees were right
on her breasts.
       The door closed behind Yvette and she turned to see there was
no one in the room except her and this bound woman.
       The bound woman silently watched Yvette, then said, “You one of
the Mistress’s that will be using me?”
       “No,” Yvette answered as she crossed the room to the woman.
       “Then what are you doing in here?” the bound woman asked.
       Before Yvette could answer, the door opened and three women
came in … all of them wearing high heels, short skirts and push-up
bras that revealed their ample breasts.
       One of the women walked up to Yvette, “Are you the new one
waiting for Domina Alexia?”
       “I was just brought into this room, I don’t know who I’m
supposed to meet,” Yvette shuddered.
       The woman laughed…  “You’ll find out!”
       Yvette quivered with both fear and excitement at that laugh as
the woman started removing her skirt.  “You be a good little slut and
you may watch us put this cunt through her paces!”
       Each woman removed their clothing with the exception of their
high heels.  Then one of the women, a brunette, started sliding four
fingers up the bound woman’s ass.  The bound woman sucked in her
breath deeply with this insertion … and the fingers continued until
the bound woman had the brunette’s fist buried deep up her ass, at
least eight inches!
       ‘How could this woman stand this treatment?’  Yvette thought to
       The brunette sawed her closed fist in and out while another
woman, a tall, slender woman, shoved her fist up the bound woman’s
cunt.  The two women sawed their fists in and out, at times
withdrawing their fists completely, then shoved them back in again
without unfolding their fingers.
       This went on several minutes when the third woman, a fiery
redhead, climbed up on the table.  Stepping across the bound woman’s
face, she lowered her body, splaying out the bound woman’s hair …
then began to piss.  The golden stream went directly into the bound
woman’s open mouth.  She was drinking it!  She was actually drinking
piss!  How revolting, Yvette shivered … but somehow the thought made
Yvette’s pussy tingle.
       When the pissing stopped, the redhead shifted her body a little
and the bound woman began licking and sucking at the redhead’s
asshole.  As she was licking at this dirty orifice, it dilated a
little, then more and more.  The redhead raised up a little into a
squat and started to shit!  And what’s more, the bound woman was
laying there with her mouth open!  That was putrid!
       Yvette turned to find a place where she could throw up.
Finally she noticed a sink in a corner and managed to get there in
time to start throwing up.  She vomited and gagged several minutes
before she managed to look up at the bound woman.
       The bound woman bad shit running out from her open mouth, down
over her chin, along her cheeks and getting into her splayed-out hair.
What a real mess she was now!
       When the redhead finally stood, it was obvious she hadn’t shit
in sometime, there had to be at least three pounds of shit over the
bound woman’s lower face … and what’s more, she was eating it!  She
was chewing up that disgusting waste from another woman!
       About this time, the door opened and another woman came in.
She saw Yvette standing there and walked up to her … “Are you the
new girl looking for a domina …. you must be or you wouldn’t be in
this room.  Your name?”
       “I’m Yvette,” she answered.  “I don’t think I should be in
       “Oh?” the domina questioned.  “Just what are you?  You’re a
slave, aren’t you?  And I know EXACTLY what to do to a pretty slave
girl!  To start, why don’t you clean out that redheaded bitch’s
 Yvette shuddered and stepped back … “Do I have to?”
       “Are you refusing to do as I ask?” The domina smiled.
        Yvette recalled her warning from the young girl … to refuse
this domina would give her all kinds of pleasures … “No!”
 “Get over there then!” the domina ordered.
       Yvette looked over at the redhead, who was looking at her and
smiling…slowly turning her back to Yvette and spreading the cheeks
of her ass.
       With a sob, Yvette dropped to her knees behind the redhead.
She instantly got the odor from the redhead’s dirty asshole.  Trying
to hold her breath, she pushed her face in between the woman’s ass
cheeks as her tongue snaked out and started to roll around in this
foul, dirty opening.
       The redhead squatted lower.  “Push your tongue up that sweet,
pink hole … maybe you’ll get more of what that other slave
       Yvette stabbed her tongue up the smelly hole, deciding the
taste was not near as bad as she would have imagined.
       “Can you still crap for this one too?” the Mistress asked.
       “No, Mistress Lana.  I’m pooped out,” the redhead exclaimed.
       “Is she doing a good job on your shit-hole?” Mistress Lana
       “Yes … she is,” the redhead wiggled her hips.  “Please let
her lick me there a few more minutes!”
       Meantime, the bound woman was released and turned over.  She
was licking up the crap she had missed previously, and there was a
lot.  Her hips were spread over a thick pillow and one of the women
had disappeared a few moments, returning with a 2-liter plastic
       The redhead pulled away from Yvette’s tongue and Yvette saw the
2-liter bottle.  It was being filled with warm water and a big cork
was pushed in the neck.  The cork was pushed in until it barely showed
above the neck.  Next, the entire bottle was greased up and then set
to the woman’s butt-hole…and slowly was inserted.  As more and more
of the bottle disappeared up the woman’s ass tunnel, she was told to
stand up.  Slowly the woman stood up, half the bottle
       “How can she stand that big thing?” Yvette asked.
       “You just watch,” Mistress Lana said as the two women took hold
of the woman’s arms and told her to squat.  Slowly the woman squatted
until the bottle was touching the table top.  While one Mistress
pushed down on her shoulders, the other Mistress rotated the woman’s
ass around.  Slowly the bottle disappeared.  Inch by inch it went up
into the woman’s ass until her butt was resting on the table top.
Perhaps a scant two inches of the bottle still appeared.
       At this point, a leather strap was placed over the butt end of
the water-filled bottle, then the strap was pulled up between her
legs.  Then this all was attached to another leather strap that had
been placed around the woman’s waist … and then it was locked in
       With this all in place, the woman was again laid flat on her
       With her in this position, one Mistress shoved her fist up the
woman’s cunt while the other squatted right over the woman’s open
mouth.  She had no more than squatted when a huge turd started
crawling from her assho  It touched the woman’s lips and crawled on
into her dirty mouth.  As more and more crawled out, it sagged over to
the side.  Finally it broke loose, still hanging from her mouth and
laying over against her cheek almost to the table top.
       “You may eat that sugar now!” Mistress Lana barked.
       Chunk after chunk slid down her throat as Yvette watched in
disbelief.  As she was eating this filthy crap, the other woman was
still driving her fist up into the bound woman’s cunt.  Finally
though, the turd disappeared.  The women untied the bound woman.
       “You may go now… COW CUNT!” Mistress Lana laughed.  “Will we
be seeing you again next month?”
       “Yes,” the untied woman groaned as she slowly straightened with
the huge bottle still embedded up her ass.
       As the three women left the room … Mistress Lana turned to
Yvette … “Now it’s YOUR turn!”
 “Do I have to do what that woman did?” Yvette feared.
 “Are you refusing me?” Mistress Lana’s eyes brightened.
 “No,”Yvette shook her head.
 “Oh?  You’re wanting the same thing?” Mistress Lana smiled.
 “Do you want me to do those same things?” Yvette gagged.
       Mistress Lana studied Yvette a moment…. “I think I will just
put you in some sort of severe bondage… PAINFUL bondage … until
you BEG to be allowed to do the same things that woman did!  Would you
like that?” Grabbing Yvette, Mistress Lana bound her on the same table
top, still smeared with sloppy crap.
       When Yvette’s body was completely stretched out in bondage,
Mistress Lana clipped on a couple of nipple clamps.  Next she hung a
couple of labia clamps on Yvette, stretching them out a full four
inches in length.
 Seeing Yvette wince made Mistress Lana laugh … “Having fun
at last?”
 “No!  It hurts!” Yvette answered.
       Mistress Lana smiled as she set up a dildo machine on the
table.  One end of the dildo fitted snugly up against Yvette’s
 “NOT MY ASSHOLE!” Yvette screamed.
       Mistress Lana slapped Yvette’s face as she turned the machine
on.  Slowly it worked its way up Yvette’s rectum until it was buried a
full eight inches.  At this point the dildo reversed and slowly
crawled out until the head was still in place … then again it
crawled back up Yvette’s dirty tunnel.
       Mistress Lana watched a few moments before she turned the
machine strokes up higher and now the dildo was making the full
eight-inch strokes quickly.  At this point Mistress Lana left the
       During the course of the afternoon, Mistress Lana came back in
and placed another dildo on the machine, a bigger dildo, and
reinserted it and the whole process started all over again.
       After what had to be three hours of the butt-hole pounding
Yvette was taking, Mistress Lana came in again.  This time she placed
a porta-potty over Yvette’s head.
       “NO!  I REFUSE TO EAT SHIT!” Yvette groaned.
       “OK,” Mistress Lana smiled and left the room.
       Yvette’s asshole was completely raw now, turning a bright red
shade as the dildo plunged in and out.
       Finally Mistress Lana came in and shut the machine off.
       “Thank you, Mistress.  My poor asshole was getting raw!” Yvette
 “Good,” Mistress Lana said … “maybe now you’ll think about
your role?”
 “I WON’T EAT SHIT!” Yvette shouted.  “That other woman was
just gross!”
       “OH?” Mistress Lana turned.  She motioned towards the doorway
and other woman came in.  “This little twat refuses to eat my shit …
so give her a good fisting!  I mean a GOOD fisting!”
       The woman came up to Yvette and looked down.  “I don’t mind one
little bit … I just LOVE to wreck a rectum!”
       “NO!  NO!  NO!” Yvette struggled helplessly with her bonds.
“Not the same way that other woman was doing!”
       “I really don’t know who you’re referring too.  I was with
another slave at the time.  By the way, I am Nadia.  You will call me
MISTRESS Nadia!” She began greasing up her hands and arms.
       “Mistress Nadia,” Yvette feared … “Why are you greasing up
both your hands and arms?”
       “You’re going to get BOTH of these up your ass!” Nadia said.
       “THEY WON’T FIT UP THERE!” Yvette screamed as tears began
rolling down her cheeks.
       “You’ll be surprised what will fit up your ass.” Mistress Nadia
spread Yvette’s ass cheeks.  “It looks like you already took a good
long cornholing up that ass of yours …. that asshole of yours is red
as a beet!” Mistress Nadia pushed two fingers, then three up Yvette’s
ass.  “It’s nice and loose,” she said as she quickly added another
finger and started her thumb up into Yvette’s back door.
 “Oooooh, that burns!” Yvette whined.
       Mistress Nadia quickly had her entire hand buried deep up
inside Yvette’s rectum.  She sawed it in and out roughly as the door
opened again.  This time a heavy set woman came in, mounted the table
and sat her fat butt down on the porta-pot.
 “Open your mouth!” Mistress Nadia ordered.
 “No,” Yvette mumbled, tight lipped.
       “Hold on a second, Betty.  Let me explain a few things to this
young bitch,” Nadia said.
       “I won’t be able to hold it much longer!” the woman answered.
       “Just a minute … now bitch … if you don’t open your mouth
wide … I’m going to start adding my second hand up your sweet
shit-hole!  So you might as well just lay there and do as you’re
told!” Nadia said as she slid a finger of her second hand into
Yvette’s asshole.
 Slowly, Yvette winced and opened her mouth.
 “WIDER!” Nadia commanded and added her second finger.
       With this second finger being added, Yvette opened her mouth
wide as a slimy, runny crap started just flowing from the woman’s
asshole.  It splattered into Yvette’s mouth and all over her face.
Instantly, Yvette closed her mouth and made a horrible face.
 “SWALLOW IT!” Nadia demanded.
       Yvette gagged down the mouthful of shit as Betty looked down
between her thighs.
“Wasn’t that delicious!”
       “NO, it was terrible,” Yvette gagged.
       At once Yvette felt more fingers invading her asshole ….
“Please feed me more shit,  Mistress Betty … It was delicious!”
Yvette lied.
       And at once another stream of slimy crap came flowing from
Mistress Betty’s asshole into Yvette’s wide-stretched mouth.  Yvette
drank this runny crap as it cascaded down, splattering all over her
face and running down on the table.  All at once, Mistress Betty began
a loud, long fart.  The odor was nauseating to Yvette, but she didn’t
dare turn her head aside because she knew Mistress Nadia would use it
as an excuse to only add more fingers up her ass.
       More and more crap escaped from Mistress Betty’s asshole, along
with several resounding farts.
       Yvette swallowed as much as she could, her stomach churning
from all this foul food.  She chewed up the small chunks as they
splattered into ber mouth.
       Then all at once, Mistress Nadia slammed her whole second hand
up Yvette’s asshole … “YEEEEECCCCHHHH!  OOOOWWWWWEEEE!” Yvette
screamed.  Then she began vomiting, her stomach could take no more of
this foul food and this terrible pain in her ass.
       Finally it ended.  Mistress Nadia pulled her fists out
completely … then stuck a tube of Icy-Hot up Yvette’s sloppy asshole
and began to squeeze out the entire tube.
       This burned Yvette’s rectum, but the pain was not near as bad
as the fists.  At this point, both Mistress Nadia and Mistress Betty
left the room.
 Within minutes, Mistress Lana was back … “Did you have fun?”
 “No, I hurt terribly,” Yvette admitted.
       “You’ll learn, maybe the hard way, to service Mistress’s with
kinky desires,” Mistress Lana remarked.  “So you just stay there,
lying there in all that crap and vomit … tonight.  I’ll come back in
and release you in the morning and you can clean up this horrible mess
you made …. THEN, I’ll feed you MY breakfast.  Would you like that?
Eat all that sweet shit from my bowels?  I haven’t shit for two days
… one more day won’t hurt me any … so get ready for a fantastic
meal of my sweet candy …. AND it WON’T be as small as Mistress Betty
gave you.  You will BEG me for it …. AND I’ll have a small gathering
to watch my newest toilet slave!” With that Mistress Lana left the
room, turning the light out as she departed.
       Lying there in that stench of vomit and shit … along with the
throbbing pain in her ass … Yvette wished over and over she had
never come to this place to begin with.
       The light came back on … it was Mistress Lana.  “I meant to
tell you previously … you recall that woman that was in here when
you came in?  I trained that woman to be that filthy mouthed cunt that
she is … but you saw her … she WILL be back, for more of that same
treatment … so you see, you too will reach that phase … in time.
It might take me longer to train you …. but TRAIN YOU I WILL!  THAT
I promise you.  You’ll get to the point where you’ll think you can’t
live without the taste of shit in your mouth.  You’ll learn to chew
each bite thoroughly and savor each and every mouthful.  That’s a
solemn promise!”
       Again the light was turned out and Yvette reflected on what
Mistress Lana had just said … would she ever sink to this level?  No
way … there was no way Yvette was EVER going to sink that low!!!!!

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